JYJ fans: “Public broadcasting stations cannot be used for specific individuals”

Posted: March 11, 2011 in JYJ
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JYJ fans, “public broadcasting stations cannot be used for specific individuals”

With JYJ continuing to face difficulties appearing on television despite the court’s guarantee of their independent activities, fans have started their own campaigns for JYJ.

JYJ fans have recently started subway screen ads in 21 Seoul stations and in January began “We Support Your Youth” bus ads in Seoul and other major Korean cities.

In addition, fans are conducting a petition for JYJ’s appearance on broadcasting stations and fund-raising for an advertisement protesting unfair treatment against JYJ. Fans are speaking out about the fact that their artist is being treated unfairly.

On the topic of Seoul Central Court’s guarantee of JYJ’s independence from SM to conduct their own unhindered activities, a union of JYJ fans are asking whether public broadcasting companies should follow Korean law or decisions made by companies and statements made by corporations

Fans are claiming that if the public broadcasting stations want to use taxes collected from citizens, the broadcasting stations must follow the law and the judiciary decision and take action to ensure JYJ’s appearance on broadcasts without limitations.

[Translation] We are looking for JYJ, who is missing from television.
JYJ can’t be seen on TV. Whose fault is it?

Furthermore, they raised their voices and stated, “national broadcasting stations cannot broadcast for specific companies or individuals. If they broadcast only for business goals and profit of those who have taken over with their ability to supply, the public broadcasting stations become distant from their purpose of serving the public’s common interest.

Meanwhile, although JYJ has been guaranteed their ability to conduct independent activities by the court, they are facing difficulties with appearing on broadcasts with “JYJ’s Real 24″ becoming suddenly canceled.

Source: http://mystar.mdtoday.co.kr/mystar/index.html?no=469634
Translation by: withJYJ (@_withJYJ)


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