Kureasuta Vol. 3 April 2011 Issue: JYJ’s interview

Posted: March 10, 2011 in JYJ
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JYJ’s Interview with Japanese Magazine “Kureasuta VOL.3″

–You must have gone through a lot of hardships emotionally. When was it the most difficult for you?

JJ: It was hardest right after we sued. It was a time when we did a lot of thinking: what is going to happen now, what should we do. There were a lot of problems that needed to be solved; legal problems, money problems and it was complicated emotionally. Now I feel calmer. We also have a new management company.

–You could not have taken the act of leaving your management company unless you were very determined.

JS: We braced ourselves to the possibility that we might never be able to sing again when we left SM. But a lot of miracles happened. Of course we worked very hard too. I felt that we had not been abandoned and that feeling gave me hope.

–You used the used the word “miracle”. What do you mean in definite terms?

JS: I thought that it was a miracle that people still gave us unchanging support and love. The musical “Mozart” was so popular the tickets sold out and Jaejoong’s acting in the Japanese Drama was well received. Also Yuchon’s acting in Sungkyunkwan Scandal won a lot of praise. All of that was a miracle and we really received a lot of love.

–Yuchun was the last of the three members to start solo activities. Did you feel pressure because the other two had already received a lot of attention?

YC: Yes. Right before my drama Sungkunkwan Scandal was broadcast the Japanese drama that Jaejoong was in became a hit and Junsu’s musical was receiving a lot of attention. Because I was the last of the three, to be honest, I felt pressured. Luckily there was a good response so I am glad.

(The other members were surprised by Yuchun saying “luckily”. The heavy atmosphere caused by questions about the problems with the management company lightened up immediately and we started to laugh.)

JJ: Yuchun was terribly pleased with himself while watching his acting. (laughs)

JS: Sungkyunkwan Scandal’s Lee Sun Joon (Yuchun) was really very cool. I thought “That’s not the Yuchun I know!”. (laughs)

–You finished your solo activities and have now started your activities as JYJ in earnest. Please tell us your thoughts [about starting JYJ activities].

JS: I am just thankful for the fact that we were able to release an album. It also became a very meaningful album because some world renown musicians participated in making it. It was amazing for us that Kanye West and Rodney Jerkins participated. Also because all the members participated from the beginning in making it we feel a strong attachment to it.

–“The Beginning” was ranked in fifth place in the reader-chosen “The BEST 10 Albums of the Year” on Billboard.com.

JS: I think it was the result of being able to work with such wonderful producers. This was also like a miracle. Of course because we were working with such famous people we did our very best. (laughs)

–You were able to have results above expectations in your showcases in Asia and America. What are your thoughts about that?

JS: I am grateful that we were able to stand on the stage again as singers. I just feel very thankful for every small thing. 7000 fans came to see our showcase in America. I was so moved and happy that I had goose bumps. The fact that so many people came to see a showcase just by us in America, I couldn’t believe it.

–A lot of things must have happened until you were able to stand on a stage as singers.

JJ: That is very true. The trees that we used to be able to topple in 10 tries, now won’t fall even after 100, 200 tries. That’s what it felt like.

–There are a lot of problems that need to be solved. Please tell us your resolve in how you are going to deal with those problems.

JJ: There are a lot of small problems left. Also in order for us to grow as singers there are a lot of problems that we must solve. We want to perform on TV as much as possible but even that is difficult. There are a lot of small hidden problems but I feel that we must do our best and try to solve them. To be honest there are times when I feel dispirited. Even things that don’t seem to be that big can be difficult for us. But we are lucky to even have a place to try to solve these problems. Because our mission is to try our best.

–Has this incident been an invaluable life experience for you?

JS: All though there were times when I felt despair over the fact that we can’t do activities as singers in Korea even though we are Korean singers, I learned a lot. We were in a situation where we would clear one problem only to be faced with a new one and I felt worn out at times but each time we were supported by our fans’ love. I realized that there is an exit in every situation. Now I would like to show ourselves to our fans through many mediums. We are resolved to do our best in every opportunity we are given.

–What is your number one goal and wish?

YC: Freedom in our activities! Before we could stand on stage without thinking about it but now it’s not like that. This situation makes us feel the hardship of the people who support us even more. We have really worked hard until now. That hard work has made us that much stronger. In the future we will do our best so that we won’t fall.

Source: Oh Mi Jeong
Trans by: Jiji’s Paw
Shared by: JYJ3

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    jyj are strong and we will be there for them no matter what will happen.jyj fighting!!!

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