110306 JYJ Staff Member’s Blog Post Part 4

Having a strong sense of responsibiity, Leader Jaejoong

I uploaded a post with this title yesterday…but then I removed it (as you may already know) I was in Yokohama at that time and I reacted to a comment to my post…and without thinking I deleted it on my iPhone.

The reason for this is not due to any attack from antis but actually a comment from a JYJ fan.

Readers told me not to take it to heart…but these fans love JYJ too..so I didn’t want to ignore this comment…because for JYJ their fans are precious…

So then I asked myself, “Aren’t I getting too cocky, writing this kind of stuff…” Didn’t I write this to tell the fans how the three members are walking forward towards their future?…Didn’t I write this to give happiness and hope to the fans? So what’s the need of me to keep doing this?! Have I become the Messiah or something??? ….Why did I get arrogant….this I asked myself.

So what was the comment I reacted to?…It was just this one comment.

“It’s all only about Jaejoong,huh…”

Gaann!!!! (T/N: sound of surpise/shock)

No matter how trivial, fans want to know every move of the boys….I hadn’t been answering to these feelings at all…My idea had backfired… “Hey, what about stories about Yoochun?…What about Junsu?”…is it all finished?…Fans might be questioning like that right?….Sad faces of girls float in front of my eyes…I’m sorry…for not being able to answer to these feelings…

And there were also comments telling me to stop selling information

It was painful…I pondered over it for a day.

Also if I apologize, worry will be the result…I don’t have any more stories so I will finish it here.

But still there will yet countless other fans reading this…and others who commented too (the comment that led me to delete this post seems to have been erased. But I read all of it so I’m really sorry)
But…I want to post one more time, is that okay?
The post that I impulsively erased, there are still other fans that want to read it…I can’t ignore that either…
There might be objections this time too but…there will come a time when I will write about Yoochun and Junsu too so please be patient.

Here is the story. I tried to reproduce it from my memory as best as I could.

So one day
I was heading over to the site.
Suddenly, I was asked to interview Jaejoong…as I was heading there on the car I was asked to ask this and that which I put as memos on my iPhone.

When I arrived at the site, there was a lot of staff everywhere. Maybe it was because I was a bit nervous but I didn’t realize at first when Jaejoong was calling my name from faraway.
I sat down facing him.
It was a little bit odd…Everyone was watching….and either way it was a bit awkward…
Just when I was going to say, “Let’s relax a little bit,” Jaejoong jokingly said let’s relaaaxx~~.
So in turn he was the one that stopped being nervous (shameful of me T/N: because he was the one interviewing Jaejoong) and asked him various questions.

Their theme was going to be Tokyo so I asked questions regarding Tokyo..we branched off into other topics from there too.
For example things like, when you cook something for Yoochun what do you usually cook? And for Junsu? In the end I asked him quite a lot of things in detail.
After finishing with the last question, we stood up, shook hands then hugged. With him, he will definitely always give a hug.
He promptly lets you know his feelings. It’s amazing right? He has this attitude of caring so much about every detail.
But I still got the feeling there was something he wasn’t telling me…

Shortly after it came out, I had been right.
“People from various countries are going to be seeing this right? I know they now know that Tokyo is the theme but doesn’t this seem a bit too Japanese biased?..I want to leave a message for the other fans too!” Jaejoong said.

Amazing. He had been thinking about this to such an extent.
The things we had already talked about were good enough but I wanted to respond to his feelings.
“Do you want to take it again?” I asked.
So then we sat back down and this time, talked more about his thoughts regarding other countries.
This time he seemed satisfied.
Without hesitation, I think he was very pleased to have been able to take it again.
Jaejoong, he really has comprehended what he has to do.

He knows exactly what he wants to say the fans. That’s why he hadn’t felt satisfied at first…
This is the strength of their sense of responsibility.
What he’s looking after is a huge responsibility, but he really is strong in pulling together JYJ. And he also has strongly put his trust in Junsu and Yoochun.

If you think about it he’s kind of like the character An-Chan from the drama “Hitotsu Yane no mini coopera” (T/N: Means Under One Roof) *laugh*
Is it only me that thinks this way?

credit: staff blog
trans by: sharingyoochun.net

  1. jbblicious says:

    C’mon… all he’s trying to do is interview and report his observations and clearly he’s become a big fan too. What’s with the sarcasm and bashing he’s getting?!
    I really enjoyed reading his blog! And I hope he won’t stop. As for writing about Jae, give him a break. He’s gonna write about Junsu and Yoochun too I’m sure. He loves all 3 as evident in his earlier blogs. Chill people!

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