JaeJoong Day: JaeJoong’s runaway story

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The Greatest Sponsor (of them all) was the Lady at the PC-Room (T/N: A PC-Room is a form of internet café that is prevalent in Korea. People pay the PC-Room to use their computers (often to play computer games!))


So we say, you don’t study and you only go to PC-Rooms

So we scolded him and the sisters also go

Mom, Jaejoong went to the Arcade… But if you went to the Arcade, he wouldn’t be there.

So in the neighborhood there was a PC-Room, and if you go in the afternoon, the Ajumma (T/N: not-young woman—the female equivalent of “Ajusshi”) there would let you (play for) an hour if you just brought 500 KRW (T/N: approx. 0.50 USD), saying you’re good to have come (T/N: literally, “pretty,” “nice”)

(Jaejoong says to the PC-Room owner) “You know, I~ I’m going to sing to later become a singer. Would it be okay if I practice my singing here?”

– Okay, you come in the afternoon when there are no customer.

So whenever school gets out, Jaejoong would just disappear.

But later—the Ajumma told me…

Well, as for Jaejoong, he didn’t say (to us), he didn’t say that he practiced in the PC-Room.

But the PC-Room Ajumma said—

When (it became known that) Jaejoong was going to debut as an entertainer and become a singer

Then the PC-Room owner, the Ajumma said—your son, he practiced so much in our house (T/N: the PC-Room—this is a way of friendly speech)

When he came, I’d tell him, oh you’re so cute (T/N: literally, “pretty,” “nice”), come practice and sing, and I’d give him time (to do so in the PC-Room)

And he really became a singer. Really, I am just too happy… she went on like that.

So I did hear that Jaejoong had done all that.

He didn’t practice separately at home, or practice to others or anything like that.

Older Sister:

Jaejoong ne~ver would practice at home.

He didn’t do it in front of us or our parents

He has never shown us his singing in front of his family, except for the youngest sister Su-young.

So we were also wondering—is Jaejoong really that good at singing? So we were wondering that, and he was really that good.

But our mother, she’s a very good singer.

So his humming to himself (instinctively), it seems that he did it from birth.

As for his dancing, for me I can’t tell whether he dances well.

Jaejoong… he is a good dancer, but when he dances, I can see his face and

I find it so funny, I just can’t watch him.


Did you not oppose (Jaejoong becoming a) singer?

The Kim Jaejoong Runaway-Story

So in the beginning he became a high school freshman and he goes

“Mom, can I become a singer?”

– A singer, what (kind of a question is that)? Just study hard. I don’t like such things.

“But still, Mom, I want to be a singer,” he goes.

– You can’t be a singer, I told him

And at first now, he (lost his way) and went wandering off, since we forbade him.

Ah. And so one time we told him to go out and deliver jjazangmyun (T/N: A Korean noodle dish with Chinese roots. It is a popular delivery item. For Americans, imagine becoming a pizza delivery man.) or something to become a singer, and

He really up and went! Because (he thought) that if he slept (in an unsavory place) on the way to getting to Seoul from the station he might get kidnapped for bad things, he walked without sleep for two days. To find a job.

But because he was young and a minor, the Chinese restaurant wouldn’t use him.

He wanted to do even jjazangmyun deliveries but they wouldn’t use him because he was so young. Really he wanted to even deliver jjazangmyun.

So he went to deliver newspapers, and the owner

He found that Jaejoong, whichever way he looked, wasn’t a rotten egg and he was (instead) very cute (T/N: literally, “pretty,” “nice”), and so

(Jaejoong asks the owner) “You know… I haven’t eaten in two days, can you please order some jjazangmyun for me” and so the (owner) orders for him jjazangmyun and a meal and he went and ate, and says

“I haven’t slept in two nights, I’ll sleep just a little bit.”

The owner (says to Jaejoong), you—if I’m going to hire you, you have to give me your address.

“You know… I’m not a bad person. I came out because I want to be a singer. In my house my parents forbade me so I ran away. My house, I have eight sister. I live in Kongju blah blah (T/N: Kongju is Jaejoong’s hometown). I’m not a bad person so you can hire me.”

So he fell asleep and this owner, he (calls me and says)

Do you have a son? I’ll keep him here, so come and take him.

So the oldest sister who was in Incheon (T/N: nearby city) came and took him.

After that, we asked Jaejoong, do you really want to do it that much, and he answers he really does want to do it.

But still we told him not to, but you know the fifth sister, the one who just had a baby.

The fifth sister and the fourth sister said

If you really want to do it, Jaejoong, do an Audition.

Since the sisters had a car while working,

On a Saturday they took him up there and back.

On the first day he got cut and he entered (into the Audition) the next day, and now

Best Look, Best Body… (T/N: Literally, “Face-Boss” and “(Body) Figure-Boss”) he won something like that, Jaejoong.


We hear that the sisters were a big help.

Older Sister:

So the 5th sister Yusun (younger than the speaking sister) was like, then I’ll take him up there (to the Audition) secretly

Yusun and Jaejoong, they woke up without Dad knowing and they took the bus up together to Seoul.

That was when everything began.

Jaejoong, he always says, that the fifth sister

The one who helped him become a singer was the fifth sister, he says.

Everyone probably knows. Jaejoong is rea~lly nice (kindhearted).

He’s a guy, but because there were eight sisters and one boy, even his personality when he was young, was a girl, a girl.

A girl to the bone (T/N: literally, “by nature,” “from the sky”).

The sisters, so I’m the fourth and so I’d tell my younger sister to go buy me something, for example go buy me ice cream. I for sure told the fifth sister, but

In the end Jaejoong would go out and buy it.

The order would get passed and passed down until in the end it reached Jaejoong.

Jaejoong, he would have gone immediately if (some other) sister had told him to, but since the sister who was only one year apart from him had told him (to do these things), how annoying is that.

But still, he would go.

Jaejoong is really nice (kindhearted). From the perspective of others, they think things like, Jaejoong, because of the sisters, even his personality is that of a girl.

In some ways, Jaejoong has the strength of a man, but (in other ways) he is soft (delicate)

As he said on TV, Jaejoong really holds it in (endures pain) a lot. He holds everything in, endures it, and

He endures it three times. When I say three times, the “one” time in those three times isn’t the one time that we think of, but rather ten times, combine them and that’s the “one” time (in the three times).

He’s heart is really that big.

So that’s probably why Jaejoong (*embarrassed*)… that’s why he is so popular. This might be just his sister thinking but…

Source: and its YouTube Channel
Transcription Credit: 김떡뽁 of DC TVXQ Gallery
Translation Credit: JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3

  1. younadesu says:

    i always say that he is the most amazing man on this earth in lots of ways.and indeed it seems he is like that.

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