JaeJoong Day: JaeJoong’s adorable childhood

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March 4th, 2011 was the first day of broadcast for the JYJ-exclusive internet broadcast station March 4th was “Jaejoong Day.”

The below is the translation of an excerpt from the interview with Jaejoong’s family the station aired for Jaejoong Day. The conversation is colloquial and the translation reflects that (in other words, the sentences will run into each other and oftentimes will be fragmented).

Warning: Cuteness Overload T___T

A special way of education

The background behind the birth of “Insa” Jaejoong (T/N: “Insa” is the Korean word for saying hello or goodbye—in this context, it means saying hello to one’s elders)

Father: So, for that, our Jaejoong… on relationships between the seniors and the juniors there are a lot of cases like that, but on saying hello, I really taught it well—killed it.

Even when he was young, like when he comes home from school, he was the boy who said hello ten times if you met him ten times that day.

Mother: So one day he says—

“Mommy Mommy’

– What

“Mommy you know the Ajusshi (T/N: non-young man) upstairs… but I met him ten times (today). So I said hello all ten times but later the Ajusshi goes “Hey you dork (T/N: not quite the literal translation, but know that the name he calls JJ is rough but affectionate), stop saying hello, you dork. It’s ten times today!! And he just really scolded me… cuz I said hello ten times.”

– The Ajusshi is doing it because he finds you cute (T/N: literally, pretty, nice), it’s not that he’s scolding you, he’s doing it because you’re too lovable (adorable) because you’re so good at saying hello you’re cute.

“Ah~ I see^^”


Did he have the disposition to become an entertainer?

Kim Jaejoong opens his eyes to Fashion.

Older Sister: When we used to go to Everland (T/N: a theme park in Korea) Jaejoong was in elementary school. But when we used to go to Everland I liked clothes quite a bit, and at that time Sechs Kies (T/N: a Korean idol group) was in. There was this Burberry-style coat that Sechs Kies wore.

But that coat was gray. Something that really bling bling celebs wear. But I was working in the store one day and someone just wooshed by. I looked and it was Jaejoong. For my part, I was so embarrassed. This tiny kid came wearing his older sister’s clothes—how embarrassing is that. So I told him openly “Hey… hurry up and go home and change, change”… I told him that.

Jaejoong… for his part, in that young mind that he had, he had come wearing that in order to look cool, and his sister does not say that he looks good (T/N: literally, nice, pretty) but instead tells him to hurry up and go home and change… at that time he felt upset at his sister for the first time, he told me that story.

So because of that I wonder whether he had the “disposition to become an entertainer” from then on…

When he was younger he did straighten himself looking at the mirror before going to (even) the supermarket, but when he got to middle school it started to get worse, and

When he went outside and he wore clothes… now a bit before that he used to even wear his sisters’ pants. Because he had so many sisters he used to even wear our high-waisted pants for quite a while. Probably there are some pictures of that.

But starting one day, he asked Mom that starting middle school to (buy) him clothes too… so
(it seemed that) from then on he was embarrassed to wear clothes that his sisters wore around all the time…


We hear that his sisters doted on him

Older Sister: Ne~~ver could he possibly come home after being beaten up (by others). The eighth (sister) is only one year apart from Jaejoong and she was in the same grade as Jaejoong because Jaejoong was born in the early months of the year (T/N: in Korea, if you are born in the early months of the year, you go to school with children who were born the previous year), and so although it was often that they would fight at home, when Jaejoong would get a blow at school, she didn’t stay put. Even if it took grabbing onto his hair and shaking him, Jaejoong never got hit.

Really… I shouldn’t say this on air but there were talks about Jaejoong’s sister being a gangster, they really were afraid of the sisters to that degree.

Jaejoong, under the protection of his sisters, probably didn’t get hit, at least.


Mother: So… his sister bought him a radio. The thing wasn’t a recorder, it was a radio that you could listen to, she bought him that. Like, I’ll buy you this, so study hard.

So she bought him the radio but Jaejoong didn’t study but now started to like the songs of H.O.T. (T/N: a Korean idol group)… since he liked them so much now, his sisters would by him the tapes and like them together.

So… now Jaejoong… he said that he had the thought that “ah… if I learn like this I feel like I can also become a good (entertainer) like this…” thoughts like that.

So from middle school on, “Mommy when I grow up I’ll be an entertainer.”

He even pierced his ears and would wear earrings during break but when he’d go to school then he’d take them out.

And for his hair, he’d practice on it—he’d dye them blond, then in red… so I said

You dye your hair in black right now…

(and he says) Mom I did something like this for the first time, can you please forgive me (and let me keep my hair)

So I told him, keep the hair for the vacation but once school starts dye it black… and he says yes.

Source: and its YouTube Channel
Transcription Credit: 김떡뽁 of DC TVXQ Gallery
Translation Credit: JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3

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