TVXQ said at MBC that they didn’t know about the lawsuit. Is it true?

Posted: March 4, 2011 in DBSK in Korea, JYJ, Max Changmin, U-Know Yunho
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TVXQ said at Murupak(MBC) that they didn’t know about the lawsuit. Is it true?

Last night(02 MAR), TVXQ Act 2[Yunho & Changmin] appeared on a TV talk show called ‘Murupak-무릎팍도사-’ (MBC). During this show, they explained their feelings about the lawsuit and said, “we did not know about their lawsuit at all.” This became a controversy (yet again) in Korea because there are many evidences that the all five tried to leave SM at first.

We would like to share this article translated in English, as international fans must have wondered that what happened in Korea yesterday and why it was such a big fuss among the Korean fans.

Also We want to be clear that fans do not criticize the two members’ choice to stay at SM. They are all responsible adults, and free to choose whatever they want.

Fans just wanted them to respect each other’s  choice and fans’ affection for the memories of TVXQ Act.1 because it was precious to all of us.

It’s hurting enough that we need to defend the members against these rumors and attacks made by the same people we once thought were fans of TVXQ, and even more hurting because it is the own member of TVXQ who diminish our memory of Act 1.

We hope this helps you to understand what happened in Korea yesterday.

Murupak-무릎팍도사- (MBC)
TVXQ: “We did not know about their[JYJ] lawsuit.” Is this true?
03 MAR, 2011 / Moneytoday [Reports Ye Hyun Kim]

TVXQ(Yunho, Changmin) explained their hurt feelings about JYJ (Jaejoong/Yuchun/Junsu)’s lawsuit at MBC TV ‘Murupak-무릎팍도사’ which was aired on March 2, 2011. But their comments on the lawsuit became a controversy among the netizens soon after the program.

Yunho and Changmin said that “We did not know about their [JYJ’s] lawsuit when they submitted an application for provisional injunction against the company[SM].”
“It could have worked our for the better, but we’re sorry [about the three] that we could not continue our activities as the five-member TVXQ due to JYJ’s extreme choice [lawsuit],” on this program.

They insisted that they did not know about the provisional injunction to terminate the validity of the exclusive contract, but fans of JYJ and people who are interested in TVXQ have produced contrary evidences against this.

The presented evidences are 1) an article in Japanese newspaper,
2) interview with JYJ’s judicial representative
and 3) full statement released by Yunho’s father.

The last schedule of the five members as TVXQ was ‘NHK 紅白歌合戦’ in Japan on December 31, 2009 and ‘Sponichi’, Japanese newspaper spotlighted TVXQ’s breakup the next day.
The article said that AVEX (TVXQ’s Japanese management company) admitted:
“they[all members of TVXQ] notified us[AVEX] in August 2008 that the all five would leave SM together, so we think they are still one at heart. There are possibilities that they might have new activities together in the future.”According to this, Yunho and Changmin had tried to leave SM with JYJ but changed their mind to stay at SM later.

Also the statement of Yunho’s father (released on November 1, 2009) was presented as another contrary evidence. It stated that “the greed toward cosmetic business is their[JYJ] reason to leave TVXQ and the three kept suggesting us to leave together since February, 2009.” Changmin’s father also wrote in the statement, “the three members filed an injunction only because of their financial benefit from cosmetic business.”
This statement has been presented for supporting evidence too.

A netizen (ID ‘buf***’) commented that “It is nonsense that Yunho, the former leader of TVXQ did not know about the lawsuit at all while everyone including fans, their parents, SM and AVEX knew about it.”

DC TVXQ Gallery also posted those evidence in Korean and English real-time, using their Anti-rumor Tactics & Monitory Division’s blogs and twitter.

Most people said in unison, “true neutrality can only be established when the two parties can both appear on the show fairly. JYJ also should be able to talk about their story on TV.”

Meanwhile, SM was ordered by the court not to interfere with JYJ’s entertainment activities and pay 20 million KRW for each interference it had made. However, JYJ are still having difficulties in making appearances on TV, including the latest cancellation of their real documentary program which was supposed to be aired on cable TV in February.

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