JaeJoong goes on Survival Trip with friends for JYJ’s Real24

Posted: March 4, 2011 in JYJ, Kim Jaejoong
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Jaejoong Goes on Survival Trip with Friends for JYJ’s Real24

A person who seems to work at a center that provides leisure sports and survival games called “Team W” has written an entry about his encounter with Jaejoong. Jaejoong visited Team W with his friends to play survival games and other sports as a part of his shooting of JYJ’s Real24.

The writer is not well acquainted with either TVXQ or JYJ, but he was very struck by Jaejoong and his descriptions of Jaejoong are worth reading. The blog entry has beautiful pictures of Jaejoong, so please go check it out here. The pictures have on them a statement that says that they should not be distributed, so we do not re-publish the pictures here. Nonetheless the pictures, like Jaejoong, are beautiful.

Full translation below.

The sudden, yet not coincidental meeting of that day was due to the shooting of JYJ’s Real 24′s (the program is said to change in the future). (T/N: The writer knows that QTV cancelled the program as will be revealed below.)


I’m a bit puzzled as to whether I should call him Hero Jaejoong of JYJ or Hero Jaejoong of Formerly TVXQ, but anyways…


Even though it was our first meeting, he greeted me courteously with a bright smile.

There were frequent requests for his autograph during the shoot, and

there were many and continuous requests by people to take a picture with him.

Despite this, without a single show of irritation, with kind manners,

contrary to (what one would expect from) an entertainer who has received such big love at a young age,

Hero Jaejoong, one by one, did his fans his service, with care.


Hero Jaejoong and his friends who had visited Team W (T/N: The location of the shooting and the writer’s likely place of employment)

were supposed to proceed with Survival and ATV Leisure Sport.

As for the Leisure Sport, the strength of the ice was actually good with some of the survival games, and so they got on the Iceink ATV (T/N: seems to refer to the vehicle)…


Not only for the “chicken fight” of the warm-up game,

but also in the “Survival Game” of the survival games (T/N: seems to refer to a specific type of survival games),

Hero Jaejoong won #1.


Although he said that nowadays he couldn’t do sports (T/N: seems to mean “work out”) as much as before,

aside from the shooting, even from the perspective of the instructor

Jaejoong had an instinct for sports that was superior to any man in his twenties.


It is the same when other people come as well…

but Team W always feel our hearts swell when

we see that the people who’ve come to visit leave having enjoyed their stay.

That day too was just another day in which we felt a sense of accomplishment

at seeing the joy of Hero Jaejoong and his friends.


The travel story of Hero Jaejoong and his friends were, I heard, supposed to air on X Cable Station, but the air date was continuously getting delayed.

In the end, I heard that the channel was supposed to change (T/N: the writer is likely trying to use a euphemism here to soften his prose– he probably does know that the program is absolutely cancelled and not merely transferred),

and I became curious as to the reason and searched around,

and (found that) there were various stories by many people.


Aside from who is telling the truth and who the lie,

whether there was a force that cannot be seen or not,

aside from all battles about truth,

I felt only too regretful that the dreams of a young man in his twenties, full of passion and spirit,

has come to suffer due to things that were not intended.


I was not an enthusiastic fan of TVXQ in the past,

but Hero Jaejoong of that day–

He was someone who  how to

share joyful laughs with friends,

answer with a smile to the fans, adult or child, and their support,

enjoy sports and devote himself to work with diligence.


With this meeting serving as the opportunity,

I personally, and Team W too,

became a fan of Hero Jaejoong.

I hope that there will be a happy, happy ending in which

Hero Jaejoong, JYJ, and all members of TVXQ can smile…


Source: 캡틴
Translation Credit: JYJ3

  1. Cass24 says:

    thats soo sweet <3

  2. Nini says:

    that’s so sweet, and i, like many other cassies, hope so too, for an ending where all 5 can be happy, can smile and perform together, again, as our proud icon, our legendary kings, our DBSK 5

  3. yukie-chan says:

    i fallen luv wif diz guy..again n again…
    huu eotke yo??!!

  4. younadesu says:

    i cant stop loving him every day more.he is like i always thought he is.such a kind and awesome guy.jaejoong!

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