Interview with Junsu about “Tears of Heaven”

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Xiah Junsu
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Interview with Junsu

Kim Junsu “Acting has a different fascination to compare with singing but it’s still difficult to me. When I’m immersed in my role, I shed tears naturally.”

“It’s such a sad love story. When I was immersed in my role, I shed tears without even realizing it because it was too sad.”

Xiah Junsu of TVXQ turns into a musical actor Kim Junsu and he is enjoying a tremendous popularity.

He plays a mournful love as a Jun, the hero at the large creative musical ‘Tears of Heaven’, which is now on performing amidst rising popularity.

He said “At the first performance, on Feb 1, I shed tears without even realizing it because it was too sad. Most of the audience was on the verge of tears.” and “Before I knew it, tears are really falling from my eyes when I’m acting on the scene to part with lover.”

We asked him ‘do you think which is harder, singing or acting?’ He told his difficulties of acting “it’s also hard to sing a song but it’s harder to act. It’s so much harder to sing with acting and I think that it requires much efforts. The most difficult part is to express emotions in detail and I think that it can be possible to fall into that.”

In the internal musical industry, his influence is huge. Tens of thousands tickets that he performs were sold out for just a few minutes.

The role of Jun is acting by Kim Junsu and other 2 actor like Chon Dongsuk. He is playing just 17 times of whole 53 performances. His fans are obliged to buy an illegal ticket to watch his performance.

After hearing about it, he told “To my fans, I feel sorry about that. And to mitigate inconvenience for my fans, I should perform on the stage just a couple of times more .. but there are actually lots of problems.”

He said to explain the reason “Musical performance is a hard work due to sing a song with acting. Especially I’m not overworking to preserve voice. To control my condition, actually I don’t perform on the stage a lot.”

He told that “It is an unavoidable choice to keep my best condition. I feel so sorry for my fans.”

Official of production company said “Some fans want to watch Junsu’s performance after watching other actor’s performance. There’s a craze for re-watching it.” But his parts of whole performances are already sold out.

Many top-class creators who work on the Broadway are joining this musical.

He said “‘the Mozart’ that I performed last year was already successful abroad but ‘Tears of Heaven’ is more interesting to me because of the process to change and modify its scenario. I feel like making it one by one.”

He added “It was so hard that singing in the musical is too much different to doing as a singer when I started to perform in the ‘the Mozart!’ So I complemented it more after I learned a lot on the actual stage.”

Brad Little, one of top-class actor in Broadway, who plays with Junsu in the musical highly praised like this. “His acting is very natural and he has the ability to interact with the audience.”

He is not an actor. And he is not also a professional musical actor. But his attraction gripping ability that captivates the audience far surpass other actors. That’s the ability that he has.

Kim Gwang-soo, the producer of ‘Tears of Heaven’ lavished praise on Junsu. “He is a great actor in the musical part. The audience simply doesn’t come to watch just him. They come to watch the musical with his acting and singing. After performance, almost of them wipe their tears with a handkerchief. It means that he has a great acting ability, of course singing ability also.”

He shows kiss scenes with Lee Hae-ree (or Yoon Gong-joo). At the early of exercising, he was very ashamed after a kiss scene.

He told about it “There were four kiss scenes in ‘Mozart’. At this time, there are twice or three times. Actually, I felt a little bit sorry in those days.”

And he added “Honestly, because of my fans, I was worried about it. But it’s just an acting. So that’s okay to be absorbed in the musical. However, sometimes I feel sorry for Hae-ree or Gong-joo.”

At that time, Brad advised to shy Junsu.. “Practice it several times!” It made us laugh.

We asked that ‘You can’t feel difficulty to communicate with Brad, can you? How much can you understand English?’ He answered “I can’t speak English well. So interpreter helps me a lot. But sometimes there’s no need to help. Because there are acting and songs in the musical, we can see each other by looking in the eyes. At first, I was really worried about acting in English. But director said to me ‘Because Jun went to Vietnam for a war, it is more realistic to use Konglish(it means broken English used by Koreans)’ I also think that speaking Konglish is more natural. It’s just as well that I can’t speak English well.”

And he told about Brad “Despite he is top-class actor in the musical industry of the world, he gets along with others. And he also shows to learn and to communicate with younger people. I’d like to grow older like him.”

Meanwhile, he told about the situation after breakup. “I had really hard time. Everybody has both good and hard moment in his lifetime. I also had a crisis. It happened last year and the year before last year. It was really hard time but I learned many things from it. I’ll be happy and I’ll try to hard. After it, I’ve lost many things. Especially I’ve lost people around me. On the other hand, however, I’ve got the people who trust me in spite of what happened.”

Junsu plays the man who devotes him to love just one woman.

He told about the experience to love “I never think about love lightly. The most important thing is to be truthful..”

He said.. “In former days, there were some entertainers. She didn’t tell me directly but she gave off that she likes me. There was a member of girl group but it wasn’t accomplished. There was a female entertainer that I liked but I couldn’t date her. I regard the personality besides appearance.”

Now he is working as JYJ with Jaejoong and Yuchun instead of TVXQ’s name.

Source: NEWSEN on Mar. 2.
Translated & shared by: @theyoungestmin


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