Avex deliberately won’t put JYJ Memories DVD on Oricon

Posted: March 4, 2011 in JYJ
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Avex Deliberately Won’t Put JYJ Memories DVD on Oricon

Avex Entertainment announced in September 2010 its decision to put a stop to JYJ’s activities. Since then JYJ have not been able to do any substantial activities in Japan.

Nonetheless, even though Avex has barred JYJ from doing entertainment activities in Japan under their label, it has released many products that heavily feature JYJ and are highly profitable. The recent DVD titled “JYJ Memories in 2010″ is an example.

Despite the DVD’s apparently popularity due to its featuring JYJ, the DVD is not on the Oricon Chart.

A Japanese fan who thought that this was strange made an inquiry with Avex and received the following response:

Avex declared (to me) in a phone conversation with its customer center that: “because we refrain from engaging in any promotional activities for artists whose activities are on halt, (since we put JYJ’s activities on halt) we will not do any kind of promotional activities of this product (JYJ Memories in 2010 DVD).”

I had a phone conversation with Avex. The answer of the male at the Customer Center: “The Oricon Chart is a form of promotional activities. Because we have announced the cessation of the artist’s activities and so are refraining from engaging in any kind of promotional activities, we did not put (the DVD) on the Oricon Chart.”


Korean fans have long lamented that Avex keeps making profits off of JYJ in Japan while blocking them from having a career in Japan. The recent DVD is yet another example.


Source: @hanaluca on Twitter
Credit: JYJ3


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