110303 JYJ Staff Member’s Blog Post Part 2

Off to Seoul to meet the three of them

Working on a project that was previously based in Korea, I am also involved in it so I went to Korea the other day and met with them.
As I wasn’t involved in this project previously, I decided to participate with the name “Hayato”. This project is being made by the three of them, and it is being made jut for the fans. So it is being produced with this honest and pure hearted kindess. In other words, this project does not involve people who have used the three of them previously as business tools or as objects to eat off from.

Moving on to their proposal:
To let the worried fans have a peace of mind. In order to do that, stop dwelling on the past and look towards the future; show an optimistic side of JYJ. And then, take the fans along with us on this journey. This was the idea. Therefore, there are no scenarios or scripts….we will simply tell the truth.

Jaejoong then asked me, “Are we not allowed to speak Korean?”
“Fans from many different countries will watch this so we will be including subtitles, therefore the language you choose to speak in is not important. What I want you to keep important are your feelings,” I answered. “When you want to tell them something in Japanese, speak in Japanese. When you want to talk in Korean, talk in Korean…and then show the fans how much you’ve sweat with all your work,” I said. “Also, show the fans the JYJ that completely matured and deliver to them how you’ve worked hard so they can feel a peace of mind…. Give them hope.”

Following, is the state they were in when I went to visit them.
After having a tough work trip in Jakarta for 10 days and without a time to rest I went to Seoul on Saturday (February 19th) in order to meet Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Jusnu. In Jakarta I had to create 2 TVC products so I had to endure lack of sleep. Then on top of that in order to catch my early flight from Haneda I had to sleep for an hour at the airport.
Slept a little on the plane and then after reaching the hotel I slept for about an hour too. Then my first destination was to go to the theater and watch Junsu’s performance in Tears of Heaven musical.

Naturally there were a lot of people gathered here. I’m pretty sure there were Japanese people too but it was hard to distinguish from the crowd.
It would be good if I didn’t fall asleep….but I was worried that I would.
But then from the moment the curtains were raised there was not a single moment I fell asleep.
Actually I think the right think to say would be that I was crying the whole time.

Joon (did I spell it right?) and Lin is a tragic love story but even in the scenes where they were happy would not make the tears stop.
Since I’m a guy I can’t even use a handkerchief (useless vanity) so I didn’t wipe the tears but I never thought that it would continue until the end…
Junsu’s singing power was perfect!!! Perfect acting!!! The supporting actors that strengthen the performance were also amazing!!! The story was great and the set was great too. And more than anything else, his heartbreaking voice was the best.

It has been gaining a lot of great admiration from Korea, and it seems that America has taken notice too.
There’s a difference between being popular and standing on stage and being on stage in a different country.
They were THE professionals!!!!

When it finished, of course there was a standing ovation…Without thinking I had also gotten up and applauded as hard as I could…I wanted to honestly express my admiration.
During curtain call, Junsu gave a special greeting to someone sitting in the front seat…I’m quite sure Yoochun’s mother came to watch too…Maybe it was for her?

The next Sunday
The second purpose: I went to their office to meet the three of them.
As I passed by the lobby area, there was a large picture of the three of them on the wall.

Jaejoong came and greeted me… He was a bit surprised by the sudden Japanese greeting but he welcomed me. Truly such a beautiful face.

After that came Junsu. First we shook hands. “I saw your performance yesterday,” I said.
“Eh! You came to see it?!”
“I couldn’t stop crying. It was very beautiful.” As I said that, he said happily like a child, “The story was good right? But did you understand?”
“I understood the story somewhat from the English subtitles.”

And then Yoochun who arrived a bit late. He was even more handsome than I imagined. I also got the impression that he was intelligent too. I was fascinated beyond words.

The three of them listened to what I had to say, nodding along. And it seemed I had received their excitement because they started to express their own thoughts and ideas as if the floodgates had been raised.
I think this time I achieved almost 100% of the role I was there for, for the three of them.

There is only one thing I can say about this here: soon a great message will be delivered to the fans by these three who are now scattered all over the country.
This is the true honest figures of the three.
I told them, “I want to tell the truth to the fans without any lies. Let’s let them know that the three of you are looking towards a future. And let’s take the fans with us.”
As I said this their eyes were shining. For now I will leave it at that. We decided to take a picture so I stood on their left. But then Junsu then casually let me stand between him and Jaejoong.

As I looked at the three of them, they looked like cute innocent puppies playing around….I thought.

Jaejoong and Yoochun were coming to Japan on the 23rd so I waited for them at the hotel. They arrived late so we were able to meet again after about two and a half hours. Due to fog the plane had been delayed, and there had been some other trouble so the first day did not go as planned but it seemed that the fans were very happy for their visit which I was pleased about. Anyway, the Japanese fans have really good manner so that made me proud.

This is a message to all the fans so if it made you happy, I’m happy too!!

In my opinion, I think this is a happiness that cannot be bought with money.


credit: dc gall
trans by: sharingyoochun.net


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