110303 JYJ Staff Member’s Blog Post

3HREE VOICE Staff Blog Theme: Why am I here?!?

This time, the plan is to withdraw their characters from the specific areas in Tokyo that they are assigned.
It seems that the three of them have separate characters, but when they are together their bond is very strong. This unit we are talking about is JYJ! These three are currently trying to climb onto a higher stage. Therefore with their completed characters they are working hard to, once again, appear in front of their fans. Here I will show some of these hard working attitudes.

These three members are looking forwards into the future. They are no longer thinking about the past. Let us go there along with the fans! Sort of like a message to the fans.

I met with the three of them on the 20th of February, and they were discussing the plan of this project. It made me believe that this was what they really wanted to be doing at the moment.
Jaejoong was concerned about Junsu who was having conflicts with his schedule, he asked, “The three of us can’t go to Tokyo together so what are we going to ?” He was concerned about the scenes that involved all three of them.
The staff replied, “It can’t be helped so we’ll just take the scenes separately.”
To this Jaejoong said, “There is no point then….if it’s not all three of us together!!”
I was touched by his true concern. He was earnest. Wanted to create something perfect. He wanted to show them without any lies, true and raw. He was very much a leader, pulling everyone together. Yoochun and Junsu also trust him completely, and because of this I can feel that they leave things up to him. And then it occurred to me that for these three, a lie is the most abominable thing.

So then the three of them shot their scenes together in a studio that was available in Seoul. I just received a emotional phone call from a staff member:
During their rehearsal Junsu was concentrating very hard…the three of them were sweating a lot, dancing and singing…
And then Yoochun cried out:


I think this is the bitter cry that the three of them have.
After hearing this story I couldn’t stop my tears.
Even now as I write this, I can’t stop the tears.

Why am I here!!!
Why aren’t I in Seoul!!!
Even after resigning from the company, I was still supposed to be able to stand on stage and meet fans!!!
I want to see them fast!!!

The staff was telling me, they were incredibly cool and that the three of them had a very good friendship. When Junsu starts humming, Jaejoong and Yoochun would walk over and start singing to match with Junsu. To be able to experience such precious moments made a chill run down my spine.
I want this to be delivered to the fans quickly!!!

credit: dc gall
trans by: sharingyoochun.net


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