‘”Knee Drop Guru” produced by “SM BC“‘…”If JYJ doesn’t appear on the show, SM’s external pressure theory must be true”

Posted: March 4, 2011 in DBSK in Korea, JYJ, Max Changmin, U-Know Yunho
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‘”Knee Drop Guru” produced by “SM BC“‘…”If JYJ doesn’t appear on the show, SM’s external pressure theory must be true”

[Kuki Entertainment] MBC’s ‘The Golden Fishery – Knee Drop Guru’ (Knee Drop Guru) is an entertainment show that has been running out of its fresh juice. Some viewers even say that the composition of the program is so repetitive that it’s boring and trite. Although the show has been running for a long time, thanks to the unusual concept of resolving the guest’s concern, the sharp, biting remarks and the eccentric tension of the show from the early days have mostly faded away. What’s been left behind is the thoughtless emotional resonance, that is sometimes eval!uated as indiscreet exoneration, implicated in Kang Ho Dong’s constantly repeated punch line, “Shall Live Forever.”

Although the initial sharpness has mostly worn out, the driving force that kept “Knee Drop Guru” on air for almost over 4 years still exists. The sincere efforts of the staff to cast its guests and communicate with them is the ultimate forte of “Knee Drop Guru.” The filming of the show itself lasts almost 4 hours is clearly distinguished from other entertainment shows that proceed its recordings in a studio.

The staff fully devotes themselves to the guest starting from the very beginning steps in the production. This guest is usually a celebrity who is rarely exposed to the mass media. Many social figures who are distant from the entertainment world such as An Cheol Su, Kalin Park, or Park Kyung Chul are often invited on the show. In addition to this, vast amount of research that remind people of a newspaper exclusive interviews and the guts to ask the most sensitive issues about the guest upfront is the ‘killer’ contents that cover up for “Knee Drop Guru”‘s triteness.

Maybe that is why the recent TVXQ episode of “Knee Drop Guru” that aired on March 2, 2011 has been met with such violent reaction from the viewers. Neither the efforts to cast the guest nor the proper attitude to communicate with the guest could be found on the show. TVXQ has been reorganized into a duo due to the recent legal dispute between JYJ and SME over the exclusive contract and have been making tremendous number of appearances on the national TV networks. The words are out that SME is promoting the band as if SME’s life depended on it. A TV commercial for the promotion for the new album was unprecedentedly aired on national TV channels. Thus, TVXQ is far off from the pool of celebrities “Knee Drop Guru’ would usually invite who are ‘rarely’ seen on TV.

It is also dubious that the person directly involved in the legal dispute appeared on the show. The latest trend on the variety shows have been emphasizing a sort of a ‘selling out of the memories’ about the mistakes made in the past. However, most shows still choose to keep silent about an on-going legal dispute, since they cannot be free from the criticisms of being partial to a specific party’s claims.

Yet, “Knee Drop Guru” thoroughly covered the JYJ situation in TVXQ’s perspective. Max Changmin defined the juncture in which JYJ applied for the provisional injunction to terminate the exclusive contract as “the time when we only had to harvest the fruits.” In effect, he indirectly criticized JYJ who left the team calling profit distribution into question.

JYJ fandom is explicitly pressuring “Knee Drop Guru.” The viewers’ forum is flooded with threads requesting JYJ’s appearance on the show. Other entertainment internet communities are not so different. Tweets pointing out “Knee Drop Guru”‘s bias is constantly being retweeted on Twitter. The problem is that even the general public who has no interest in the JYJ situation that divided TVXQ into ’2VXQ’ and ’3VXQ’ is starting to lean toward the partiality theory.

Remedy to the situation is rather very simple: allow JYJ an opportunity to object. Presently, JYJ have only been making appearances on cultural programs and not on entertainment shows. Whether they choose not to, or are not able to is not that important. At least at this point, JYJ is way ahead of TVXQ in the scarcity component. So, inviting JYJ on the show is exactly in alignment with “Knee Drop Guru”‘s production purpose to cast stars who are rarely seen on the television. JYJ’s sobbing stories that will satisfy the “Knee Drop Guru”‘s need for an emotional resonance is rather formidable.

If “Knee Drop Guru” neglects its efforts to have JYJ appear on the show or even in casting JYJ, the public has no other choice but to take “SM’s external pressure theory” that has been so often raised as the cause that hinders JYJ’s appearances on television seriously. A full-scale dispute regarding bias of “TVXQ” episode can also be initiated. That is why people are closely watching how “Knee Drop Guru” responds to JYJ fandom’s “SM BC” claim.

Kookmin Kukinews Cho Hyun Woo

Original Article: http://news.kukinews.com/article/view.asp?page=1&gCode=all&arcid=0004703185&cp=du
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