I’m posting this but I’m not gonna comment on anything. I’m disappointed but I guess that doesn’t  really matter now. I just decided to let go and not to care anymore. I just lost the last string of hope I was holding on to.

TVXQ pours their hearts out on “Knee-Drop Guru”

“As a fellow member, I was a little hurt”.

TVXQ poured their hearts out on March 2nd’s episode of “Knee-Drop Guru“.

Explaining their feelings about JYJ breaking off from TVXQ, Yunho stated,”It was a shock to me at that time. I didn’t know [they] filed an injunction. My heart was broken by thinking that our big success at such a young age caused all of this“.

He added, “I was also disappointed as a member that they even took the situation as far as filing a lawsuit. I can personally handle being called a ‘traitor’ but I regretted the situation influencing my beloved and respected parents“.

Changmin revealed his feelings, saying “The situation has been written in the papers and some talked badly about my parents. My father is still a teacher so I felt bad about him getting hurt. I also felt bad at the thought that my siblings or friends would become adults holding this pain in their hearts“.

Changmin reminisced about the then 5-member TVXQ’s final performance in 2009 at NHK’s ‘Red and White Collaboration‘ saying,  ”I looked at my schedule and I didn’t see anything. We were performing at a prestigious and memorable event, and I felt sad at the thought that this could possibly be our last stage. We advanced into Japan as raw newbies and it was a great time to profit from it, I didn’t know why I was performing a sad song at such a happy and fun stage”.

Yunho said, “I felt uncomfortable singing on that stage. We had a lot of memories and we came all the way here with one shared dream and I felt afraid that our last stage could take place at one of the most prestigious awards shows. So I felt as if I sang with a sad face, I’d be acknowledging (the situation) so I sang even harder.”

In addition, he revealed the hardships he went through in preparation for the new album, “For the new album, we needed to give off the TVXQ feeling / vibe with only 2 members, so it was hard filling the empty space. We practiced until the early morning, even after all the trainees left“.

At the question “Are the lyrics to ‘Keep Your Head Down’ targeting the JYJ members?“, Yunho replied, “It literally means ‘keep your head down’. Many people are thinking that we’re dissing the members but that was not our intent at all“.

He continued, “In our 1st album, there is a song called ‘Triangle‘, which has the lyrics ‘with a falling heart (I) cry bloody tears’. If we sang that at this time, people would mistake that we’re dissing (them). If we wanted to diss them, we would’ve never came out with this song“.

On the other hand, Changmin said, “I didn’t think we’d be able to dodge many questions for long. I felt we needed a time to jump over them”, giving a reason behind their decision to appear on the show.

TVXQ also revealed the story behind their stage name.

When MC Kang Ho Dong asked, “Were you all satisfied with the team name?“, Yunho said, “I didn’t like it. Our CEO thought about it for a long time and came up with ‘Dong Bang Bul Pae’. When I first heard it, I was really shocked. After that, our names were ‘Jun Muk Go‘ (A Whale Who Lives By Eating Legends), SM5, and Dream Team“.

Additionally, the two members came on the show with the concern, “We want to have more male fans“. Changmin explained, “In Cassiopeia, only 3.25% of the fans are male”.

Kang Ho Dong thought of a quick solution and made the whole cast laugh by saying, “Go to the army. If you go to the army, you can gain the hearts of 6,000,000 soldiers“.

Source: Sports Today #1 and #2, Star News #1 and #2
Credit: Allkpop

  1. hanie says:

    I let go long time ago =(

  2. younadesu says:

    life goes on.i wont cry even if my heart does.i will be thankful even like this.it’s better than nothing.jyj luv forever

  3. Agnes says:

    Omg , what can I say , I have expected for this to happen…but…god I cant believe it! I had kept my expections for this long, and now it’s really painfull, just reading it, clearly like that:( And I dont really get it , why the two stayed there? What is the reason?!I dont hate them or anything it’s just unnatural for 5 persons who have stayed for so long togheter fighting for the purpose and dream of their life’s cutting all connections just in a split second. Everyone has lunched in theories but in the end no one really knows what the heck happend , maybe in the future when the storm will pass they will say! In the meantime , maybe Jaeho broke up?Dont missunderstand me, just trying to cheer up things a bit. With all the crazyness lately, Im kinda feelin sad and I need some cheering up! In the end , nothing is lost , is just transformed! :)

  4. Iris says:

    Korean Cassies were furious w/ Yunho blatantly lying on national television of all places. They went straight to digging up evidence against Yunho’s claims and there’s a bunch of Korean news articles now questioning the truth of his words. There’s also a few articles on how biased Knee Drop Guru was. It’s a show that’s typically and has as its mission featuring artists who the public don’t usually have access to but they chose to put on YH & CM who have been promoted like SM’s life depended on it last 2 months and overexposed.

    Here’s a comment from Koreaboo fm @jekb:

    Telling blatant LIES on national television –> pretty embarassing when K-Cassies responded immediately and dug a bunch of evidence against your assertions and a slew of news articles on Nate and Naver appear highlighting how highly dubious and inconsistent your claims are.

    1. Avex stated in an interview that all 5 Tohoshinki members revealed back in 2008 they intended to leave SM together.

    2. Yunho’s father in his official statement said that both he and CM’s father knew b/c JYJ’s parents said they were firm in their decision already in the June 2009 meeting with SM.

    3. Selong Law Firm (one of biggest most respected Korean law practices) revealed in an interview the initial meeting was with all 5 members but Yunho & Changmin didn’t show up.

    Korean reaction SM’s smear tactic on Knee Drop Guru: news . nate . com/view/20110303n12870

    “It is clear that, objectively, at the very least, one of either Yunho or Yunho’s father cannot be telling the truth. Their statements are inconsistent.”

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