Cancellation of JYJ’s program… how long will they remain “an Idol of the Newsroom?”

Posted: March 3, 2011 in JYJ
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Cancellation of JYJ’s Program… how long will they remain “an Idol of the Newsroom?”

JYJ’s (Jaejoong, Yuchun, Junsu) reality program has been canceled. Large implications are expected.

CJes Entertainment, JYJ’s agency, notified fans of the cancellation through their official web site.

CJes revealed, “JYJ’s Real TV, which was intended to show JYJ’s real life to bridge the gap between JYJ and the fans had been canceled… today we got a notice from QTV that they cannot air it.”

“JYJ’s Real TV” had gathered a lot of interest because it was a reality program that covered members’ every day lives by closely following them 24/7. Cable channel QTV had announced that they would air the program mid-February, but postponed the date until they finally decided to cancel. The recordings by QTV have been handed over to CJes.

During an interview, CJes reported, “we thought the program was only being postponed and was shocked when we received their cancellation notice. We were especially surprised because it was an unexpected result.”

QTV has stated that they canceled the program because it did not fit with the scheduling of QTV’s own productions. The result is a stark contrast to the active promoting done by QTV, which had distributed reports about the program before the air date.

This cancellation of JYJ’s program is expected to arouse great controversy.

Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, and Kim Jusu, ex-members of DBSK, had filed a lawsuit against their ex-management company SM Entertainment on July, 2009 and stopped their activities. Afterward, the three members created group JYJ in September of last year and released their first album, “The Beginning.” At about the same time, KFCAI, a federation composed of Korean Entertainment Producers Association and 7 other groups, requested national broadcasting networks, cable networks, music businesses, and music distributors to regulate (prevent) JYJ’s activities.

After releasing their album, JYJ has continued to run into problems with their broadcasting activities. They could not appear in music programs on national networks and couldn’t even appear on cable programs.

At the end of last year, JYJ appeared for the first time on national television through KBS 2TV “News Time.” Since then, they have appeared only in a small number of programs, such as “2010 KBS Acting Awards,” KBS 2TV “Sang-Sang Information,” KBS 1TV “News at 9,” and KBS 2TV “Entertainment Note.” Excluding “Acting Awards,” all the programs are news or information-based programs. The same fact applies to cable programs.

Furthermore, JYJ’s appearance on the SBS talk show “Bae KiWan, Chae YoungAh, Jo HyungKi’s Good Morning” was also continually postponed until it was barely allowed to air.

Which such a situation, JYJ has received a new nickname. It’s “Idol of the News.” It’s a nickname from fans lamenting the fact that JYJ can only appear on News or information-based programs.

Meanwhile, JYJ has filed a lawsuit against SM confirming the illegality of their contract with SME on September 2009. At the time, the courts ruled that the contract between SM and JYJ is invalid and ordered SM to allow JYJ’s independent activities.

SM filed injunctions against the court’s suspension of its contract and the courts have dismissed the charges. Afterward, the courts ruled that “SM cannot stand in the way of JYJ’s activities and for each time they fail to comply with this order, they will have to pay 20 million KRW.” JYJ and SM are currently in a legal battle over the original lawsuit regarding their contract.

Translation by: withJYJ (@_withJYJ)

  1. younadesu says:

    smells like sm everywhere.comon!jyj has to win once and for all.because dbsk is the past but jyj can be the future,true?

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