JYJ side’s official statement: “Cancellation of Real 24 TV is due to the reason everyone knows”

Posted: March 2, 2011 in JYJ
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JYJ Official statement “cancellation due to reason everyone knows…we will show it to the fans”

JYJ’s side made an official statement about the cancellation of JYJ Reality Show.

JYJ’s staff revealed in a phone interview with Newsen on March 1, 2011 that “we received the notification for cancellation of the show, and the reason is the reason that everyone knows,” and “this is not the first time this has happened and we do not hold anything against QTV for its decision.”

He added, “The members were very enthusiastic about the program, filming their visit to the backstage of Kim Junsu’s musical and their daily lives. We are  a little disappointed because we have so much recordings as we have been shooting for almost two months, but we hope that the fans would understand our situation.”

He continued, “the most important thing now is how to show this program to the fans,” and that “we are looking for ways to show the recorded shows to the fans in any way we can, whether it is online or broadcast.”

C-JeS Entertainment has announced on March 1, 2011 on its official website that “The JYJ reality program, through which we wanted to open a window for the fans to see the up-close and personal aspects of JYJ’s recent life and everyday lifestyle, has been canceled.”

C-JeS stated that, “JYJ’s REAL TV was scheduled to air in Feburary, but today we got the notice from QTV that the its airing is will not be possible. We apologize to the fans who had much expectation from the QTV’s advertisement and press relase about the scheduled airing of JYJ Real TV.”

This 8-episode program received much attention and expectation from the fans as it promised to reveal the three members of JYJ up-close and in person for 24-hours. It also planned to show the inside of the members’ house for the first time on TV.

The fans are expressing their huge disappointments about this cancellation. They are raising their voice on QTV saying “we deserve an explanation,””it doesn’t make sense that you would film and promote the show and cancel it,” “I knew this would happen when it was first postponed.”

Original article: Newsen
Credit: dctvxqgall@wordpress


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