JYJ Rep says “The Cancellation of JYJ Real24 is hard to understand”

QTV has disappointed fans by canceling the airing of the reality program revealing JYJ’s everyday lives.

CJES Entertainment, JYJ’s agency, wrote a post on its homepage today with the title “Notice on cancellation of QTV’s show.”

A CJES representative revealed, “We’d like to inform you of QTV’s cancellation of Real JYJ 24] Real TV that was intended to show JYJ’s real life to bridge the gap between JYJ and the fans was canceled.”

Furthermore, he stated, ” JYJ’s Real TV was scheduled to air in February, but today we got a notice from QTV that they cannot air it. We apologize to fans that were looking forward to JYJ’s Real TV after QTV distributed press release and PR materials. QTV’s footage of JYJ will be handed over to C-Jes Entertainment, and we will do our very best to deliver the footage to fans as early as possible.”

JYJ was supposed to reveal their everyday lives through QTV’s reality program “JYJ’s Real 24″ starting mid-February. The program was scheduled to air in February, but was continually postponed until QTV finally notified CJES that the program had been canceled.

JYJ’s representative has also shown disappointment at the sudden cancellation of the TV program. The representative revealed, “we received a one-sided cancellation notice from QTV. We were very disappointed and cannot understand the reason. Furthermore, we feel especially sorry for the fans who have waited so long for this program.

Original article: Nate
Translation by. withJYJ (@_withjyj)


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