Yunho models baseball wear for Evisu causing 30% increase in sales

Posted: February 27, 2011 in U-Know Yunho
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110224 Yunho Models Baseball Wear – Evisu Sales Increase 30%

EVISU exclusive model TVXQ U-Know Yunho wears baseball sport fashion clothing – creates intense interest.

Wearing the Spring collection of the Evisu baseball sports clothing line, Yunho shot advertisements along with fashion model Kim Mi Jung. Emphasizing on the a more neutral look, the blue and red colors accentuate the casual design that particularly pleases the eye.

Ever since it started selling in retail stores beginning in February, the cold weather did nothing to obstruct the 30% increase of sales, becoming a BEST SELL collection in just a period of 2 weeks.

In addition, with the seasons changing, it is predicted that this line will be among the bestsellers. With the welcoming of baseball season in March, this collection will hopefully gain influence and become a new trend.

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