Why can’t JYJ be seen in broadcasts?

Posted: February 27, 2011 in JYJ
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Why JYJ can’t be seen in the broadcast?

Leaving SME that has the absolute power, JYJ has experienced severe difficulty. After they left TVXQ, they got considerable popularity in and out of Korea though. Despite the popularity like this, however, the only TV stage they performed on was KBS Acting Awards last year. A JYJ member Park Yuchun winning the prize for “SungKyunKwan Scandal”, they gave the congratulatory performance. However, the reason they could perform is that the main agent of the event was the drama department. In regard of JYJ not appearing on TV, SM said, “We have never requested ban on their appearing, and also we don’t have any reason to do so.” Nevertheless, we can’t see JYJ on TV. If SM’s claim is truth, we could think that the producers of the entertainment programs was feared beforehand.

As JYJ showed signs of revival by KBS Acting Awards, SM checked them by presenting TVXQ (Yunho & Changmin) from program to program. In between airing the Awards, the commercial on TVXQ’s comeback was aired, and SM presented TVXQ members to a variety of entertainment shows of the major broadcasting companies. On Feb. 2, TVXQ appeared on “Paradise Ranch”, “Athena”, and “Strong Heart” for 3 hours straight during prime time.

Opposition between SM and JYJ has extended over Japan. It is the major opinion of the industry that due to the boycott of a Japanese record company AVEX, JYJ’s activities in Japan have been restricted. When JYJ launched a world tour showcase, Masato Matsuura, the president of AVEX, left the message on the twitter, “I will pay back without fail someday. I will teach these arrogant guys the lesson no matter what.”

The greatest enemy of these massive management companies is fandom. As for JYJ’s fan clubs, their organizational power is strong enough for them to raise ₩150 million($130 thousand) in an instant and they advertised for supporting JYJ on the buses. The reason KBS drama department gave JYJ the solo stage is that KBS made a huge profit in Japanese market through the OST of “SungKyunKwan Scandal.” Park Jaebum, expelled from JYP Entertainment, can be the case that an artist re-surged by the aid of fans. Park Jaebum also can make another attempt with renewed energies thanks to the strong fandom both at home and abroad.

Credit : Ko Jaeyul reporter / scoop@sisain.co.kr
Shared by: @jyjholic2010


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