Kang Yebin proves friendship with JaeJoong through a photo at his birthday party

Posted: February 13, 2011 in Kim Jaejoong
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110211 Kang Yebin Proves Friendship With Kim Jaejoong With A Photo At His Birthday Party

Actress Kang Yebin is drawing attention for revealing that she is friends with JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong.

On the ‘Women Choosing Ranks (Innocent Girl)’ episode that aired on the 10th, the women showed off their idol star connections in a new corner. These women revealed pictures of themselves with the idol stars they are friends with.

The person who stood out most was Kang Yebin and her photo. She was chosen as the woman with the most unexpected connection as she showed everyone a picture of herself with Kim Jaejoong, holding bottles of soju and making comical expression at the camera. MC Lee Hwijae commented, “It’s probably not Kim Jaejoong,” but Kang Yebin replied, “It is him. It was Kim Jaejoong’s birthday yesterday and we took this photo at his birthday party while watching soccer.”

She was flooded by jealous questions from the other women such as, “Kang Yebin isn’t even that active so how does she know him?” and “Did Kim Jaejoong say it was okay to show this photo on a tv program?” In response to this, Kang Yebin elicited more jealousy from the other women as she said, “I consider Kim Jaejoong a friend. When I told him I would show this photo on this show, he said, ‘It’s okay with me but I worry about you, noona.'”

Kang Yebin also left Kim Jaejoong an impromptu video letter that said, “I heard you’re filming something today. It’s cold but do well. Thanks.”

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  1. Lilian says:

    ooh…hope she doesn’t get too much hatemail!

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