TVXQ expresses their thoughts about their comeback and JYJ

Worldwide Daily News and National Daily News recently met with the TVXQ members, Yunho (25) and Changmin (23), on January 11th at the SM Entertainment-managed ‘EverySing Karaoke’ event in Seoul. The duo shared their thoughts on their long-awaited comeback, their musical concept, and the strained relationship they hold with JYJ.

To begin, Changmin said: “The concept of standing up on stage for our comeback after such a long time was more nerve-wrecking than the fact that our group was reduced from five to two members. Once we stood up on stage, I realized I was a singer; it was really a tear-jerking moment.”

Yunho expressed, “I’m thankful to all the fans who waited for us. My condition wasn’t up to par for our broadcasts last week, but seeing our fans passionately supporting us gave me overflowing strength.”

He continued, “Musically, we kept with the same colors of TVXQ. We exploited of all our strong points to the best of our ability by assigning Changmin to the higher notes while I took the bass, all the while putting great focus on our performance. We were worried that our polar opposite voices might not match, but we ended up with a good result and a new color.”

Changmin stated, “We made some changes along with the member adjustments. If we put emphasis on a lot of us singing the chorus in harmony before, then this time, we’ve changed so that our music can keep both keep of our vocals alive; we’ve also changed our methods in expressing our emotions for the song.”

When asked about their reason behind performing a ballad song, “How Can I”, for their first comeback stage, Yunho answered, “We sang it because we thought it would have a mass public appeal. We wanted to approach the fans with a variety of genres by throwing out our ‘TVXQ: the dance group’ image.”

With regards to the new album concept, “It’s music with a middle-ground between our personalities and our harmonization. We tried our best in filling up the space of the withdrawn members, and we focused on masculine and dynamic choreography.”

“TVXQ is a team that was created by SM. Whatever their motive was for withdrawing from the group, we waited for them solve their problems with the company and come back to us.”

Changmin expressed, “We thought we needed to protect TVXQ’s name. When a swarm of geese prepare to migrate, they never forget to make the correct formation. I don’t think it’s right when a few of the geese who chose to broke away still considered themselves as part of the flock.”

With JYJ being unable to make appearances on TV shows and broadcasts, there have recently been an influx of speculations regarding the situation between TVXQ and JYJ. TVXQ expressed, “It’s not like our hearts are comfortable about this either. We are suffering difficulties, we just feel it’s more appropriate if we don’t say it.”

When asked whether the meanings of ‘betrayal’ and ‘regret’ in their “Keep Your Head Down” track was aimed towards the absent members, Yunho replied, “When you listen to the song, it is possible to think the song is talking about them, considering the similar situations. However each person’s interpretation of the song is different, and it’s only about a man who is sending away his previous love.”

Yunho also added, “In my darkest moments, I thought about TVXQ being forgotten. It’s true that we’re becoming more distant with those friends. We needed to solve this inner grudge but we hadn’t been in contact for such a long time, and as a leader of a group for 8 years, it hurt a lot.”

“When I was depressed, I rode the subway and wandered the streets by myself, and I learned a lot from it. I even went mountain climbing, and just like how I had to go through a difficult path to get to the top of the mountain, I also believe that this was an important time for TVXQ in order to get back on the right track.”

He continued, “We will definitely show why we’re TVXQ through our music. We will do our best in not being a disappointment to anyone.”

Changmin added, “We’re also aware of those who look at TVXQ in a negative light. Going on stage and using our fans’ support to wipe out those criticisms is our responsibility. We’ve come back prepared to take on that responsibility.”

Source: Worldwide Daily News, National Daily News
Credit: Allkpop

If this article is legitimate and has the correct translations and if Changmin and Yunho really said these things about the other three members, then I’m really disappointed and sad because I was able to confirm that indeed, the two of them have a grudge against JaeJoong, Yoochun and Junsu. I can’t blame them for having such feelings toward the other three but I just didn’t expect it to be this serious. I know they didn’t really say any hurtful things to the three explicitly but IN MY OPINION, just by reading their answers, I can almost feel the anger in their words. All along, I thought the two of them understood the reason why the three members left and that they accepted it because they respect the decisions of their close friends, but it looks like I was wrong.

It’s so saddening that their 8 years of friendship has to come to this point. I love the boys so much but for the first time since all of this started, I’m seriously feeling like I’m slowly losing hope. Everything that’s happened recently – the division within Cassiopeia, the controversy surrounding HoMin’s comeback, the bashing of JYJ by other SME artists and now the words of HoMin – is making my faith crumble.

I haven’t said anything yet since all the controversies about Cassiopeia and HoMin’s comeback came out. For the first time, I’m going to say what I’ve been keeping to myself for the past few days just to avoid saying something that I might regret in the future. But I guess I have to let it out now because I’m already getting tired and frustrated trying to keep it to myself in an attempt to avoid hurting other people especially our precious boys and my fellow fans.

I’m glad that Yunho and Changmin finally came back to the limelight, but I must admit that I wasn’t too happy about it. I cannot bring myself to jump for joy for their comeback because I still cannot accept the idea of them coming back using the name TVXQ, which for me was and will always be reserved only for the five members doing activities together. Add to that, I am one of those fans who just don’t believe the explanation that the lyrics of KYHD is just about betrayal between lovers and not directed to JYJ. Truthfully speaking, I only watched the videos of their comeback on Music Bank once and I never watched their other performances in other music shows like Music Core and Inkigayo. I don’t have the heart to watch it and I somehow feel like a bad fan because of it, but what can I do? I just feel like I’m intentionally hurting myself if I do that because I know that I still cannot bear to watch Yunho and Changmin singing that song that seems to be an attack to the brothers that they’ve been with for 8 years. I just can’t.

The bashing of SME’s artists against Junsu on social networking sites also added to the distance I’m slowly feeling towards Yunho and Changmin. I know it’s not their fault but the mere fact that they didn’t say anything to make the other artists stop is just disappointing. I know they have hard feelings toward JYJ because of everything that has happened. That’s inevitable and I understand that. But I somehow wished they could have defended or protected Junsu from the bashing and hurtful comments of those idols – if not out of love, at least for the sake of their 8 years of being together. I didn’t expect them to defend Junsu by coming out and saying hurtful things to those idols in return but at least I wish they could have asked them to stop ganging up on him and for those idols to not involve themselves in TVXQ’s situation.

And of course, the division within Cassiopeia. To me, this is as hard as the separation of the TVXQ members. I have always been proud of Cassiopeia and to see the situation of this fandom now is really very painful. It’s heartbreaking to know that the amazing fanclub that all other fanclubs are looking up to is slowly breaking. But I cannot really blame KCassies, for deciding to choose sides. Like me and the other fans all over the world, they did everything in their power to protect and preserve the name TVXQ until the day that they will finally use it and comeback as five again. But by SME announcing that TVXQ will only be composed of 2 members from now on and even releasing a song whose lyrics are seemingly directed to the other three members as their comeback song, KCassies were really hit hard. I think the announcement of SME regarding the opening of registration for the new members of Cassiopeia and implying that it’s the fanclub of the “new” TVXQ was also the last straw for KCassies. It was like that announcement was implying that all those supporting the three members and those who are supporting all five members can no longer be considered as part of Cassiopeia. It’s like robbing the KCassies of the identity that they’ve had for so long. That really hurt them a lot and that led them to their decision to choose between JYJ and HoMin.

I am not in favor of choosing sides but I do understand and respect the decision of KCassies. It’s hard to support a project or the people who are affiliated with someone who has hurt you big time. I’m sure the KCassies who chose to support JYJ from now on still love and care for Yunho and Changmin but it’s just plain hard to physically support them  (in terms of album sales) because doing that would benefit SME. It’s the same case for me. I love Yunho and Changmin but right now, I’m indifferent with regards to their activities. I’m so fed up with SME and knowing that the two are still under that company and are even choosing to side with it instead of the three members, I just can’t bring myself to be as supportive to them as I am with JYJ’s activities.

I am slowly losing all the hope and faith I have but I’m trying my best to hold on even to the thinnest strand that’s left in me. I’m getting tired of waiting but I’m trying to be more patient by thinking that TVXQ is worth the long wait. I just wish this would end soon because I don’t know up to when can I hold on to my promise to keep the faith.

There you go. I’ve let out everything I’ve been keeping for the past few days. I know some of you (the readers) won’t like my opinions and I probably will receive another hate mail again but well, I just need to release this out of my chest and my mind. I just hope people would respect my opinions and not use it as a ground for argument because after all, these are my PERSONAL THOUGHTS and I’m not convincing you to agree with me. I just hate it when some readers leave comments (or send me emails) telling me how wrong my opinions are and badmouth me for voicing out my thoughts in my OWN blog. All I’m asking is for those people to show some respect.

P.S. It’s my first time after so many months to write something like this again. I really miss these personal moments where I can share my thoughts to my readers. I’ve been busy the past few months with work so I only post the news and I don’t often leave my personal comments anymore. I’m glad that I’ve done it again today. :)

  1. meriken says:

    I understand what you feel perfectly because I feel the same. In fact, I was very very angry. Angry towards JYJ, angry towards HoMin, angry towards SM, angry towards Cassies, and angry towards myself for holding on even though it hurts. The tweeter issue was the last nail to the chest and I was so pissed off that I cursed off eveything in this fandom. But I’m getting much better. I figure I can’t do much about the situation right now, so it’s better to just let everything come and distance myself from the bad news a little bit. I understand what Changmin had said. The anger and the grudge– I knew that they were keeping it. I was expecting it, so maybe I’m not as disappointed as you are right now. I’ve accepted it that this whole thing won’t be resolved anytime soon.

    I’m a bit indifferent about HoMin’s comeback, too, but I was indifferent about JYJ’s comeback the first time, too. But I’m more receptive towards JYJ now, and more open to HoMin. So I’m getting better. It would take a long time before I could truly accept, but I’m getting better.

    I don’t know how to make you feel better other than sharing my feelings, and I really want to make you feel better. I hope I won’t make you feel worse, but maybe it’s time to accept that DBSK won’t be getting back together for a long time… if ever. Maybe all we can do is support both JYJ and Homin, choose a side, or leave the fandom altogether. I chose the first option. Hopefully most Cassies do, too.

  2. younadesu says:

    i am glad u said ur opinion.i agree with breaks my heart that i had to choose.jyj needs more support because their

  3. yukie-chan says:

    after read yours..yeah.same goes to me..i just know about tvxq 5months ago[sept2010]~ though..
    its hurt me alot n shock me to death with changmin’s word..
    “We thought we needed to protect TVXQ’s name. When a swarm of geese prepare to migrate, they never forget to make the correct formation. I don’t think it’s right when a few of the geese who chose to broke away still considered themselves as part of the flock.”

    “It’s so saddening that their 8 years of friendship has to come to this point. I love the boys so much but for the first time since all of this started, I’m seriously feeling like I’m slowly losing hope. Everything that’s happened recently – the division within Cassiopeia, the controversy surrounding HoMin’s comeback, the bashing of JYJ by other SME artists and now the words of HoMin – is making my faith crumble.”~yours

    to be honest..i’m just listen to the song only..not their MV yet..dunno Y..i hav no heart yet to rewatch their MV[why KYHD] n the rest..

    may everything back to normal..n dats was a fake article[regarding to changmin’s word]
    now i’m listenig to Mamoritai kara (Because I want to protect you) by Ito Yuna..
    btw..thx for sharing..ok?
    i’ll try hard to always keep the faith..fighting~!

  4. lovetohateme says:

    @ meriken: I’m actually not disappointed about HoMin’s anger and grudge toward JYJ. I also expected them to feel that way the moment the statements from the two of them and their dads came out more than a year ago. My disappointment stems from their statement that they did not know the reason/motive of the three in leaving SM and the group because I’m definitely sure they know why the three left but maybe they just refuse to accept it. Maybe for them, it isn’t a valid and good enough reason to suddenly breakaway from SM and TVXQ.

    Regarding HoMin, I guess it will require quite some time for me to FULLY support them again. Some people think that the issue of the two using the name TVXQ is not a big deal but for someone like me who treasures the name TVXQ, it’s a big thing. It matters so much because the names TVXQ and Cassiopeia along with their songs are the only things that remind me of how great and amazing the five-member group TVXQ is. It would have been easier for me to support and accept them wholeheartedly if they opted to use another name and choose another title song.

    I’ve also realized a long time ago that it will take a long time (or probably never) before TVXQ will be reunited. I’ve already accepted that possibility that’s why I was able to move on and immediately accept JYJ when the three decided to form a group. But I guess even if there’s already (partial) acceptance on my part and I’m already trying to move on, the Cassie in me will always hope for the day to come when I’ll see the five of them again.

  5. yukie-chan says:

    i missed the word “…..HOPE IT WAS A FAKE ARTICLE…”

    may everything back to normal..n dats was a fake article[regarding to changmin’s word]

  6. ^^ says:

    It’s good to hear your views and thoughts on the whole split. I think I agree with what you were saying.

    To be honest, at first, I put most of my attention on JYJ since they came back earlier and HoMin hadn’t really been very active at the time. Now they are, I appreciate the music but am one of the fans who still can’t really get their head around the fact they’re still using DBSK/TVXQ.

    Since all the stuff about SM artists and HoMin’s lyrics came about, I think I’ve started to stick by JYJ more now than before. They seem to be really speaking their mind nowadays and seem to be maturing as artists and people. I think the split made the three much stronger with their feelings and friendship, while HoMin don’t seem to be portraying… any true emotion in my opinion. Even watching the performances / MV of KYHD, I felt kinda… awkward and as though there was so much missing. This feeling wasn’t there with JYJ since I tried to see them as a new band with a different name – the use of DBSK just reminds me of back when they were five…

    Maybe after all the heated debate has died down, I’ll be able to understand HoMin and be empathetic towards them, but right now I think for most of the fans (myself included) it’s just got to sink in that we might not really see them the same as before again. =/

    Hopefully, many fans will stand by both JYJ and HoMin. ^_^ I think soon I’ll be able to see them both as two really great groups who have put this whole thing behind them, while DBSK will always be a part of them that fans will keep supporting in any of their activities.

  7. Annie -Singapore says:

    Agreed. You are just voicing out what I feel. Sad to see such situation. Though I tried not to side either one of them. But base in current situation, JYJ seems to need us more. I pity them that they are not receiving much support by the media. They couldn’t even perform in the TV like the other two did. It’s sad to see JaeJoong’s eye when he performed in KBS award. He seems to cry before they performed. After such a long wait and their only chance of performing on stage, I understand how they felt.
    I still hope to see more of JYJ’s performance in stage. They should be given equal chances like Homin have. BUT, SME is a big organization and may have indirectly reaping JYJ’s chance of performing in TV. This is a sad fact that JYJ may have to face. May good luck be with them all the time.

  8. cancertwin1 says:

    I’m still waiting to see if this is fake or not. SYC hasn’t put it up.

    As blunt as Changmin can be, he is never so tactless in his words.

    The way Yunho explained his Thank You made more sense than this esp. if you’re sharing the same fans.

    These two are really smart and know how it works in kpop. If they lose the support of their die hard fans…then they don’t have a future, musically anyways.

    Case in point, the two members that stayed with SM from HOT.

    Kangta had to leave Korea and go to Taiwan to continue his career and the other guy (who was the leader)…who is he? We don’t know because he’s not around anymore.

    They are two of the most dislikes guys in kpop; even in 2008 no one stood up and bowed to the leader guy when he accepted HOT’s achievement award at the MKMF awards. Only DBSK and Shinee showed him any respect.

    That’s not what I want for HoMin because they are really talented guys.

    I just hope CM thought well about what to say before he said it.

    There’s loyalty to SM but there’s also loyalty to guys you have called brother before anyone knew the name TVXQ…it goes both ways.

    And the “he’s still young” thing that ppl are using to justify his words doesn’t apply to CM because he’s more mature than his hyungs at times. I just hope this isn’t real because they along with SM are forcing us to choose sides.

    They’re already on the wrong side in Cassies’ minds.

    Until I can’t take it anymore, I will continue to support all 5…but I will not support SM or their robots.

  9. lu says:

    i think the same, so dont worry about everyone who write thus things to you, is your opinions!!! and most of us fell the same way.
    i feel the same, i cant see homin like i used to, and in these day i support JYJ more because i cant believe whats going on with this matter. its hurts a little!!! i still support both but i fell like is not the same

  10. meriken says:

    @lovetohateme: Trying to understand HoMin is hard, which is no wonder since they’ve kept mostly tight-lipped about the whole situation while JYJ kept everything open. Maybe that’s why most of us sympathize with JYJ more.The hardest part, I think, is because both side thinks they’re right and the other side is wrong.

    I agree with you with SM keeping TVXQ’s name. It’s like a slap in the face (really. ouch), which is another reason why JYJ gets fans’ sympathies more.

    I can’t stop hoping, too, even though I’ve accepted that there’s very little chance of the five of them reuniting (what can I say? I’m a pessimist by heart). There’s still that little chance. Maybe in the next five years or so. Even just a farewell concert where we can all find closure and not this gaping wound that keeps being rubbed on with salt. And then we can go on supporting them separately.

  11. Fan says:

    If this is what they have been thinking until now………..
    It is really hard to believe, isn’t it?

  12. Hol.R.S says:

    I completely, 100% agree with you on all of what you have wrote.

    I find it very refreshing to finally read from someone who is feeling the same as me regarding this whole situation, because I have not really seen anyone else express these opinions and I was actually very annoyed and confused by that!

    Because I am a fan from England, I feel as though I can’t really show my support well enough to JYJ and it is very frustrating for me. So when I see what seems to be a lot of the fans not supporting them it makes me angry!

    I am not taking sides in this either, I am a fan of all 5 of (the ORIGINAL) TVXQ, I am just glad that you decided to finally express your opinions on this, frankly, terrible situation! :)

  13. Stephanie says:

    Clarissa ~ I also sympathise with what you are saying.
    These days..I find myself listening to JYJ’s songs as opposed to TVXQ’s as they make me think about this situation.. and whilst I love being surrounded by the voices of all five, it’s a bittersweet feeling now.

    A friend recently asked me “So, whose side are you on?” and I was confronted with the possibility that I was slowly taking sides as well. The thing that stops me from completely siding with JYJ is that I have always had, since the very first time I heard the boys, an unexplainable love for Changmin. Since then, whenever I have seen him interviewed, in mini dramas, in programs like Bonjour Paris..I have realised afresh each time that his personality is not so attractive (to me)..but when he performs, his voice – be it the mind blowing power or tones that make me feel like I’m swallowing honey…I just can’t help but to love him.

    Nevertheless, I agree – it’s very difficult for me to support HoMin because of SM and how they have hurt JYJ. To see the three members so upset and heartbroken, it makes me cry and hurts us as Cassies too. I don’t so much care about HoMin news either. And KYHD makes me feel a little funny – confused about the meaning behind the violent expressions on their faces. Nothing seems geniune when it comes from the mouths of our boys under SM – almost like they are nothing but robots reading a script. It’s now even difficult for me to watch some of their interviews and appearances during their times with SM because I keep thinking ‘were they really happy?’, ‘were they under stress at that time?’…

    But I will try my best not to take sides. Even if I really do prefer JYJ’s music – I feel like Changmin is so fragile beneath his new, ‘strong’ exterior and I can’t ever let him go.

    And in saying that, I will always keep the faith – because I know that Changmin and Yunho aren’t so stony hearted that they could throw away the love that they had for JYJ just like that. Love is such a strong emotion – and to experience such a connection for so long – even if they are angry now – I have faith that in their hearts they still love JYJ.

  14. mY says:

    Yunho……. Changmin………. They are only upset because they care, aren’t they?

  15. nunu says:

    i’m sorry that i have to say i, somehow, disagree..
    i know your feeling, i also really sad with this situation.
    i also disappointed with what Changmin said..
    (never think that he will be able to say such harsh words)
    but i was very upset when JYJ make their debut, and a world wide album was quite huge, it was like they abandoned HoMin and i was really sad till i refuse to watch their performance,,
    no mater i asure myself, i cannot avoid the anger to them rise in my heart..
    i have to admit that since the first time i saw TVXQ, my favorite member was always be Changmin (until now), so maybe i’m not seeing this problem clearly, a little bias..
    but, i missed him so much that i was really happy when he came back to the stage.
    it’s weird to see just 2 of them, but their performances were so great i almost cry..
    JYJ need love, but HoMin also need it! i can’t imagine how they feel, as a singer, when they couldn’t sing on stage for a whole year..
    anyway, i love five of them,,
    i’ll wait till they be together as five again
    for me, they still my “GODS FROM THE EAST”

    i’m sorry if there’s anybody feel hurt reading my comment.
    it’s just what i feel
    i’m sorry..

  16. beth says:

    Thanks for sharing, I felt the same sentiment as you.

  17. ralalala^^ says:

    Is it okay for me to feel like I want to cry?

    Knowing TVXQ through my cousin around 7 months ago I didn’t think I’d get obsessed over something so easily. I always thought I was an indefferent person that wouldn’t care about boybands or such, but that’s what surprised me. And after learning about the controversy about SM and everything I got even more attached.

    I really admired all of them for their individuality and that they were really amazing people and amazing singers too, so when I read this, it really did want to make me cry because the once compassionate Yunho and Changmin saying indirect comments about how they feel about the situtaion dissappointed me greatly. I really thought they would understand because they were going through it all together, and the majority of them left so shouldn’t that show that they were mostly on a similar page?

    I really thought they were lsuch close friends, so much like brothers, so it makes me so sad that they don’t feel the same way. Though staying under the name TVXQ is a big one. Having TVXQ is the same as others have said it before.
    ‘We are only TVXQ when the five of us are together’
    And when they say that they do not want to tarnish the name of TVXQ, it also wants to make me cringe, though what else are you meant to say to the public? But saying they do not exactly want their former members back is just blackening for me…

    Listening to some of their new songs they don’t give off the same appeal as they use to when they had 5 members, the sound isn’t as full I guess, but that is only to be expected. The song themselves though don’t make me want to squel in delight as they usually do, yet when I listen to their old songs and JYJ’s they are makes me feel happy when listen to Kpop/Jpop and even from he album the Beginning. HoMin not wating the image of TVXQ to change has, or so as they also say given a new taste.

    DEEP BREATH . . .

    Is that it?

    Ohhh… and don’t forget about SME That’s a big on too. Though if they hadn’t been pushing them so far as to give them IV shots and that the contract was acceptable to be with all of this could be avoided. Though if the contraxt was only 7-8 years they would have dispersed about now and would have continued on different paths, so I am greatful that they are still somewhat together or is that selfish? Though I do know I just want to hear them sing without any more heart wrenching messages towards each other.

    Yeah I definitely feel like crying with that twinge in my chest.

  18. my-jae says:

    I try to post this at cassiopeia-family fansite but mod of this site don’t allow me, so I post here. Yesterday, so many of my friends asked me if the news I said was true. So sad but I must say that it’s true. Uhm, I’m the new member, and you may not believe me. That’s ok. I register here just to tell you something I know, and this site is the only one source of this, because I take the news from my uncle.
    I just met my uncle and asked him about TVXQ, because I- like u – want to know about that new member?!. Here is our dialouge:

    A(me): Is all you wrote true?
    B(my uncle): Ja, I never lie.
    A: That SM’s decision is so crazy!!
    B: Why do u think it’s crazy?
    A: That’s not fair with JYJ. The new TVXQ and the new member will be hated. I’m sure!!
    B: Mousi, calm down. You can believe in SMEnt. Look, who SME has trained. SME always show that they never be false when using a person.
    A: But fans will hate the new member, and also the new TVXQ. He can never be a part of TVXQ.
    B: He has good voice, and good appearance too. He dance well, I guess so.
    A: Fans don’t need him. He can’t replace Hero,or replace JYJ.
    B: Life can change, and people’s hearts can change. U don’t know that?
    A: JYJ want to comeback, and what will they think if there is a new member in TVXQ?
    B: Don’t be so innocent like that. You see, JYJ left SME after TVXQ’s performance at Tokyo Dome. They really could have left earlier, but they hadn’t. I think they wanted to make Tokyo Dome as the most beautiful memory of TVXQ. They had prepared for a long trip and maybe they have no thinking of coming back.
    A: So what did you tell that HR expert? Did you tell him that adding member is good? OMG! When will it happen?
    B: I think everything has its 2-side. Adding member can give the new face to TVXQ, but it can also put an end to all of fans hopes about TVXQ5 comeback. That’s bad. No fans, no idols. I think SME know that, but they have their own plan. So finally what I said to that person is: “Adding member is good, but the better way is to bring JYJ back, with the sincere attitude.”
    A: And what did that HR expert tell you?
    B: U don’t need to know, and you shoudn’t know.

  19. Yunho's Wife says:

    ^ stop spreading unconfirmed drama and shit.

  20. Morgan says:

    It’s like you went in my head and wrote down everything I’ve been thinking about concerning TVXQ and JYJ.
    Even writing down that they are two separate groups is a hard thing to accept. I wish this bitter grudge would be handled in the easiest manner so that these guys don’t end up losing life-long friends.

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