The Gap That Deepens: JYJ and TVXQ

Trouble between JYJ and Dong Bang Shin Gi has started to heighten. With Dong Bang Shin Gi’s comeback, the weight that JYJ has been carrying up until now has increased.

Dong Bang Shin Gi released their new album “Why” on the 5th of January. On the 7th of January they performed their comeback stage of KSB Music Bank.

The message Yunho wrote on his “Thanks to” for the album “To President Lee Soo Man for always believing in us and who has been like a father figure, and to Changmin from now on let’s show our matured selves together. Now! It’s Dong Bang Shin Gi’s Act Two! It begins now!”

Changmin further stated “We suffered a lot but thank you to Lee Soo Man who kept on motivating us! I appreciate it from my heart.” at their comeback stage.

After this “Thanks to” message was released to the public, JYJ’s Junsu posted on his own Twitter page “Until now, I believed it was the enemy of all five of us but now it seems that that’s not true. I guess the time that we were not together a lot of things have happened. But does it have to be that way just because we are apart? The five of us, we all thought the same way.” This sad message was unburdened against his former members.

Until now, the members of JYJ have avoided direct criticism in regards to SM. They also revealed that they wished their best for the album in regard to Yunho and Changmin.

But last month during JYJ’s concert, they introduced their song “Pierrot” which included lyrics such as “That time that was like a prison, I don’t want it anymore. Bye bye forever”, reflecting the depression that they were touched by during their SM period.

Also, Yoochun’s self composed song which was introduced for the Music Essay, “A confinement that is for our sake, there is no such thing. Suffocating isolation, tears, fights, this is what made us one and no matter what happened we couldn’t escape. You first turned your back on the me that had changed” is included in the lyrics to this song. Trouble is started to directly take shape.

Also, Dong Bang Shin Gi’s main song in their new album “Why”, seems to leave the impression of their relationship with the members of JYJ being questioned.

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  1. petronella jasman says:

    Why yunho say thank to sm because he not suffered like jyj member,he can do anything in broadcast but for jyj cannot do. (Not affair )so junsu not wrong if he wrote like that.

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