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I like Changmin’s hair! He looks good on it! And it looks like “Why (Keep your head down)” is another SMP song with powerful dance choreography. But seriously, the voice saying “keep your head down” in the video is quite scary! LOL.

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101229 JYJ will have Guerrilla date with fans in Myeong-dong, Broadcasted by KBS TV

Group JYJ (Jaejoong, Junsu, Yoochun) is planned to surprise fans in Myeong-dong by holding a Guerrilla date.

JYJ representative confirmed on the 29th, “On the 30th afternoon, JYJ will have a Guerrilla street date with fans in Myeong-dong. The event is going to be aired by KBS 2TV ‘Live Nationwide News’ afternoon broadcast.” he also added, “On the day, the 25-years young men JYJ are also expected to share an honest talk regarding their whereabouts and convey plan for future activities. Through this free public meeting, fans are able to have time communicate with them more closely. Each members will be given time to prepare their special year-end gift as well.”

On the 31st after JYJ greeted audiences through ‘Live Nationwide News’, few hours later after the opening of ’2010 KBS Acting Awards’ the members are advancing to stand on stage for an expected brilliant performance.

JYJ will also make appearance at ‘KBS Live News Time’ on December 30th in the morning and in January next year they’ll get the second SBS broadcast at ‘Good Morning’ to have talk show with fans.

With the news of subsequent national broadcasts for JYJ despite their activities being disrupted by the problem with their former agency SM Entertainment, it seems the group has now run to a better condition thus put their fans in delight.

Meanwhile, the members have planned a fan service by releasing a Korean album that consists their own self composed songs. This album includes songs the members performed in their previous concert and even more new songs.

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101229 MASTER POST – JYJ Twitter Update

This post will be updated throughout the day with tweets by Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu ^^
A time will be added with each tweet as our translators will not always be able to provide instant translations
This post includes tweets from 6am KST, December 29th to 5:59am KST, December 30th.

We have a new member in our family^^ He’s a Bengal and his name is Pard!! He’s 4 months old but.. he’s so energetic and lively…lol Tigger is the alpha cat in this house… but I think this kid will knock Tigger down when he grows up…haha (11:14am KST)

Lol Kim Junho is WTFing with me right now XD
Oh, by the way, the Bengal’s special characteristic is its leopard spots..^^ I put him next to Tigger and they kind of go well together and look awesome~ And his breed was..the most..ex..pensive…lol (11:15am KST)
@0101xiahtic You brought another one home????……………………….Why don’t you just buy like 100 cats and get a house for them~ㅜㅜ(11:16am KST)
@iamzunoya heehee ~Cats are just what I need to overcome this loneliness!! My companions^^ (11:22am KST)

Oh Kim Junsu, you have a way with names like no other…
@0101xiahtic This time, it’s Pard from leopard? haha Who takes care of this big family~ Good morning to you! :) (11:19am KST)
@Ohhayo_JeJe Oh, oh. Bingo^^ (11:24am KST)

Oh…my…god pfffft What are they going to do, start mewing to HUG?
And now there are five!! I’m going to form a group.. Kitty Shinki.. (11:28am KST)

Junsu ranks his cats!
Ah, I’m going to say this now because talk about ranking came up.. Tigger is 1st, Leon is 2nd, Leo is 3rd, Bakira is 4th …And then there’s super rookie Pard keke (11:32am KST)

Junsu knows his kitty cats well~ (Of course he does, he’s the Crazy Cat Lady)
Even yesterday, our Manager Yoo had to stop Tigger from trying to show Pard who’s boss around the house.. I heard that Tigger’s sulking now.. lol But Bakira, who has already become the lowest ranked cat despite his size, runs away.. 3rd place Leo just stares on blankly.. and 2nd place Leon is always on guard against Pard (11:39am KST)

And he keeps going…
So I think Tigger..treats Leon better than the rest… Like when Leon chases Pard away for a while and comes back, Tigger licks Leon keke (11:40am KST)

I’ve opened up registrations for Kittyopeia.. ^^;; (11:43am KST)

omg O__O Well… I guess Jaejoong would be happy about this lol
@0101xiahtic If you’re going by loneliness….I would need to bring home 5 elephants, not 5 cats…^^kekekeke (11:38am KST)
@iamzunoya kekekeke (11:51am KST)

Nawww brotherly love<3
Being a singer, I have such a happy job.. I’m realizing that more and more each day. When I stand and sing in front of a large crowd and spend time with my fans… I am not lonely^^ (11:48am KST)
@iamzunoya Don’t feel lonely hyung..You have me~ (12:00pm KST)

Kim Junsu, a.k.a. Kim Junho’s adoring #1 stan
I suddenly remembered what I said in a phone conversation during Come To Play a long time ago.. Truth. And lies ^^ (12:15pm KST)
@iamzunoya Eek~!!!!! It seems like you’re doing so well these day^^ My hyung is so cool~ (12:34pm KST)

(Su Young)
Today. I received Jaejoong’s photobook as a gift…. Whenever JiJi-sama. was being loud… Jaejoong would stick his toe at him….. Now…he does the same thing…to his dad, he’s so cute… JiJi-sama (3:25pm KST)
@Shie486 Noona, I haven’t even seen that photobook yet.. (4:23pm KST)

Somebody stop him, he’s ruining the Kitty version of my ot5 ;A; but oooooh kitty
I just adopted another one!! ^^ He’s a White Angola..!!! hahaha (10:43pm KST)

(Junsu) By the way~ He’s an odd-eyed cat (T/N: Cat with different colored eyes)!^^ (10:44pm KST)

Topics that Junsu talks about 1) Cats 2) Junho 3) Cats 4) Cats….
Pard is settling in well~^^ KST)

Oh no, the crazy cat lady’s off and running again O__O
For the first time in a while.. Our Leo, who is really sweet^^ (10:54pm KST)

(Junsu) And finally.. Our alpha cat, Tigger the Best!! (10:54pm KST)
(T/N: Junsu wrote “Tigger the Best” like how Changmin’s name is written Choikang Tigger. Bawwwww ;A;)

Send him a name suggestion!
The Angola that came home today~ I’m receiving suggestions for his name^^ (11:04pm KST)

(Junsu) My White Angola!! Isn’t he pretty?^^ What should I name him.. (11:07pm KST)

OMG NO WAY I SUGGESTED THAT (<-Very hyper Korean translator jumping around rn)
His name.. is Odd!!!^^ (11:19pm KST)

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