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JYJ’s official website crashes 30 minutes after teasers were released

JYJ has proven that they are still the hottest thing in Korea. This morning, the trio released the teasers to six of their songs, which resulted in a server crash thirty minutes after it was revealed. The staff were finally able to put the server back online at dawn.

According to a C-Jes representative, they “tried to prepare for the number of visit and had a backup server, but even that wasn’t enough.” In addition, he adds, “We thank you for the attention and we’ll hurry the music essay release as fast as we can.”

Meanwhile, JYJ will have their first broadcast performance at KBS’s 2010 Drama Awards on December 31st.

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101229 JYJ Park Yoochun, The Rise of Mr. Hyde Bizarre Face Expression… “He’s lovely no matter what”

JYJ Youngwoong Jaejoong, Kim Junsu, and Park Yoochun transformed to Mr. Hyde.

Recently through an on-line community the picture of JYJ members having bizarre facial expression was released and has been a hot topic.

The picture captured the three members having various bizarre expressions thus attracted a lot of attention. Netizens especially noticed Park Yoochun who exactly had similar expression that reminiscent to Mr. Hyde (from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde). While Kim Junsu’s sulking face and clown-face like of Kim Jaejoong also arouse laughter to all netizens for their amazing expressions.

Netizens who saw the pictures left various reactions such as “This is unbelievable. I almost couldn’t recognize Park Yoochun.” “Once I saw it, I said ‘who is this?’” “They’re still adorable” “Things like this make people have no choice but to love them.”

Meanwhile on the coming 30th, JYJ will appear at ‘KBS News Time Live’ to tell stories about their US activities, preparation for New Year’s gigs, and are planned to send out messages to all fans.

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101229 TVXQ’s Comeback Teaser CF to be Unveiled Today

In order to announce the return of TVXQ, two teaser TV CM will be released today (December 29th).

The teaser ad attempts to catch audiences’ attention through 3 airing days on December 29th to 31st. KBS, MBC, SBS, the three biggest broadcast stations are in charge to organize the CF broadcast in the middle of acting awards and music festival programs, the CF is expected to garner high attention from public. A broadcaster official commented, “It’s really unusual to air a promotional album by the end of prime time.” and “This promotion is expected to bring significant influence (to the album’s sales)”

The promotional CF will be divided into two versions. Both will capture the vibrancies and dynamic performance that is sported by TVXQ’s new image. In addition, on January 1st next year at 00:00, TVXQ official website ( and SM official YouTube channel ( will release special performance video as well.

Meanwhile, TVXQ’s new album ‘why (Keep Your Head Down)’ special edition and a studio recording album will be released on January 5th and 12th respectively.

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Eric – Yunho drama “Poseidon” will air in May of next year on SBS

Singer and actor Eric’s released from military service and TVXQ member Yunho participation in the new drama “Poseidon” which is schedule to air the first half of next year have attracted a lot of attention.

An official from “Poseidon” production in the afternoon on December 28 on a phone interview stated, “A letter from SBS Network sent to production of drama “Poseidon” that will be scheduled to be airing in May of next year”. However, due to variable combined circumstances is not yet confirmed.

Currently airing on SBS are “Athena” which will be subsequent by drama “Midas”, therefore the drama “Poseidon ” is expected to be aired sometime in May of next year.

“Poseidon” is the first Coast Guard Marine drama. In this drama the hard work, the good spirit and sacrificed made by these commandos, Eric, Kim Kang Woo, Kim Wook Bin, Yunho, Kim Ga Yeong, Jeon Hye Bin, Kim Kab Su, So Hyeon Ju are also part of the cast.
will be shown.

In addition, “Poseidon” production will consist of, “All In”, “Heat”, “Swallow the Sun” director Yu Cheol Yong, Direcctor from “Sad Love Story” and ” The way of Live” Producer Oh Sang Won. Director of co-production and “Iris” writer Jo Kyu Weon.

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Although it is unplanned, TVXQ and BIGBANG will encounter each other early next year. Yunho and Changmin of DBSK will produce a new album on 5th January.

TOP and G-Dragon of BIGBANG have also formed a Duet earlier. Debuted in 2004 and 2006 respectively, both DBSK and BIGBANG have risen to top positions in the showbiz but they have never competed with each other until now. That’s why such a 2 to 2 encounter sparks interest among people.

(omitted info on GD&TOP and DBSK)

The Duets comeback of DBSK in early next year after resting a long time will definitely arouse rivalry between the two groups. The Korean showbiz said the encounter of these two groups as ‘ the huge effects brought by the comeback of these two groups will definitely worth paying attention in 2011′ . They said they will not only exert influence on Korean music industry but also that of the whole Asia market.

Let’s see what the results will be with both groups whose colors are different yet distinct and whose fan bases are both large.

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JYJ to greet the new year on KBS’s “Live News Time”

JYJ will be appearing on KBS’s “Live News Time” on December 30th.

Prain representatives spoke with Star News and revealed on the 28th, “The trio of JYJ will be appearing on KBS’s news program for the 30th at 8 AM in order to talk about their U.S. activities and show their determination for the new year.”

Continued news of the trio’s broadcast appearances have been delighting fans, especially with their upcoming Korean album release, which contains songs written entirely by them.

A world tour is currently in discussion for their international promotions.

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101228 MASTER POST – JYJ Twitter Update

This post will be updated throughout the day with tweets by Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu ^^
A time will be added with each tweet as our translators will not always be able to provide instant translations
This post includes tweets from 6am KST, December 28th to 5:59am KST, December 29th.

Jaejoong takes snowing to a whole new level of deep
I wish it would keep snowing till the whole world was covered in snow.. Then would come a time to forgive everything with a clear purity. I wish it would go on for a long time. So I could just do nothing but stare at the world. (5:56am KST)

Crazy child getting up at 6am in the morning
Ah~!! That was a good night’s sleep!!^^ (6:25am KST)

He takes his morning cup of coffee~
A cup of coffee~ is great! (6:46am KST)

Sweetie, it’s been an hour since you woke up jsyk But I’m proud that you’re working hard <3
As soon as I wake up!! I work… (7:19am KST)

Wait… where have you been? O__O
I finally got back home. Time to read^^ (6:40pm KST)

Jaejoong wishes Narsha a Happy birthday ^^
@flyx2NAL Happy birthday noona~^^ (1:13am KST)

Lol Getting a few pointers before Mr. Selfish Cat comes home bb?
There’s a book called Selfish Cat, and it’s so fun to read it from the perspective of a cat owner ^^ (1:15pm KST)
(Suk Jin)
@mjjeje Is JiJi back home now? (1:27am KST))
@kkjj4 He’s coming tomorrow ^^ (1:41am KST)

Does no one in this family sleep before midnight like normal people?? But aww JiJi misses his papa<3
(Min Kyung)
@mjjeje JiJi is selfish too. He’s going to act all meek at the hospital tomorrow and fool everyone completely!! Ever since we told him he’s going back to his dad’s tomorrow, he’s been jumping around all over the place~~ He must be really excited (1:42am KST)
@mk_taiji Yeah, it’s been too long since I last saw JiJi. I want to see my pitiful, yet selfish JiJi soon~ㅠ (1:43am KST)

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