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Here are the previews of the six new songs of JYJ that might be included in their Korean album next year. I’m guessing “JYJ Music Essay” might be the working title of the album since these songs were mostly written by the members themselves. Also, most of these songs were already performed by JYJ during their first concert in Seoul last November.

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Fallen Leaves


(Unnamed song – Part 1)

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So far, the songs sound so good. :) My favorites are Pierrot, NINE and ID.S. <333


JYJ’s upcoming album to include a photo essay

Last week, we reported that JYJ will be releasing their second album. It will be entirely self-composed with unreleased compositions from Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu. Two songs have been confirmed for the album so far, “Pierrot” and “Nine”. Now it has been announced that the album will include a photo essay. JYJ has prepared this photo essay as a thank you to fans for supporting them during their world tour for their album, “The Beginning”.

The member’s handwritten messages will be included in the albums and conveys their gratitude to fans. The album is set to be released in the first half of 2011 and are planning for a second world tour.

Source: Star News+ @linhkawaii

JYJ’s Junsu signed a no-marriage contract?

A photo of a contract with JYJ Junsu’s signature on it was posted on  the internet recently. The contract states that the signer cannot get  married for a certain amount of time. A Korean fan wrote up the paper  and brought it to a fansigning. Without even a glance, Junsu signed it  for her.

Fans have responded with amused responses such as, “How cute! Next time, I’ll write one too and bring it.”
What do you think of the agreement? Who would you write a marriage contract for?

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Max Changmin and Lee Yeon Hee’s “Paradise Ranch” gets an air date!

Previously, we reported on how Max Changmin’s new drama, ”Paradise Ranch“ will be aired early next year, and now, a date has finally been confirmed!

‘Paradise Ranch’ will follow “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter“, and it is set to air on January 24th at 8:50PM through SBS in the Mon-Tues timeslot. The drama was filmed from December 2009 to May 2010, and has been in post-production for six months.

Actress Lee Yeon Hee plays ‘Lee Da Ji’, a prodigy veterinarian who has a strong affection for horses. Meanwhile, Max Changmin transforms into a third generation heir who seems very stubborn, but is very warm at heart. Joining the cast is Joo Sang Wook, who takes on the role of a self-made executive named ‘Seo Yoon Ho’.

‘Paradise Ranch’ follows the love story of a couple who got married at 19 and divorced.

Check back with allkpop for more updates on this interesting drama!

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Changmin and Yunho’s Q&A in Popteen February 2011


What kind of fashion do you like?
I really like wearing a shirt and a coat that looks good.

Why is this kind of style appropriate?
No, I like sport styles too, I have been boxing during this period.

Why is your skin look so good?
Because I sweat a lot and drank a lot of water.

How come Korean guys are so concerned about Ladies First?
If this refers to me, that is because this is how my father had always taught me. When I was little, he often said to me I have to treat girls kindly, so naturally I became this way.

Are you a enthusiastic man in love?
I am the type that will act upon that day’s mood because I have ups and downs in different environments.

What type of girls do you like?
Active, cheerful, optimistic and positive person.

What is the difference between Japanese and Korean girls?
When I first came to Japan, I felt Korean girls are pretty and Japanese girls are cute. Now I realized regardless which side, there are various type of people with different feelings.

What kind of fashion do you like in a girl?
Instead of upscale clothing, I like the ordinary clothing that fits well in her body and displays her charm.

Where would you go for a date in Korea?
Holding hands in the street where there are a lot of people, like ordinary couples have dinner together. Although it seems cheesy, but because these things that I couldn’t do it now I really hoping to do it.

Where would you go for a date in Japan?
Ride on a cable car with someone I like.

What kind of music do you like to listen?
R&B, Rock, Ballad, I listen to music from other countries as well as my own. For Japanese, I like Superfly.

Japanese word that you like is?
“Please” It’s a simple word, but often used in many occasions, a very common term.

Please recommend one famous Korean food
Ggup-dae-gi (Pigskin) contains collagen protein good for the skin, it’s crunchy, taste very good.

What Japanese food do you like?
I like all. Even the lunch sell in the convenience store is delicious. I began eating more once I come to Japan.

What is your childhood dream?
Broadcaster or Sports reporter. Being a broadcaster that they can appear on TV is great. Good to be a reporter that they can watch sport games for free (laugh).


What kind of fashion do you like?
Recently I like double breasted short coat with belt attached and long boots, matched well with cool styled look.

Why is this kind of style appropriate?
It’s for my work. Lately I have been working out, I go to the gym about three times a week.

Why is your skin look so good?
Really? maybe because I drank a lot of water.

How come Korean guys are so concerned about Ladies First?
When they were little, their parents have been taught them to become a man who must protect woman. There are many guys like that in TV dramas, so maybe due to this influence.

You gave a feeling as a stable man, are you a enthusiastic man in love?
Leadership type is enthusiastic right? I will confess directly.

What type of girls do you like?
Positive and enthusiastic, someone who can give me good advices.

What is the difference between Japanese and Korean girls?
Although they are both very young and lively, Japanese girls have stronger sense in their style, image and various personalities. Recently there are more of this type of girls in Korea.

What kind of fashion do you like in a girl?
Suit and neat clothing or Jeans casual wear, I’m also happy to see different looks.

Which place in Korea do you recommend for travelers?
ジェプ island, the tide goes onto the ground and retreat back to the water, leaving the area sometimes exposed or submerged, it looks interesting.

Where would you go for a date in Korea?
Seoul tower, up there you can hang key ring that only belong to two people. I want to go to such places where couples would like to go.

Where would you go for a date in Japan?
I want to go to Sapporo to see snow fest.

Japanese word that you like is?
“Look ahead”

What are words that is in trend in Korea right now?
“ヂャドナム” it means cool charming man, recently these type of guys are popular, they have been appearing on TV dramas.

What Japanese food do you like?
Beef hotpot, the taste is light, is delicious.

What is your childhood dream?
Prosecutor, because of my family and relatives work in law related jobs, I also wanted to do it. When I was little, I always say things like “guardian of justice”, I don’t know how I end up becoming an artist (laugh)

*** Popteen Interview Complete, for their talk refer to previous post, enjoy~! ***

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101227 JYJ as NII presenters  “JYJ effect this time?”

Sejung Company (Representative Park) chose JYJ as NII models.

Well-known brand, “NII”, officially chosen JYJ for endorsement. “NII” using stars marketing method with Big Bang to ensure popularity and also after hiring stars like Yoon Si Yoon, CN Blue etc, will choose JYJ for endorsement next year.

JYJ is a new unit formed with 3 members of DBSK: Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu. They are not only active as singers; they are also performing in dramas, musicals, etc, and they are enjoying a high-level of popularity. Since JYJ will be beginning their domestic activities on a full-scale next year, we anticipate that utilizing JYJ for NII marketing will have a huge effect.

NII is scheduled to reveal JYJ advertisement photos, making videos, etc. for a new ‘NII’ in mid-January.

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OMG, FINALLY!!! I hope they will be invited in many more shows. I’m sooooo~ happy! :D

JYJ To Be on SBS’s Good Morning Show!!

JYJ will be appearing on SBS’s Good Morning Show.

SBS Official said on the 27th, “JYJ just finished a fun recording in a pleasant atmosphere with frank & honest talk”

The official said “Junsu – Jaejoong – Micky, three members of JYJ, talked about each other’s hidden habits and ideal types, music, & various topics. Recording finished in a warm, friendly atmosphere, “he said.

This is JYJ’s first SBS appearance. With talk show, JYJ’s activities seems to the stretching. JYJ will be performing at the ’2010 KBS Drama Awards, on the 31st.

Meanwhile, JYJ’s appearance on SBS’s Good Morning will be broad casted January 5th.

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