JaeJoong’s Intermodulation Photobook

Posted: December 26, 2010 in Kim Jaejoong
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Scans from the solo photobook of JaeJoong called “Intermodulation”.

Gosh, these photos are so effin’ HOT and SEXY! I almost fainted while looking at them!

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  1. lyrico jae says:

    you know this totally ALL KILL…the picture that shows his legs..i think this photobook already become the substituted for ANAN Magazines~~~ HOT

  2. yhease says:

    where can i buy this photobook? XD!!! excited!

  3. says:

    HOT STUFFS !!!!! But well, I never like it much when he’s showing up his body like that.. Though….., well *speechless* the rest are SO cute.. I just like the cute version of him more, the same goes to junsu… I don’t know why either, hahaa.. Sorry if I’m spamming up in here,

  4. yoite86 says:

    thanks for uploading the photo :),i hope next time can get the photo in hq

  5. yoite86 says:

    can someone tell from where can get this photo boook? i want to order and buy it

  6. ralalala^^ says:

    O.O … woah.. just WOAH!
    I nearly choked on my rice while I looking at these!!!Seriously. I almost spat at my screen and wanted to shout out where can I get this!!! But alas I didnt because my mum was already looking at weird when she saw my freaked out bug eyes at the screen… haha XD

    but on a serious note… seriosuly where can I get this book??? haha definitely a must have!

  7. lyrico jae says:

    i really want to buy it~~ but, convert to my country, i need to pay more than half thousand~ huhu…where i could find the moneu??

  8. purplicious says:

    First off I just wanna make it clear that JJ is my bias in DBSK and I love them to bits… so that I hopefull won’t get bashed. I’m not sure what to think about Jae’s picture of him smoking and the ones where he’s topless. It’s sexy and hot no doubt but I’ve always felt that they have a clean image and strive to upkeep that standard in the undertakings. When I first saw the An An pics, I was really relieved that he didn’t pose too sexily or with some girl in very suggestive ways like some of the Japanese stars. Looking at these photos… I can’t help but feel a tiny bit disappointed. Anyone feel the same? Again, I’m just stating my opinion (no intention to offend anyone here)

  9. Lee says:

    Purplicious, I so get what you mean. :/

  10. Charlotte says:

    The popsicle thing is hella suggestive. Just saying.

  11. Lilian says:

    Jaejoong looks good as always but I have to say I hate the smoking pics…besides that the rest is great! And the popsicle one…cute XD

  12. Narcissus says:

    not interested in smoking pic…& also I prefer not to see him shirtless…

  13. Marie says:

    smokers raise your hands! ;p I fell in love a bit more. So so scary…

  14. malena says:

    O.o i love the pictures…except for the smoking ones (jae please stop smoking)….anyway i love your shirtless pics….idk why but i’ve always loved your chest :D
    pervert that i am….

  15. SALLY_2610 says:

    I died.

  16. jung-kim yunjae says:

    wong edan…

  17. heddlekate says:

    somebody in our country accepts pre-order for this photobook.

    i, at first, REALLY wanna purchase it. but after seeing the scans here, I kind of…NOT want to purchase it anymore… i mean, O_O, it’s ok that he shows of his chest a little bit, like what he usually does during their concerts and videos and all…but O_O just looking at that pic where he’s..like, is he naked there (7th photo at the right from the bottom)???!!!!

  18. Cass yeu Boo says:

    oi khong, a ko dc hut thuoc la

  19. bo anh nay tuet dep lun
    sao Hero co the zep trai me hon den vay chu..:x:x
    cang ngat minh cang thick Hero wa troi lun…………………….
    sao lai co nguoi con trai dep nhu truyen tranh nhu vay chu
    ui dep trai hut hon mat thui……..

  20. I bought this book over a yr ago. Once i purchased it in Seoul I then had to talk myself out of feeling guilty for buying it. IT’S… IT’S MY BELATED CHRISTMAS GIFT TO MYSELF! Right … Merry Christmas to me… ^^

    • lovetohateme says:

      @JaeJoongiesgal: Haha. No need to regret buying it. Remember, it’s JAEJOONG. Haha. I was in your place, I would have bought three: one for my collection, one for display in my room, and one that I would flip through everyday. Haha!

  21. mh34nluvsjj (UnderD'CoversWivJae) says:

    oh dear!

  22. do u have any pictures of his legs ? i needs some for my ss
    i’m really glad if u can send it to me , my yahoo is yunjae_ismylife
    p/s: sr for my bad english i’m not native speaker

  23. lovetohateme says:

    Sorry, these are all the photos I have from his intermodulation photobook.

  24. yukihime says:

    if there is someone who are still looking for intermodulation, i sell mine
    the package contain : photobook+DVD+postcard+ecobag+poster
    here is my email : dhecassie@gmail.com
    thanks ^^

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