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Scans from the solo photobook of JaeJoong called “Intermodulation”.

Gosh, these photos are so effin’ HOT and SEXY! I almost fainted while looking at them!

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Some pics from the 2011 calendar of JYJ. :)

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5 amazingly talented men…

1 legendary group…

1 great fanclub…

7 years of friendship, love, meaningful music and unforgettable performances…

No matter what the situation is, whether they perform together as five or not, TVXQ to me will always be about Kim JaeJoong, Kim Junsu, Shim Changmin, Park Yoochun, Jung Yunho and Cassiopeia…

I will always give them my love and support  in everything they do because I know that TVXQ is irreplaceable…

I am still hoping and believing that one day, we will hear the harmony of five voices again…


Cheers to TVXQ for seven successful and unforgettable years! Thank you for sharing your music with us and letting us experience the true meaning of unconditional love.


TVXQ’s 7th Anniversary Message from Yunho and Changmin

[ To. Cassiopeia ]

YH: Hi Cassiopeia, how’s everyone? We are U-Know Yunho and
CM: Choikang Changmin
CM: Did you receive our Christmas note? We drew it sincerely and seriously. Of course, it’s not some good drawing.
YH: Yes
CM: It has been long time since we greeted everyone, although I felt embarrassed, but I feel very happy, are you guys living well?
YH: Everyone already knew, today to us and to you guys is a very special day. That’s why we greeted everyone with a voice message. Dong Bang Shin Ki’s debut is like something that happened yesterday, time flew by and we are already in our mid 20′s. Our fans also from students transformed to pretty ladies now right?!
CM: They became mature ladies.
YH: Yes
YH: Even though is 7 years but it felt like it went by very quick.
CM: That’s right, it went by very quick. To the fans who supported us in these 7 years from the very beginning until now still giving us the same support, we really express our gratitude to them, now we want to express our gratitude to them once more. In order to let you feel proud to become our fans and let everyone see our appropriate behaviors and thoughts. No matter when, we have been always working hard, of course we will work much harder in the future.
YH: We will work harder.
CM: We couldn’t always speak to everyone, don’t know if everyone can understand our hearts.
YH: They certainly understand, of course right?
CM: Until now I still couldn’t understand my heart.
YH: Oh right, TVXQ will comeback soon. I felt nervous like the time when we first debuted. I’m excited coming back to the stage after a long time. In order to let everyone see our efforts during this period we will show you guys the best stage. We are working hard towards a high expectation, hope these can reach through everyone’s heart.
CM: Yeah!
YH: So to our fans:
CM: Yeah!
YH: Please pay attention to us.
CM: Yeah!
YH: Please give more support to TVXQ in the future.
CM: Yeah!
YH: There are only few days left in 2010, hope everyone can enjoy the remaining days. This is……
YH+CM: TVXQ, thank you everyone!
CM: Also, to all Cassiopeia
YH+CM: We love you!

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Popteen February 2011 “We are still Tohoshinki’s Yunho and Changmin”

New year’s special!
Tohoshinki’s Yunho and Changmin finally start active again in Japan.
They show up in POPTEEN!
We will start asking their recent activities and boys mind, full loaded of questions asked only by Popteen!

Changmin: “We are two opposite vocal and personalities, but when we are together, it became harmony. For personality vice, if Yunho is fire then I am water. Yunho can always keep up with my thoughts.”

“We lived together very well just like a family!”

Their comeback interview!
Curious about their living and feelings, pay attention to the exposure of the two people’s close up talk.

-So let’s start, tell us about your activities in 2010

Yunho: About my solo activities, I completed Michael Jackson’s tribute concerts in Seoul and musical performances, also I filmed an internet short drama (HARU).

Changmin: I filmed a TV drama from January to May, later I have been doing magazine shoot work.

Yunho: Besides, we also participated in the SMTOWN Concerts in Korea, China and U.S. as TVXQ.

-Starting in 2011, you guys will officially do activities in Japan, are you two together in your private lives too?

Changmin: Yes, occasionally we will go out to bowling together.

-But two people going out together will catch many people’s attention right?

Yunho: That’s why we called our manager to come with us, but even though our manager came along, they can still recognize us (laugh). Even if they talk to me I will greet them back, I don’t mind.

Changmin: I care. I’m not use to people surrounded around, I will feel lost. Is better to go out separately, however, they can still spot me no matter what.

Yunho: But our private livings are nothing bad.

-You guys have been living together all this time, do you two argue?

Changmin: If I said we don’t argue that’s a lie(laugh), but because we can talk about anything to each other so even if we don’t argue it’s normal.

Yunho: But recently we became more understand in reading each other’s mind. For example, if he is in a bad mood, he is not doing anything then I will observe him, and later I will talk to him and find out what happened. Since we are just like a family, even nothing is being said we can still understand each other.

-What is something that you like about each other?

Changmin: Yunho is very enthusiastic in his work and he has a strong sense of responsibility, very high professionalism. I want to learn from him.

Yunho: Changmin is very calm and mature towards his work. Even if he has been misunderstood, he is still not angry, he will listen carefully to the other party’s word and think carefully before express his thoughts. He treat his staffs very good and other people around him as well, he understand them a lot.

Changmin: No, no, (being embarrassed with compliments) I appreciate all your words (big smile). *cute*

-Then, what is something that you want to correct each other?

Yunho: Changmin grown up recently, like an adult. I don’t think he needs to change anything.

Changmin: I also have nothing to correct him. Although Yunho is very messy in the house before and annoys me(laugh), since now we don’t live in the same room so I don’t mind the messiness.

Yunho: Before the house was quite messy(laugh), recently I cleaned my room and now is neat.

-Usually what kind of topics do you guys talk about in your spare time?

Yunho: Many topics, such as..about the future.

Changmin: We talk about each other’s troubles.

Yunho: We usually like to joke around. But when we are in discussion, only at that time we talk seriously.

-Do you guys have topics about girls?

Yunho: We do, we talk about when we want to get marry. Sometimes when we looking at the street, we would say something like “that girl, she is cute”

-By the way, you guys like Japanese star, Nakama Yukie, is she similar to the type you like?

Changmin: We met her during our first time on Kouhaku Festival and we liked her. She looks prettier than I imagine.

Yunho: That’s not it, the expression is wrong. Please don’t misunderstand everyone (laugh). In the past we think she is pretty but after seeing her in real person, we think she looks much more prettier, this is what Changmin meant.

Changmin: Right, this is what I meant. Yunho always can keep up with my thoughts(laugh).

-What are your expectation in 2011?

Yunho: Since 2010 is a turning point, we want to work hard to level up in 2011 and display the charm that only belong to two of us. In order to achieve it we prepared various things, hope everyone look forward to us.

-What are the specific charms that only belong to you guys?

Changmin: We are tall.

Yunho: Indeed, we are(laugh), maybe our vocal is also charming. Changmin’s voice is high and my voice is deep, but when we mixed together it became a very harmonious sound. On the other hand, with our opposite personalities, when it’s together we are balanced.

Changmin: For persoanlity, if Yunho is fire then I am water.

Yunho: But that will change according to the situation. When Changmin become burned up I will become very calm, natually changing the roles.

Changmin: Our combination are better than expected, this type of grouping can bring out new charms right?

-Finally, please give Popteen readers a message.

Changmin: We will show everyone our hardworking selves in the new year, please look forward to us.

Yunho: We have been always working hard and growing, you must spend 2011 with Tohoshinki !

***Yunho and Changmin’s individual Q&A translations are coming up ***

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Scans of Yunho and Changmin from POP Teen Magaizine. :)

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Tohoshinki’s New Single Jacket Cover & Order TVXQ ‘Keep Your Head Down’ Album

1. Why? (Keep Your Head Down)
3. Why? (Keep Your Head Down) -Less Vocal-
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Why? (Keep your head down) -Video Clip-
Off Shot Movie

1. Why? (Keep Your Head Down)
3. Why?(Keep Your Head Down)
-Night Rod man Regeneration Mix
4. Why? -Less Vocal-
5. MAXIMUM -Less Vocal-

Tohoshinki WHY? (Keep Your Head Down) Single

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Release date: 2011/01/26

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