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101224 TVXQ To Release Special Edition Of New Album Next Month

TVXQ, composed of members Max Changmin and U-Know Yunho, will release a special edition of their upcoming album next month.

SM Entertainment announced through a press release Friday that the special edition of their new album titled “Keep Your Head Down” will go on sale on January 5. It will feature a total of 10 tracks and include a 100-page photo booklet of both members.

Meanwhile, the regular version of “Keep Your Head Down” will hit stores a week later with an additional track.

TVXQ, formerly composed of five members Xiah Junsu, Hero Jaejung, Micky Yuchun, Max Changmin and U-Know Yunho, is known as one of the leading dance groups in the K-pop scene since making their debut in 2004.

However, after disputing with agency SM Entertainment over the unfairness of their 13-year exclusive contract, Jaejung, Yuchun and Junsu halted their activities as TVXQ and instead formed trio JYJ.

Members Changmin and Yunho will release a teaser video which will air during major year-end shows such as music festivals and drama award ceremonies on Korea’s top three major public broadcasters KBS, MBC and SBS starting December 29 till 31.

They will also hold an autograph session with fans which is scheduled for mid-January next year.

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TVXQ’s album jacket for “Keep Your Head Down” unveiled!

Get ready for a double dose of good news, TVXQ fans!

The jacket cover for TVXQ’s comeback album has just been unveiled. On top of that, it’s been announced that the two boys will be releasing a special edition of their comeback album prior to the original edition’s release!

On December 24th, a representative from SM Entertainment stated, “After 2 years and 3 months, TVXQ’s comeback album, ‘Keep Your Head Down“, will be released as a special edition on January 5th.

The special edition will contain a total of 10 tracks, including their title track “Keep Your Head Down / 왜 (Why)”. Additionally, it will contain a 100-page photobook, containing pictures of Yunho and Changmin.

The original edition album, to be released on January 12th, will contain one track that is not included in the special edition.

Meanwhile, TVXQ is scheduled to celebrate their comeback by having an autograph signing event in the middle of January.

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JaeJoong’s message:

Junsu’s message:

Yoochun’s message:

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HoMin’s Christmas message to Cassies posted on TVXQ homepage:

It’s a Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas everyone
Ah, 26th is also 7 years since our debut~ Thank you for loving us without change.

From Max

To: Cassiopeia

Merry Christmas day is coming everyone.
For some reason around this time each year, my mood improves~good days are piling up~26th will be 7 years that we’ve been together with all of you~
In the future, I will still try to do my best to show everyone a better me.
Please have a Merry Christmas (Christmas Day)
Comeback! Please look forward to it. (edit: oops sorry I forgot to add this part at first)

Merry Christmas

From U-know

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101223 GwangJu Receives “U-Know Yunho’s Rice of Love”

At 10am on the 23rd, the city of Gwangju received a donation of 140 sacks of rice (10kg each, approximately 3.5 million Won) from TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho (Jung Yunho).

U-Know Yunho, who graduated from Gwangil High School in our region, prepared this donation at his own expense to help those in need as the year comes to and end and a new year begins.

U-Know Yunho was unable to attend the presentation of the donation due to his work, so a representative from the agency Dream美 was there instead.

The donated rice was distributed through each district’s borough office to various households with three sacks of rice going to 35 households of the severely disabled, and 35 sacks going to the New Day School.

U-Know Yunho has been participating regularly in community service opportunities other than donating rice as he has donated scholarships to his high school, sponsored buying household appliances for orphanages, and delivered presents to hospitals and senior citizen centers.

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101223 SME Releases Official Statement Regarding Fair Trade Commision Revisions

SM Entertainment has released an official statement regarding the contract revisions demanded by the Fair Trade Commission.

SME officials clarified on the 24th, “The FTC only ordered us to revise the contract of one of our trainees by removing the three years added onto his contract. We complied, thus making every contract under our agency to date as ‘fair’. BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, f(x), The Trax, and other celebrities under our agency have already been acknowledged as fair contracts by the FTC.”

They continued, “As leaders of the industry, we have been cooperating closely with the National Assembly and other related bureaucracies in order to protect the rights and interests of our celebrities, and to aid in the advancement of Korea’s entertainment industry and the Hallyu wave.”

After numerous discussions with the FTC, SME drafted a new contract earlier this year with the changed terms mentioned in the previous article. All artists re-contracted with the agency under the new terms, which were acknowledged by the FTC to be fair.

The representative continued, “We fully complied with the recent request by the FTC regarding our contract with a trainee. With the help of the FTC, we will be developing better contracts for the progression of Korean culture and contract customs.”

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101223 MASTER POST – JYJ Twitter Update

This post will be updated throughout the day with tweets by Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu ^^
A time will be added with each tweet as our translators will not always be able to provide instant translations
This post includes tweets from 6am KST, December 23rd to 5:59am KST, December 24th.

JiJi Parade… (omg these pictures…XD)
(Jaejoong) I’m sorry, JiJi (11:26pm KST)

(Jaejoong) Lonely JiJi (11:30pm KST)

Lol Jaejoong, if you don’t want to spend the next three days with YooSu, I’ll GLADLY take your place
(Jaejoong) Yay (1:08am KST)

(Jaejoong) It seems I’ll be spending today, tomorrow and the day after with the other members.. haha (1:14am KST)

Kim Junsu, Get that duckbutt of yours over there and stop them. NOW.
(Yoochun/English Tweet) Merry Christmas!!^^ (3:04am KST)

(Yoochun) With Jaejoong hyung^^ 6 bottles of Soju~ 4 bottles of~ Hard liquor^^!! I’m enjoying this^^ (3:06am KST)

(Jaejoong) @6002theMicky Yoochun, why are you suddenly.. leaving;; (3:39am KST)

Yup, they’re drunk
(Yoochun) @mjjeje You told me to leave^^ (3:43am KST)

(Yoochun) @mjjeje My God, what you’re saying now is completely different from what you were saying before^^ haha (3:44am KST)

Lol Jaejoong is confused… and drunk (but at least he corrected himself)
(Jaejoong) ??I said that? (3:49am KST)
@6002theMicky I said that? (3:49am KST)

You’re the Babo -__-
(Jaejoong) @6002theMicky Babo (Silly)♥ haha (4:04am KST)

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