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FTC Orders SM To Change Contract Lengths From 10 Years To 7 Years

The Fair Trade Commission has laid down an order on SM Entertainment, responsible for groups such as Girls’ Generation, Super Junior and SHINee, against their unjust exclusive contracts.

The Fair Trade Commission revealed on the 23rd that, “Regarding SM’s unjust exclusive contracts with its celebrities and trainees, we have issued them a warning as they have volunteered to rectify the problem. We have ordered them to change the act of uniformly including an additional three years to the contracts of all trainees.”

This decision made by the Fair Trade Commission was set off by TVXQ’s fanclub last year, when they called for the FTC to investigate and lay a verdict on the whether or not SM Entertainment’s contract with TVXQ was a slave contract, stating that SM abused their status in the transaction to disadvantage TVXQ.
The acts that SM has been using which violate the laws set by the FTC are the act of creating an unjust exclusive contract (long-term contract period, excessive penalty for breach of contract, unilateral decisions on schedules) and the act of uniformly lengthening the contract period on all contracts to accommodate to overseas activities with no consideration of each individual’s circumstances.

According to the FTC, the length of the exclusive contracts of SM celebrities were ’13 years since the contract was first signed’ or ’10 years or more from the debut date.’ SM has changed this according to the FTC’s order to ‘7 years from the debut date.’

Also, till now, SM celebrities had to pay three times the amount of total investments and twice the predicted sales in the remaining contract period as compensation in the case of a breach in the contract, but the FTC has ordered that this be changed to the celebrities paying the total of the number of months left in the contract period multiplied by the average monthly sales in the two years before the contract is breached
The FTC has also ordered that SM change the clause that states, ‘The celebrity must prioritize and appear on shows created by SM Entertainment,’ to ‘The celebrity can state his or her opinion whenever they wish regarding activities for the company, and if SM makes an unjust request, the celebrity is entitled to reject such a request’ in order to respect the freedom of these celebrities.

The action taken by the FTC has allowed SM celebrities to escape from the harm of unjust exclusive contracts and is predicted to greatly influence the legal dispute between SM and the three members of TVXQ (currently members of JYJ, Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu)..
The FTC will continue to investigate exclusive contracts in entertainment agencies and is planning to create conditions so that the industry may rid itself of such contracts.

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101223 JYJ Become Singer-songwriters..Will Release An Album Early Next Year

Group JYJ will be releasing a new album that is comprised solely of their compositions.

JYJ recently revealed to Money Today Star News that, “JYJ will be releasing a Korean album early next year in which the members participated in the composition and the writing of the lyrics,” and “The album will hold the unreleased compositions by Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu that were sung at the concert as well as other songs that have never been heard before.”

This album is being released by JYJ as a form of fan service for their domestic fans. JYJ are preparing this album to show their fans their gratitude for the support they received when they released their worldwide album in October.

As their first album was sung in English and was made hand in hand with America’s top producer Kanye West, the upcoming album is predicted to bring about an explosive reaction from domestic fans as it will be released in Korean. The album will hold new songs such as ‘Nine’ and ‘Pierrot’.

In the first half of 2011, JYJ will be releasing their album and setting off on a world tour. They are planning to focus on their overseas promotional activities and take a leap forward as world stars.

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101223 JYJ’s Junsu, “I Want To Stand On Stage With Jo Seung Woo”

JYJ’s Junsu, who has become the comet of the musical word, has stated that he wishes to stand on stage with actor Jo Seung Woo.

Junsu will be meeting fans once more as the lead role in the large-scale production ‘Tears of Heaven’ next February. Junsu, who has already proven his ticket power and talent in the musical ‘Mozart!’, has become a star to keep an eye on in the musical industry.

When we made a comment to Junsu that, “There have been many articles comparing you to Jo Seung Woo. As your musical will be held around the same time as Jo Seung Woo’s ‘Jekyll and Hyde’, many have pitted the two of you against each other as rivals,” he replied back that, “I am both thankful and sorry to Jo Seung Woo that many people talk about the two of us. In other words, I feel honored.”

He continued to add, “Though I’ve been a singer for 6, 7 years, I’ve only been doing musicals for one year, so for my name to be mentioned in the same sentence as that of Jo Seung Woo, one of the best actors in the industry, makes me feel great but also puts added pressure on me to work harder.”

Junsu also spoke of his wish that, “This is the first time I’m saying this, but I want to stand on stage with Jo Seung Woo. ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ is a production I really want to perform in. But if we were to play the same role, we would never be able to stand on stage together, so I would like to play a different character just to stand on stage with him.”

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101223 Black Market Ticket to JunSu’s ‘Tears of Heaven’ Cost 1,300,000Won

High priced ‘black market’ ticket for the musical ‘Tears of Heaven’ which JYJ’s member Kim JunSu was casted have surfaced online during the selling period.

On the 22nd December, organizer expressed that there are ‘black market’ tickets found online for ‘Tears of Heaven’ and which fans had successfully deal at 1,300,000Won. “On the day of the sale, 15,000 seats were all sold out within 5minutes; those are reselling tickets from these successful buyers”.

‘Tears of Heaven’ is a romance musical during the time of Vietnam war, a worldwide joint project between seol&company and creative production, together with the song writer Frank Wildhorn and Broadway production team.

JunSu’s role in the musical is a Korean soldier who had been dispatched to Vietnam, where he met a Vietnam lady and fell in love with her, and given his all.

‘Tears of Heaven’ will officially start on the 1st February 2011 at National Theater.

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101223 TVXQ To Unveil Teaser Video Ahead Of Comeback

VXQ will release a teaser video, in the format of a commercial, ahead of their comeback to the music scene, according to SM Entertainment on Thursday.

SM announced through a press release that TVXQ’s teaser video, produced in two versions, will air during major year-end shows such as music festivals and drama award ceremonies on Korea’s top three major public broadcasters KBS, MBC and SBS starting December 29 till 31.

TVXQ, formerly composed of five members Xiah Junsu, Hero Jaejung, Micky Yuchun, Max Changmin and U-Know Yunho, is known as one of the leading dance groups in the K-pop market since making their debut in 2004.

However, after disputing with agency SM Entertainment over the unfairness of their 13-year exclusive contract, Jaejung, Yuchun and Junsu halted their activities as TVXQ and instead formed trio JYJ.

TVXQ is now a duo with members Changmin and Yunho, who are set to make their comeback to the music scene with a new album on January 5 which will also go on sale in Japan on January 26.

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Korean Stars Got Searched The Most at Twitter by Japanese Netizens

Japan twitter has been taken over by Hallyu stars.

According to Japan twitter search site statistics on December 22th (, the most searched celebrity of the year at twitter goes to JYJ Youngwoong Jaejoong. Meanwhile, KARA occupied the 3rd place, SNSD at 5th, TVXQ at 7th, and Xiah Junsu at 10th, leaving half of the top 10 search term to be occupied by Korean idols.

The 3 members of TVXQ formed group JYJ, regardless their lack Japanese activities, this result indeed proved that they still enjoyed high popularity in the country. Especially for Youngwoong Jaejoong, he showed his deep care to the Japanese fans at twitter by tweeting ‘仆, 日本語 忘れない から みんな も 韓 國 語 の 勉 强 頑張っ て ね (I never forget Japanese, so you shouldn’t forget to study Korean too)’ on November 11th. The tweet soon spread quickly and within 20 minutes after it published, the word ‘Korean’ became the most searched term at the search ranking.

The only Japanese groups on the list are girl group AKB48 and Perfume who are placed at 2nd and 4th respectively, while legendary British rock band The Beatles rose at number 6th.

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101221 Changmin: Our Smiles Aren’t Natural But Forced As An Alternative To Our Real Feelings

Ginger Interview Part 1 – Yunho & Changmin

Finally, their smiles have returned to us. After many months, the day has finally come. When they stepped into the set, the stiff expressions on their faces were relatively noticeable, but seeing the staff members, smiles appeared on their faces… “It’s been a long time.” Patting familiar faces on the shoulders, Yunho and Changmin went around hugging everyone. This year, they each came to Japan for their individual schedules, and although their shadows on the stage has not completely faded yet, it has already been a year and a half since they left behind their “TVXQ” schedules. They then started reminiscing about this period of time…

Changmin: “In the past, I was always the youngest. But recently, there have been many staff members who are even younger than me. When I’m doing my individual activities, the staff become busy with me too. I hope that I can take on and return this great responsibility. In TVXQ, I also need to share the burden of what Yunho used to undertake alone.”

“Recently, Changmin is becoming more and more like a leader, and sometimes acts like a bigger brother better than me. Changmin has grown up into a man now, so it is level between us, and I agree with what Changmin suggests. This way, we are able to create a unique atmosphere that solely belongs to the two of us. It is definitely worth anticipating.”

So, in a sense, Changmin’s young image is gone?

Changmin: “Age-wise, Yunho has more experiences than I do. As an artist, it is impossible to complete all your activities in two or three years, so as time goes by, you naturally mature and grow up. That is why I need to work my hardest to take this opportunity and focus all my efforts into what I’m doing.”

Under the current situations, what area do you want to pursue further?

Changmin: “Whether it’s singing or acting, I want to express the love a 22 year old man feels. I want to show a level of maturity, but then again I’d probably have to rely on my imagination. The love I receive now, the feelings I had when I was in relationships in the past… I need to express them out; now, and in the future.”

So you’re in love right now? (laughs)

Changmin: “Aaahhhhhh it’s so regrettable that the winter is so cold that it pierces through to my bones” (laughs).

See, using tactics to evade questions is also a sign of growing up!

Changmin: “Really. This Christmas, Yunho has his musical, so I need to work my best too.”

Do the two of you live together?

Yunho: “Yes, we’re together everyday like brothers. Before, we shared a room, but now we each have our own. When we rest, we go out and eat together, play video games with the staff, watch DVD’s, watch sports events, and even jokingly quarrel about things.”

So there’s no romance in the air at all?

Yunho: “There really isn’t! But I still really want to get married, so there’s bound to be times when we have relationships. If I do, I will definitely proclaim it out loud. This year was a turning point, but the following months will require a lot more hard work and effort. To TVXQ, and to myself alike, it will be a very important time period. Next year, I hope that the individual activities we do will also sublimate. This time one year ago, there were many feelings of distraught and loneliness. The reason is none other, and my feelings and thoughts are only known and understood by me. I believe Changmin has that same feeling too. I promised myself this; ‘From now on I need to start working hard to return the love and support everyone has given us.’”

Changmin: “Our smiles right now are not natural, but rather forced as an alternative to our real feelings. When we don’t have the motivation to work, we can’t get anything done. Many new emotions arose, but we could only look forward. Our dreams of the past are the same compared to our dreams now, so as TVXQ, we want to create products that will be carried on forever throughout generations. This is a similar ambition that Yunho and I have.”

Yunho: “We need to climb mountains but also descend them. Once we reach the pinnacle of one mountain, we realize there are even higher ones to mount. For that reason, we need to go down to the bottom and climb up to the top again. That day, when the two of us stood on the SM TOWN stage, we found the mountain that we needed to climb. Even if it’s one step by one step, we need to steadily move towards the future.”

Overcoming the stormy sea together, there are still many hindrances to triumph over. Yunho and Changmin, 2011, the rebirth of the new “TVXQ”.

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