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101222 JYJ’s Christmas? “Without Girlfriends, Most Likely Just The 3 Of Us Drinking Soju”

You guys have received the Daesung Award at the Golden Disk Awards in 2006 and 2008. Have you watched this year’s award ceremony?

“Yes. Many new feelings emerge when we reminisce about the past. It has been 2 years since we last stood on that stage, so we deeply treasure the award.” (Yoochun)

It is rumored that Hero Jaejoong is very popular amongst the Japanese female celebrities, and is dating right now?

“Those are just fabricated rumors. Although I do indeed maintain close relationships with the female artists, I am currently not dating anyone. Japan and Korea are different in a sense that the relationships between artists are very relaxed and they often meet up privately. My relationship with Ayumi Hamasaki is very good, so that’s maybe why the rumor the started.” (Jaejoong)

“Jaejoong possess many attractive points that Japanese women like, such as cuteness and sexiness, so he is very popular, but he definitely does not have a girlfriend.” (Yoochun)

Korean singers seem to enjoy immense popularity in Japan…

“The statuses of Korean singers have been rising. It can be said that when someone talks about Korean singers, people will think of excellent dancing and vocal abilities topped off with outstanding looks. Aside from those strengths, Korean males have a higher tolerance for alcohol, but their body figures are still great, so Japanese people may long for that too.” (Jaejoong)

In the past, you guys have had very tough experiences in Japan. Can you still continue on with your activities there now?

“We’ve already predicted that there would be difficulties to face. Being able to release an English album is already a very fortunate thing for us. Although we may be sad sometimes, we hope that the situation will be settled quickly so we can meet our Japanese fans again.” (Junsu)

Although you guys knew it would be difficult, for what reason did you still choose to leave the group? Aren’t you afraid of being called ‘traitors’ behind your backs?

“Before we made up our mind, we spent over a year living in confusion. At that time there were external worries regarding our careers, profit allocations, and other factors that may have lead to the conflicting speculations of the public. However, our answers will always be consistent. When we look back on our lives, would we feel that ‘that time was truly happy?’ The conclusion we came up with is ‘most likely not.’ That is why we didn’t have the reason to continue on with our hesitations. Although we may have let down the fans who have loved and helped us all this time, we felt that this was the path to go on for our own lives.” (Junsu)

Nevertheless, it must not have been easy to give up on your extreme popularity right?

“At that time, we prepared for worst-case scenario, which was not being able to continue on as singers. If we didn’t have the mental preparation for that, it would’ve been very hard to reach this decision. We even thought of being farmers in the countryside. We have prepared for a long battle that may last up to more than 10 years.” (Junsu)

“Yes, we pondered upon of the possibility that our careers in the entertainment industry could have ended and sometimes had the mindset that there wouldn’t be a good result. We thought that if all failed, we would pack up our stuff in our Seoul homes and go somewhere new to live.” (Yoochun)

You guys are also unable to carry out television activities, so there are still many more challenges to face right?

“Compared to before, it has become better. Although many different kinds of situations appear, it’s tough, but we have also learned how to fight those hardships. After something happens, we disconnect the internet and disregard those negative reports. It’s hard now, but we work hard to look towards the good side of things. If our expressions are always gloomy and sad, the people around us would have an even harder time. So, we recently started leaving happy thoughts and words on our twitters to interact with our fans.” (Jaejoong)

Have you been in contact with U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin who are still in SM Entertainment?

“Regrettably, we haven’t. Our original intent was to just leave the company, not the members of our group… We’ve seen the previews to their new album that will be released next year January, and we truly wish them the best of luck.” (Jaejoong)

Has the relationship between the 3 of you become deeper?

“Because of our busy schedules, we didn’t really have the time to gather together personally. But last month after our Seoul concert ended, the 3 of us went on a 2-week vacation around Korea from Kangwon to Busan. We even rode on a cruise ship in Hoengseong in search of the country’s most delicious restaurants. Junsu was really popular there.” (Yoochun)

When is the most glorious time for TVXQ?

“When the 5 members come together once again, it will be even more glorious than before. Hopefully, that day will come, even if we don’t know when it will become a reality. But, we hope to grasp onto this hope.” (Yoochun)

Do you have any special plans for Christmas?

“We don’t have girlfriends… so most likely the 3 of us will be together drinking Soju.” (Jaejoong)

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101220 JYJ’s New Leap “The Broadcasting Restrictions Are A Shame”

Unable to engage in regular activities due to problems with their former agency

Their album will be released in the US early next year, followed by a world tour

They are honest and austere. The three members of JYJ, Jaejoong-Yoochun-Junsu, are passionate youths in their mid-20s, no different from their peers. When we asked Yoochun, who recently starred in the drama <SungKyunKwan Scandal> as the lead role, “We enjoyed your drama. Do you plan on taking on a non-historical, modern drama?” he gave us a taste of his ‘lame humor’ by saying “Hyundai Geuk (modern drama), Kia Geuk, Samsung Geuk…” Everyone burst out in laughter a beat late.

But when we brought up the topic of their legal dispute with SM Entertainment, the agency of their former group TVXQ, a shadow was cast on the three youths’ faces. Last July, the three members filed an exclusive contract suspension injunction stating that, “13 years for the contract length is too long, and we have not been receiving just treatment with regards to things such as income distribution from album sales.” The Courts ruled in favor of JYJ that, “Until the verdict on the lawsuit is made, SM cannot interfere with the trio’s independent activities in the entertainment industry,” and the lawsuit on the exclusive contract is currently underway. With regards to the reason of why they filed the lawsuit, Junsu stated, “It wasn’t just because of the unjust nature of the contract,” and “We were hurt and scarred by the agency in areas where we put our trust in them so we began to think about searching for a happy life.”

Though JYJ released their first album <The Beginning> in October, they have not been able to engage in regular activities due to many problems, including SM claiming that JYJ are locked in a ‘dual contract’. The Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Art Industry sent an official document to broadcasting companies requesting that they refrain from giving JYJ appearances on their shows. Junsu stated, “It’s a shame and it’s frustrating that we don’t have the freedom to appear on TV like other singers. Because our relationship with AVEX, who was in charge of our Japanese activities, no longer exists, our door to Japanese activities is blocked as well.”

They are currently holding activities after signing on to an agent contract with CJeS Entertainment. What is different from before? “Everything that we thought was unjust has been fixed. We feel a greater sense of accomplishment because everything revolves around our opinions, no matter what it is. We’ve learned to be thankful of even the small things that we used to easily brush off before.” (Junsu) “Each and every detail on the album, from the cover to the recording and mixing of the songs, was decided upon through discussions between the agency and the three of us. The thought that ‘Doing things this way is really nice’ was reinforced through the process.” (Jaejoong)

“Back when we were TVXQ, there was too much work and no time to spare. When we were working on an album, the staff, excluding us and our composers, would hold discussions and just send us their decisions on everything.” (Yoochun)

The trio decided to include songs composed by each of them in their album. Junsu stated, “We enjoy writing songs, but we won’t insist on having to include songs composed by ourselves,” and “What matters most is that we’re singing good songs, regardless of whether it was us who wrote the songs or not.” In their first concert on the 27th and 28th of last month, they sang Jaejoong’s new composition ‘Nine’. It is a song about the nine years the five members of TVXQ have spent together. “When I look back on the past nine years, there were times when we shined and there were times when things were rough… It’s hard to express it all in one sentence. What I included in the song is only a small portion of what I feel.” (Jaejoong) “If we were to express in song, everything that has happened till now, we’d need to compose at least 500 songs?” (Yoochun)

The trio still have a strong attachment to ‘TVXQ’. When asked about their feelings on U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin’s comeback as TVXQ next year, Jaejoong stated, “We support them and we hope all goes well for them.” But he also added that, “But we do feel sad that they’re using the name TVXQ. Because we think that TVXQ can only truly be TVXQ when the five members are together, we decided to use another name. TVXQ is a name that is as valuable to us as our lives.” Yoochun added, “Though we are currently facing many difficulties, we are always open to the possibility of a TVXQ reunion,” and “That would be like Utopia for us.”

JYJ will be kicking off their US activities with the release of their album in the US early next year. Jaejoong stated, “While we’re in the US, we’ll be working on some music and holding a world tour.” Junsu sounded bitter as he stated, “There is the aspect that due to the restrictions on our domestic activities, we’ve had to entirely focus our attention on overseas activities.”

We asked them one final question. We asked them whether or not they felt sad that other singers were reaping the rewards of the hard work the members had put in to get the ‘Kpop’ wind blowing in Japan as JYJ are unable to perform there.

“Not at all. We were able to be loved in Japan thanks to BoA and Bae Yong Joon. If what we’ve done benefits our juniors, then that’s something to feel good about. If our juniors to well and the Japanese market expands, we might be able to perform in Japan again.” (Junsu)

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101216 TVXQ Creates New Record in Sales Chart in Japan

The comeback news of TVXQ are creating a HOT reaction.

TVXQ, who will be releasing a new single next year on January 26th has just created a record on the HMV sales chart.

Last year, Park YooChun, Kim JaeJoong and Xiah JunSu who had left TVXQ formed a new group called JYJ, causing a hiatus on the group’s activity. UKnow YunHo, together with ChoiKang ChangMin, remained in the group and will come back into the Japanese market.

HMV, which has been taking in the reservation orders for album/singles as well as ranking them according to the amount and frequently updating the rank said that TVXQ has been all over their chart these days, which attracted everyone’s attention.

They had recently participated in singing the theme song for the Fuji TV Drama, “Beautiful Neighbour” and at the same time, TVXQ will also be releasing another OST for the TV drama ‘Athena: Goddess of War” in Korea.

Meanwhile, TVXQ is scheduled to release a new album in Korea on the January 5th.

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101221 SKKS Park Yoochun Interview – “Best Newcomer Award? I think Yoon Shi Yoon will win”

With regards to the Best Newcomer Award for the 2010 KBS Drama Awards, there has already been talks about it “not losing out to the big awards.” This is because among the nominees are Yoon Shi Yoon and Joo Won from “Baker King Kim Tak Goo,” which enjoyed ratings of nearly 50%, as well as Park Yoochun, who challenges acting in a drama for the first time in “SungKyunKwan Scandal.”

In comparison to “Baker King Kim Tak Goo,” “SungKyunKwan Scandal’s” ratings are not as high, but has a large following, and created a lot of buzz during its airing.

In a recent interview with Newsen, Park Yoochun, when asked if he was looking forward to winning the Best Newcomer Award, he said, “ I want to win it, and it would be good if I could,” however, “I think that Yoon Shi Yoon will probably win.”

“Actually, I am very surprised to even be nominated, because this is my first project. So far, I still don’t feel like my acting is good, so I would be rather embarrassed if I won the award.”

Listening in on one side, fellow JYJ member Kim Jaejoong said, “Junsu won the Best Newcomer Award at the 16th Korean Musical Awards with Mozart, so if Yoochun could win as well, it would be good.” He also said, “While others were concentrated on acting, Yoochun also had to focus on the showcase as well as concert.”

Aside from Kim Junsu, who will be working on “Tears of Heaven” following “Mozart,” Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun said, “If there is a chance, we hope to continue being active in the acting arena via dramas and movies.”

Also, JYJ will be performing “Chajatta” from the “SungKyunKwan Scandal” OST at the 2010 KBS Drama Awards Stage.

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101220 Junsu ‘s Intensive 12-Hour Daily Training Revealed

Performing as the male lead of the epic creative musical “Tears of Heaven,” it has been revealed that Junsu has been practicing for 12 hours a day without rest, preparing for his upcoming musical in an aggressive manner.

The production’s Gabriel Barre said, with regards to Junsu and his intensive training, “I heard that he is a famous musician in Korea, but he has always been humble and polite. He is totally devoted to his training, and is like a pro, fully committed to doing a passionate performance,” he praised.

Junsu plays the role of a Korean soldier that is sent to Vietnam, and meets a Vietnamese woman, and falls in love, transcending destiny and nationality, playing the role of a Konjun who gives his all. Overflowing charisma is can be seen from the singing and performance.

Due to Junsu’s appearance (in the musical), at the point where tickets went on sale, the server went down for a moment, but 15,000 tickets were still snapped up within the first 5 minutes of sale.

With a preparation period of 3.5 years, while conducting interviews in 5 countries, Hungary, New York (USA), Canada, Czech and Japan, preparations for this musical have been underway. It will premiere on 1 February, at the National Theatre of Korea, Haeorum Theater.

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101221 “License” Japanese Talk Show Talks about Tohoshinki


This is a video clip from the Japanese talk show called “License” with two hosts Fujiwara Kazuhiro and Takafumi Inomoto. They’re a semi regular cast of the popular Japanese talk show Gaki No Tsukai.

In this clip, Fujiwara san (the guy wearing the blue flannel shirt_=) is talking about how he recently got into Tohoshinki fever. He tells the story of how one day he was flipping through channels and then on one channel he saw that Tohoshinki was on it.

First Thought: Pfftt who cares.
Second Thought: Actually wait, let’s check it out and see why they’re so popular.
So he watches the the show and the boys were singing one of their songs (didn’t specify which one) and he talks about how one person sings, then the next, and the next, and so on and then they come together and sing altogether. So this was his reaction
1st person: Hm, okay. Good japanese.
2nd person: Wow okay pretty good.
3rd person: Okay wow this is pretty awesome huh.
4th person: Man these people are too good.
The song lasted about 5 minutes but it’s been about 3 minutes into the song
5th person: I LOVE THEM.*starry eyed* THEY’RE SO GOOD AT SINGING! I was shocked!

Takafumi (guy wearing the sweatshirt): So you have Tohoshinki fever now huh?

Fujiwara: No, I’m not that bad. It’s not like I’ve downloaded their songs into my iPod yet.

Takafumi: Yea right, you’re just trying to save face I bet you have.

Fujiwara: So shocking though, they are so so GOOD! (He wouldn’t stop saying how good they were xD) And just now before the show started, I saw there was poster of them in the studio.

Takafumi: Oh yea it’s because they filmed a commercial.

Fujiwara: Yea so I was looking at the poster and I thought to myself “Wow if you look really closely, Tohoshinki exists everywhere!” *starry eyes* I was shocked!

Takafumi: You’ve got Tohoshinki fever man.

Fujiwara: But really. You know with these groups singers, it’s not really necessary to be actually good at singing to get popular. But with them it’s amazing because they are ACTUALLY good at singing! And coming from overseas too. Popular in Korea and in Japan. You know (pauses for dramatic effect) They are gods rising from the east man, it’s amazing. (serious look on his face, pretty hilarious xD) They even had a concert at Dome. (Asks if anyone in the audience went to Dome concert and a couple people raised hands) They’re good right?So good. (Asks audience but answers himself xD)

Takafumi: I’ve never really seen Tohoshinki. Maybe I should… (haha he’s getting convinced too)

Fujiwara: You really should. And they’re funny too. They had filmed a commercial…they do HAH!(yells as he keeps his leg up and reaches for it.xPP He’s trying to do the action Yunho does at the end of the Pinky CM when he jumps out of the billboard)

Audience laughs, everyone’s laughing. So funny because it didn’t really look like what Yunho had done xPPP

Takafumi: Are you crazy??? They would never do anything like that!

Fujiwara: Yes they do they do!! (so determined to make him believe it’s true xD)

Takafumi: No way, Tohoshinki would refuse doing something stupid like that.

And then Fujiwara starts explaining what happens in the commercial. How each of the boys have a line in the cm except for Yunho, and they ask for a line for Yunho from the director and Yunho ends up having to jump out of the billboard. Trying to convince Takafumi it’s true but ends up making himself look stupid because he keeps doing the jumping thing but it’s quite a fail hahaha. =D

Takafumi: No way, Tohoshinki would do something cooler like Hah~(lifts leg to side)

Fujiwara: No believe me! They don’t just sing awesome, they’re funny too man!

Yup, and then the clip ends with the Tohoshinki’s CM for Pinky. All Japanese readers, I advice you to watch this clip ‘cause it’s really funny!!!
Never underestimate the power of Tohoshinki!! =D

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Changmin’s Interview on Ray Magazine February 2011 Issue Interview (Q&A 26-50)

Q26: What type of fashion sense should a girl have?

I like a girl who’s able to suit a variety of fashion styles.

Although I think it would be rather hard to find a girl like that (laughs) If the girl is able to change her fashion styles ever so often, isn’t that a type of charm too?

Q27: Where would you like to go on your first date?

I would like to go to a theme park.

I’d like to experience going to a carnival as I’ve never had the chance before. And although I would really like to ride on the rollercoaster for once, I’d have to ask my girlfriend first. After all, it’s a date right?

Q28: What actions by a girl would make you feel happy?

When she calls me.

Especially when she has nightmares and she calls me. This way, I would feel that she relies on me and trusts me with her fears. I am important in her life.

Q29: How would you get over a break-up?

Eh…its quite hard to say. I think I’ll need a really long time to recover from it.

Until time heals everything, I think it would be rather difficult to forget about the relationship. I wouldn’t want to fall in love again until I’ve completely come to terms with it (laughs)

Q30: What is your favourite past time to date?


I really want to try fishing in the sea for once. Sitting in the boat, and releasing the line.. Being uninterrupted to do what I want. ( Fisherman Min~ :D )

Q31: Were you the one being rejected or the one rejecting others in your past relationships?

I was being rejected once.

It happened in my first relationship, and the experience it was terrible! (laughs)

Q32: What is the ideal type of man you want to mature to be like?

A man who believes in himself and follows his own dreams.

I want to become a man who has firm beliefs. I want to become someone who can stick to his beliefs whether or not the path ahead of him may or may not be arduous and smooth sailing.

Q33: Any actors whom you look up to?

Won Bin, Kimura Takuya and Kaneshiro Takeshi.

Q34: A director you would like to work with in the future?

Director Yukisada Xun.

I like to watch romance films like Love Story. The strong yearning for love in the movie left a deep impression on me.

Q35: Recent movies which you’ve watched and liked?


And Won Bin director’s new Korean movie entitled ‘Ahjusshi’. Like the film ‘LION’, anyone who has watched it would think it has a great storyline.

Q36: A movie which has left the greatest impression on you?

Brokeback Mountain ( American 2005 film)

It’s a really awesome romance movie as the actors were very expressive when they act. It allows the audience to feel like as though they were a part of the movie itself.

Q37: The most touching movie you’ve ever watched?

Gran Torino.

It’s directed by Clint Eastwood. I have ever cried until I had a headache for this film~ Another film is an Indian movie entitled ‘BLACK’, it made me cry a lot too.

Q38: What you dream of becoming when you were young?

Either a scientist or a DJ.

Q39: Your ideal career?

A DJ or a sports news reporter.

Being a DJ has been my dream since I was 10 so I have always wanted to go into that career. I have also found interviewing sportsmen to be rather interesting.

Q40: And your dream now is to be?

Just to build a cosy family.

Rather than becoming somebody who owns a lot of fortune and wealth, I’d rather invest on having a family, even though it might seem like a rather boring idea to some (laughs)

Q41: Do you like Tokyo?


The ambience of Tokyo is completely different than what we have in Seoul. I’m rather familiar with the lifestyle in Tokyo now.

Q42: The reason for liking Tokyo?

It feels like home.

When I’m there I won’t feel like as though that Japan is just another country very near Korea but rather, a place I can call home. The people there (the staff and places which I perform at) have also made me feel very welcomed.

Q43: The place you’ve been to which left the most impression on you?

Paris. ( yes as in Bonjour Paris with the other five T^T )

You can practically see no Koreans walking on the streets, and the atmosphere is also very different, making me feel as though I was just a random citizen walking on the streets. Maybe it was also because it was my first visit there? (Laughs)

Q44: Where would you like to go to if you had the chance?

I haven’t been there before, but I would like to go to New York.

Because it’s such a cosmopolitan city, there must be lots of exciting things to explore around there and I’m sure it’ll be fun if I had the chance to visit sometime.

Q45: If you were able to live a new leash of life who would you want to be?


Q46: Do you have any stories in which you’ve failed in your attempt to accomplish anything before?

This might shock you, but no I do not have any. (lol)

Q47: What has been the happiest thing you’ve experienced thus far?

My family and I moving house together after the 2nd year of my debut.

Q48: When do you most happy?

When I’m eating! ( This is sooo cm!)

Q49: What would you like most to have now?

Family, love and friends, a car and some clothes.

I would also like to have more of what I have now with me.

Q50: Lastly, would you like to greet your Japanese fans?

I would like to make everyone smile by showing a more different and diverse side of myself!

2010 has been a good experience for me overall, and I hope that in 2011 it would be even better! I would like to show the Japanese fans a wide range of dance moves and songs so that the happiness can be felt amongst everyone.

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