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101217 JYJ Jaejoong is Chosen as The World’s Most Popular Idol

JYJ member Jaejoong’s popularity strikes again.

Recently Taiwan Entertainment Magazine Pop published their chosen 50 most popular idol from South Korea, Taiwan, HongKong, China, and United States. Jaejoong stands out as he was selected as Korean singer with the highest popularity.

Jaejoong has been active recently with his fellow TVXQ members Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu under group JYJ in South Korea, China, Japan, and even United States while they showed off high popularity in all those countries. JYJ first album that was released on October 14th ‘The Beginning’ broke another record with 520,000 copies sold during pre-sale orders and was featured as the Top 5 in Billboard Readers’ Choice Award this year. Meanwhile in Japan, he’s also involved in a drama ‘Sunao Ni Narenakute’ which became hot topic and garnered a great interests from local audiences. Jaejoong signed contract with East Asia Entertainment Hong Kong, a top rate agency that manages Chinese star Andy Lau, with his new unit JYJ and formed an active solid fan base ever since.

All those achievements put the singer at the top rank of the most popular idol. Meanwhile at the same vote HanKyung from Super Junior was attracted everyone’s attention as he’s chosen as the most popular Chinese idol.

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101217 TVXQ Official – Message from Changmin

Hello everybody! I’m Choikang Changmin ^^

I went to watch the musical Trax’s Young Duk hyung is taking part in – ‘The Three Musketeers’.

Despite hearing of Jay hyung’s extremely busy schedule what with filming his drama and participating in activities with SM The Ballad, I thought he looked extremely handsome, sang amazingly and had an outstanding performance today in the musical.

There were also many other talented musical actors who took the show very seriously and I found myself completely drawn into the musical.

Although the whole ‘good always triumphs over evil’ theme was really obvious, it was heartwarming to watch as truth and reason prevailed once again…

Even though I’ve been so busy recently that I’m really quite drained, seeing Jay hyung’s wonderful stage and his charismatic acting today made me even more eager to take my place on stage again as soon as possible.

Jay hyung has been showing off good sides of himself in so many aspects lately and for some unknown reason, it’s really excited me ^^ Hahaha

In the near future, I’ll be stepping on stage once again. In order to show you all a charming image of myself, I seriously ought to prepare ^^

Please look forward to Dong Bang Shin Ki’s return.

The reason I’ve been so busy recently is to show you all a better side of myself.
Also, I hope you’ll support our Jay hyung~
Since he’s so cool, I feel like becoming a fan of his.

Everyone, fighting!!~

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101216 After 1.5 Years JYJ To Be On Broadcast TV – KBS Drama Acting Awards

[Seoul, 16 Dec, Yonhap News]  The unit JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu), comprising of the 3 members from TVXQ and who are still embroiled in a lawsuit with SM Entertainment over their exclusive contracts, will finally appear on a Korean broadcast TV after a period of 1.5 years.

On the 16th, an official from KBS announced that JYJ will be performing during the KBS2 live broadcast of the [KBS Drama Acting Awards] ceremony, on 31 December. They will be singing [Chajatta], the OST song for the drama [SungKyunKwan Scandal]. The official also said that JYJ member Yoochun, who starred in the same drama,  will also be attending the ceremony as a nominee for the Best New Actor award.

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101217 SME’s Lee Soo Man Sells Portion Of His Shares – Cashes In For 7.8 Billion Won

According to Yonhap News (17 December), Korean company SM Entertainment’s founder, and largest shareholder Lee Soo Man sold away a portion of his shares on 15 December, cashing in for about 7.8 billion won.

Korean Economic Investment Industry expressed on 16 December, that Lee Soo Man, on the 15th of this month, sold off 500,000 shares at the price of 15,671 won per share. This was approximately 7% lower than the closing price of 16,850 won from the previous day. In total, he received 7.83550 billion won.

Subsequently, Lee Soo Man’s share numbers have decreased from the original 4,541,465 shares to 4,041,465 shares. Even though he has fewer shares than before, but his current portion is valued at as much as 67 billion won, and is still the “Shareholder King” of the entertainment industry. It was reported that Lee Soo Man’s shares were bought by a foreign long-term funds company.

With regards to this issue, SME officials expressed that Lee Soo Man had sold off his shares due to personal reasons.

The report also pointed out that this year, thanks to the popularity of SNSD and other SM artists, SME’s share prices have boomed, from the annual low of 4,180 won per share in 2009 to a high of 22,800 won per share during trading on 2 November.

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101216 Prain CEO Tweets About JYJ’s Visit To Pure Arena

(Yeo Joon Yeong) Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu came and had lunch at Pure Arena and stayed for five hours before leaving just now. Their menu consisted of steak, pasta and rice topped with sashimi. Just like what Junsu wrote on the cafe wall says, the three of them enjoyed the tofu-shake we gave them @mjjeje

(Yeo Joon Yeong) The three’s words of blessing.
We leave after a great interview.. I recommend the tofu-shake!! (Junsu)
I tried this and that and drank everything!
They’re all really, really tasty!
The people are so nice too!
I hope all the happy people here become ever more happy!
I’ll be back for a drink!
Prain is the best. (Jaejoong)

(jejezeze) @yeojy Please tell us which member ate what food~^^
(Yeo Joon Yeong) @jejezeze We prepared steak, pasta and sashimi for them to share so they all ate all three dishes. But Jaejoong said he wanted to eat rice, so I made the rice topped with sashimi for him myself, and he emptied the bowl saying it was declicious.
(Yeo Joon Yeong) They’re Johnny Walker Blues. They said they’d be back so I gifted them with the brand of alcohol they liked and we’re keeping them for the two. Junsu said he doesn’t drink so we gave him a free-tofu-shakes-for-eternity pass.

(Yeo Joon Yeong) @GYULANI “Wow it’s amazing, the tofu tastes fruity.” This is what Jaejoong said to the other members when he drank the shake.

(Yeo Joon Yeong) Jaejoong (@mjjeje ) at purearena.

(Yeo Joon Yeong) Junsu @purearena.

(Yeo Joon Yeong) Yoochun @purearena.

(Yeo Joon Yeong) Lastly, one more picture of Jaejoong reading a book. I told him to pick a book he wished to read and he chose a book by Alain de Botton. You’ll see the rest of the photos in news articles.

Source: [Yeo Joon Young’s Twitter]
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101217 TVXQ’s Surprising Sales In Japan..’129 Billion Won’

Group TVXQ ranked second in Japan’s album and DVD sales rankings this year.

According to the ’2010 Artistes’ Total Sales Ranking’ (tallied up till November 22nd), released by Oricon Biz Online on the 6th, TVXQ ranked second behind popular Japanese group Arashi. By ranking higher than Japan’s representative groups such as AKB48, Ikimono-gakari, EXILE, Kat-tun and Koda Kumi, TVXQ maintained their pride as the only Korean group amongst the groups.

It was found that TVXQ raked in sales of 9,411,500,000 Yen through singles, albums and DVD releases this year, which amounts to approximately 129 billion Won.

Their accomplishments predicted such an achievement beginning with their single ‘Break Out’, which was released in January and sold over 250,000 copies in five days, making TVXQ the foreign artiste with the most singles ranked #1 on the weekly charts (7 times).

Also, their ‘Best Selection 2010′ album sold 413,000 copies in a week in February and their DVDs, such as their ‘TVXQ History in Japan Special’, were very popular as well.

TVXQ were able to prove that their popularity in Japan has not changed as they were able to achieve such feats although they have not been active due to YoungWoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu’s legal dispute with SM Entertainment.

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Inkigayo’s Homepage Is Flooded With Complaints “Why Isn’t JYJ Performing
“We request that JYJ appear on Inkigayo”

Netizens’ voices calling for JYJ’s appearance on TV are growing in number and strength.

The Viewers’ Opinion thread and the Appearance Request thread on the SBS’ Inkigayo homepage are filled with fans’ posts asking for JYJ’s appearance on the show. These requests first began in October when JYJ released their first album ‘The Beginning’ and have been appearing every week since then.

When it became known that JYJ, who have been unable to appear on TV due to their legal dispute with SM Entertainment, will appear as invitational guests at the KBS Drama Acting Awards on the 31st, 230 requests for JYJ’s appearance on Inkigayo flooded in, in one day on December 13th. Netizens were spotted stating things such as, “If JYJ are going to appear on stage at the KBS Drama Acting Awards, then isn’t it time for SBS to open their doors too?”

There are no apparent reasons that broadcasting companies can give to deny JYJ appearances on music programs. Netizens stated, “Their songs are good and their album sales are too, so I don’t see why we can’t see them or hear their voices on TV,” and “I hope they are able to appear. As many viewers wish for their appearance, I hope you listen to the voices of your viewers.”

Fans’ complaints increased rapidly on the 15th when JYJ’s song ‘Ayyy Girl’ suddenly disappeared from Inkigayo’s ‘Take 7′ Nominees list.

JYJ fans seemed to be taken aback as they were unable to understand why JYJ were suddenly excluded from the Take 7 Nominees list. It is being speculated that this occurred due to the Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Art Industry (KFPCAI)’s request in October to broadcasting companies, asking them to deny JYJ appearance on their shows. The KFPCAI stated that allowing JYJ to be active, even though they have not finished their legal dispute with SM Entertainment, would bring problems to the entertainment industry as it would disrupt order within the industry.

The voices requesting JYJ’s appearance on music programs are continuing to rise, but Inkigayo’s side is staying silent and adding to the frustration of the situation.

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