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DBSK’s Changmin and Yunho to release song for “Athena” OST

Taewoon Entertainment stated that Changmin and Yunho participated in Athena’s OST. They are scheduled for a full-fledged comeback in January. The two member group will join to sing for the OST of Athena: Goddess of War, just before their comeback.

Taewoon Entertainment explained that TVXQ’s OST song has a fast, strong beat, energetic beat and powerful vocals to match with Athena’s action and harmony. They will be joining artists such as Girls Generation leader, Taeyeon, and Brown Eyed Soul for the OST track.

The IRIS spin-off drama has received enormous support on their first episode, receiver over 20% in views. The “top drama” is expected to continue with such pace.

Are you looking forward to the new OST track by DBSK?

Credit: + Daum