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101214 MASTER POST – JYJ Twitter Update

This post will be updated throughout the day with tweets by Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu ^^
A time will be added with each tweet as our translators will not always be able to provide instant translations
This post includes tweets from 6am KST, December 14th to 5:59am KST, December 15th.

Jaejoong tweets deep
(Jaejoong) Always with a humble heart (7:41am KST)

Junsu tweets deeper
(Junsu) Shade..and the leisurely relaxation within it..Fresh air.. This shade that has been bestowed upon us couldn’t be one that warns of sorrows to come.. It has to be an opportunity given to us by the look back and reflect more.. to think of the reason for the existence of all things, even those so small that we could easily be brushing them off lightly right now.. (7:42pm KST)

Love is in the air for the birthday boy^^
(Jaejoong) I love you, Junsu ^^ (12:12am KST)

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Allow me to greet our beloved sexy dolphin boy before his special day ends:


I wish you all the best!
Thank you for your hardwork and for sharing your beautiful voice and your brilliance in music to us, your fans! We love you! <3


Yay! Finally we’ll get to see them perform on TV! Wooohooo! :D

KBS confirms JYJ’s performance for the ‘2010 Drama Awards’

Last week, JYJ’s first broadcast appearance in Korea via KBS’s “2010 Drama Awards” was reported to be under discussion.

Recently, a representative from KBS’s drama team confirmed on December 14th that JYJ will be performing “Found You” – a track from the “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” OST – for December 31st.

Representatives of JYJ and KBS were said to have argued over the number of songs to be performed in the beginning, but both sides ended up agreeing to KBS’s initial request for a one-song congratulatory performance.

JYJ met with various obstacles in October after the release of their debut album, “The Beginning“, due to legal issues with SM Entertainment. Yet KBS came forward and requested their appearance, reasoning that Yoochun was one of the leading stars for its drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”, and that JYJ sang the OST for it.

This performance may allow future opportunities for the boys to perform in additional public venues.

Source + Photos: SPN via Nate + allkpop

101214 JYJ’s Official Website In 4 Languages – To Open 24 December 2010!

The group JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) has prepared an official website ( for their fans as a Christmas gift, with the promotional teaser video revealed 10 days before the opening.

The teaser video starts off with footage of fans who were waiting for their first concert, at the Seoul Olympic Stadium on 27 and 28 November, to begin, as well as exciting footage from the live.

These words then appear: “You’ve waited for really long, right? This is a Christmas gift for you!” and this is followed by JYJ members appearing to indicate that the JYJ website is open. JYJ’s humorous and interesting introduction raises one’s expectations for the official opening of the site.

This website acts as both C-jes’ official site and JYJ’s official fan site. It is planned that this site will be used as the platform for communication between the JYJ members and their fans, as well as a site for the fans to show their support for JYJ.

This website is JYJ’s Christmas gift to their fans and it will open on 24 December. For the sake of all their fans in Asia, there will be 4 language functions, including Korean.

On the day that the JYJ website officially opens, unseen pictures and footage of JYJ activities during this period of time will be unveiled.

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Here are some promo pics for Jusu’s newest musical “Tears of Heaven”.

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Some pics from Yunho and Changmin’s new album.

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Why are their eyes made up that way? I don’t like the way they put make-up on their eyes, although I must admit I love their hairstyles. Anybody knows what their concept really is?

Xiah Junsu’s contract for ‘Tears of Heaven’ musical revealed

A confirmation photo of Xiah Junsu’s musical contract for ‘Tears of Heaven‘ has been revealed in order to clarify speculations on his performance wage for the musical.

According to the contract, Xiah Junsu was contracted to receive $7,000 USD for each of his 10-20 performances.

Xiah Junsu expressed,

“Vague rumors regarding the performance fees are ungrounded. I feel it is just a great honor for me to work alongside world-renown maestro Frank Wildhorn and other respected stars. I like how the music has both classic and pop elements.

“These days, the musical market is greatly diminishing, and I have great interest in original Korean musicals with global aims. Even though a lot of Korean movies and music have already advanced into the global market, there aren’t a lot of cases for Korean musicals. I felt that ‘Tears of Heaven’ was such a great musical that it could succeed internationally, which is why I decided to help in its investments.”

Not only is ‘Jekyll & Hyde‘ director Frank Wildhorn a part of the production staff, but the director of ‘Sweeney Todd‘, Gabriel Barre, has signed on as well. Worldwide famous musical star Brad Little will also be acting alongside Korean actors for ‘Tears of Heaven’>

Credit: allkpop
Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

101214 Yoochun’s “Noona Fans” Donate KRW10,000,000 To Boy With Burn Injuries

“Noona fans” of Yoochun, from the group JYJ, donated KRW10,000,000 to a boy who had burn injuries.

According to a JYJ official, Yoochun’s fanclub ‘Blessing・Yoochun’ donated KRW10,000,000 to the burns foundation in the Hanlim Institute of Social Welfare on 9 December, for the treatment of 12-year-old Park Hyun Bin, who suffers from burns, scoliosis, and is danger of other secondary disorders.

Park had not been receiving treatment due to his family situation, but thanks to the assistance from Yoochun’s fans, he is now receiving treatment at Hangang Sacred Heart Hospital.

‘Blessing・Yoochun’ is made up of fans who are 10 years and above older than Yoochun; fans who are in their 30s-40s. The official said, “Through voluntary donation, the fans from ‘Blessing・Yoochun’ collected KRW10,000,000. They also visited Park when they made the donation and gifted him with winter clothes.”

‘Blessing・Yoochun’ said, “Henceforth, we also plan to continue doing a broad range of activities in Yoochun’s name. As ‘noona fans’ who love Yoochun, there will be more donation activities and volunteer activities.”

t/n: KRW10,000,000 = ~USD$8,755

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