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Xiah Junsu of Tears of Heaven have confrontation with Cho Seungwoo of ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’. The result?

Xiah-Junsu who is cast in the role of JoonHyung won’t avoid to have confrontation with Cho Seungwoo of ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’.

On Dec. 10, in a telephone call with SSTV, the officers of Kim Junsu said “He will appear in a musical ‘Tears of Heaven’.”.
“‘Tears of Heaven’ is made by Seol Doyoon the representative of Seol & company and Kim Kwangsoo the representative of Core contents media. It’ll aim at global market including Asia as a ‘global project’, and will be performed on Feb. 1. next year.

Because ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’ will be performed until March, Xiah-Junsu and Cho Seung-woo will have the fight as a musical actor. Through the first musical ‘Mozart’, xiah Junsu got the Rookie of the year in ‘The Musical Awards’ and then he became ‘New star of the musical industry’. Cho Seungwoo is truly the most popular and famous musical star in Korea. So people are focused on the result that the competition will make between Junsu and Seungwoo.

Meanwhile, On Dec. 13, a production report conference of ‘Tears of Heaven’ that describes great love of a man crossing the destiny will be held at a hotel of Kangnam in Seoul, and will expect to announce the lineup of cast, officially.

source: sstv
trans: the youngest Min