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U-Know’s Congrats Message to his Japanese fansite ‘Close to Yoonho’

To. Close to Yoonho

Congratulations to website’s 4th Anniversary!
Remembering about the past, I think it is the most precious gift,
Comparing to the time spent together, from now on I hope everyone become more happy~
To every fans, I wish we can do more together in the future!

– U.Know –

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If JYJ Do Appear On ‘KBS Drama Acting Awards’?… “They Can’t Sing Two Songs”

JYJ, whose three members are formerly from the group TVXQ, have been nominated to perform at the ‘2010 KBS Drama Acting Awards’.

Lee Kang Hyun, the KBS Drama EP, met with our reporter at a restaurant in Seoul on the 7th and stated, “It is true that JYJ have been written down for consideration as singers invited to perform at the 2010 KBS Drama Acting Awards,” but kept cautious as he said, “However, it has not been confirmed or finalized yet.”

Following this, he explained that, “If JYJ do appear on stage, they will sing one song just like all the other singers,” and “JYJ’s side asked if JYJ could sing two songs, the ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ O.S.T ‘Found You’ and another group piece, but they cannot sing more than one song as we must keep it fair for all singers.”


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Honestly, I don’t care if they sing one or two song. As long as they get to make a TV appearance again, I’m ok with it. I just badly want to see them perform again.

101208 JYJ’s KBS’ ‘Drama Acting Awards’ Appearance… Is It Happening Or Not?

KBS Drama Acting Awards Representative States, “JYJ’s Appearance Is Virtually Set..
We’re Currently Deciding On The Number Of Songs”

It has been found that the appearance of group JYJ, comprised of Park Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu, in the 2010 KBS Drama Acting Awards is virtually set.

A high-position representative in the KBS drama sector basically set off the countdown to JYJ’s first TV appearance when he said, “Though it has not been confirmed 100% that JYJ will perform a celebratory number at the awards ceremony, we are currently deciding upon the number of songs JYJ will sing with their side.”

This representative continued to explain that, “We pushed forward with this celebratory performance by JYJ as Yoochun left quite an impression on everyone with his acting in the KBS2 drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ and as the drama’s theme song ‘Found You’, sung by JYJ, had a positive reception from viewers.”

It has been said that the two sides are deciding whether JYJ should be allowed to sing one song or two or more songs.

If JYJ are able to stand on stage at the KBS Drama Acting Awards, this will be their first domestic TV appearance since the formation of their group.

Though the trio, from the group TVXQ, released their first album ‘The Beginning’ in October, they have not been able to actively perform due to their problems with SM Entertainment.

JYJ’s troubles escalated when the Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Art Industry sent an official document to broadcasting and cable companies, as well as online and offline album distribution companies, urging them to restrict JYJ’s activities. This was the reason why JYJ’s celebratory performance at the Blue Dragon Film Awards on the 26th fell through at the last minute.

Fans are highly anticipating this appearance at the KBS Drama Acting Awards as this may be the catalyst that allows JYJ to appear on TV broadcasting companies’ shows in Korea.

On the other hand, JYJ are currently on a break after their ‘Worldwide Concert in Seoul’ that was held at the Jamshi Olympic Stadium on the 27th and 28th.

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I really hope this will push through. I miss watching them perform on TV! I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this! ;)

101209 MASTER POST – JYJ Twitter Update

This post will be updated throughout the day with tweets by Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu ^^
A time will be added with each tweet as our translators will not always be able to provide instant translations
This post includes tweets from 6am KST, December 9th to 5:59am KST, December 10th.

A God amongst the Commoners
(Yoochun) Hm hm~ (3:50pm KST)

Fans have Cat Fever, Jaejoong is like WTF;;;

(Jaejoong) Can you see them, these black cats. (4:13pm KST)
haha (4:15pm KST) How could you not love this kid?
^^ haha (6:04pm KST)

Freedom felt at the top of a mountain!!! (6:09pm KST)

Guilt-tripping tag team unite to get Yoochun to take you out next time! X)
@6002theMicky Yoochun, are you having fun..?ㅠㅠ (8:27pm KST)
@0101xiahtic Junsu, I didn’t know about it either.. He went without telling us.. Euk.. (8:29pm KST)

First a Puppy, now a Kitty
Santa JiJi^^ (9:57pm KST)

lol He’s Totally out to make Yoochun feel guilty
@mjjeje Yoochun left the two of us behind ㅠ (12:17am KST)

Lol They’re Kids, I tell you, Kids! So cute you
@0101xiahtic He’s going to regret it! Junsu, let’s plan our strategy haha (2:29am KST)

So this just Reaffirms that Jaejoong likes taking pictures of anything that sleeps
JiJi looks like.. he’s become Tom from Tom and Jerry (2:39am KST)

And he wonders why 70% of Fans’ Gifts are for JiJi.. *rolls eyes*
JiJi’s seriously considering his options.. (2:44am KST)

*inserts dramatic music*
He has chosen.. (2:50am KST)

Okay is he doing this right now? cus it’s like 3am -__-
One shot of Steam JiJi~ (3:00am KST)

Take pity on the poor child asking for pity…. pfft
@mjjeje Is this what you do when you’re at home alone? lol (3:01am KST)
@Jaeyoung15 Aren’t I so pitiful.. Now that I’ve slowly begun to start work.. The only place I can hang out is at home ..ㅜㅠ (3:04am KST)

(Michelle) @mjjeje You seem to be having fun…. It’s cute..kekeke (3:02am KST)
Oh, it’s you, Noona. Noona, is everything in LA all good? (3:08am KST)

FINALLY. Go sleep you sleep-deprived child
Goodnight everyone. Bye^^ (3:13am KST)

@mjjeje Yeah… Jaejoong! I’m feeling great right now! Come to LA soon.. The weather’s nice. Let’s go eat something delicious together (3:12am KST)
@mipatisserie Yes, let’s go eat something delicious. The Korean food in LA is so good~! I want to see John hyung soon~^^ Anyway, it’s early in the morning in Korea ㅜ I’m going to bed now~ (3:15am KST)

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OMG, JaeJoong has found a new “model”! Jiji is surely overexposed on Twitter already! Hahaha!

And LOL at JaeJoong and Junsu for trying to make Yoochun feel guilty. But it looks like Yoochun isn’t feeling it at all! Hahaha! :D