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101202 MASTER POST – JYJ Twitter Update

This post will be updated throughout the day with tweets by Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu ^^
A time will be added with each tweet as our translators will not always be able to provide instant translations
This post includes tweets from 6am KST, December 2nd to 5:59am KST, December 3rd.

Yes Jaejoong, please start putting photos up Please!
(Jaejoong) Driver Micky~~ (1:50pm KST)

Looks Gorgeous♥ Yoochun gets Poetic
(Yoochun) Yesterday’s…..passing dream (4:31pm KST)

Junsu Quotes his Song, Gets me Teary
(Junsu) Leaves… You said for us to be together as we walked across the fallen leaves..You, who has swallowed my heart….. You promised eternity.. To our dreams that were blindingly beautiful… All this is right now, is a hardship we must face..Right..? (6:36pm KST)
They say that when a heavy darkness passes, the early morning comes that much quicker.. Though we are like a fallen flower right now.. Let’s start again.. (6:37pm KST)

So deep, Our Junsu has matured so much ;A;
(Junsu) Though destiny is keeping us far apart for now…Our memories that we have fused within are so deep that I could not trade them for the world.. (6:48pm KST)

But bb needs to stop this ‘tweet as soon as she’s posted translations’ thing
(Junsu) The trembling (of our hearts) that we felt then.. Let’s treasure it forever..Because even though I can’t see you right now because you’ve been hidden by reality..I will find you.. (6:50pm KST)
Undoubtedly.. (6:50pm KST)

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Awww… Junsu’s tweets and the picture posted by Yoochun makes me want to cry. :(


101127 Hyunjoong: “Lived With Jaejoong & Rival Yoochun Is A Drinking Buddy”

Kim Hyunjoong’s close friends are mostly stars of the entertainment world and includes JYJ’s Youngwoong Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun, Big Bang’s TOP and actors Lee Minho, Kim Bum and more.

Youngwoong Jaejoong:

Even while TVXQ and SS501 were enjoying the peak of their popularity at the same period of time, they still had kind words for one another and were never mean to each other.

From the tiring trainee period onwards, enduring their difficulties together; the friendship built out of that did not change. In 2009, both of them challenged acting through “Postman to Heaven” and “Boys Over Flowers”.

In January 2010, both took time out of their schedule to travel in Canada. While having a holiday in Vancouver, Canada, they made their New Year resolutions and enjoyed their time of rest. The two of them are like twins and even lived in the same apartment.

Previously, when Kim Hyunjoong’s contract with DSP ended, there were rumours abound that the two of them will work together.

Micky Yoochun:

Because of the close relationship between Kim Hyunjoong and Youngwoong Jaejoong, he naturally became friends with Micky Yoochun. When their schedules coincide, the three of them would meet at the roadside stalls near their homes for a drink.

Recently, because of Micky Yoochun’s “SungKyunKwan Scandal” and Kim Hyunjoong’s “Mischievous Kiss”, they were pitted against each other in the “Best friends’ battle”. Both expressed: “We were happy that the time slots did not coincide but it turned out that it did, so we think we probably won’t be able to meet each other face to face for a few years.”

The two had kind words for the other’s acting and didn’t forget their friendship. Kim Hyunjoong said, “From the time we debuted as TVXQ and SS501, we were said to be competitors, so it seems like we’re fated to be rivals” and also “Before the drama began, we encouraged one another and when it ended we had a drink together, but since then, we haven’t met.”

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101202 JYJ Is Featured On CHANNEL [V] As ‘Breakout Artist’ In December


Korean boy band JYJ is breaking into the international music scene as the Breakout Artist of CHANNEL [V] in December. Arguably formed by three members of the biggest selling male vocal group in Asia TVXQ, JYJ took their first step towards the West in October with their global debut album The Beginning.

The Beginning marks a first for the boys’ English-language album which combines the efforts of an impressive team of A-list US producers. Music producer Rodney Jerkins, who worked with Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, composed two songs for the album. Grammy Award-winner Kanye West joined the band on the album’s first single Ayyy Girl as well, depicting the pursuit of a perfect girl but when you find her, things will never be as perfect as you expect.The boys also each composed a song for the album– Still in Love by Jaejung, I Can Soar by Junsu and I Love You by Yuchun.

Soon after the release of The Beginning, JYJ kicked off their worldwide tour to South Korea, South East Asia and the United States in October and November.

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“Tohoshinki” here refers to Yunho and Changmin.

One thing I noticed. They’re gonna release it on JaeJoong’s birthday. :)

101202 New Tohoshinki Single To Be Released On 26 January 2011

Title of CD: TBC
Jacket cover: TBC

On sale: 2011.01.26

■CD+DVD【First Press・Normal】
Price: 1,890円(tax included)
Product #: AVCK-79022/B

Title TBC 1
Title TBC 2
4 versions of these 2 tracks will be included

Title TBC 1(PV)
Off Shot Movie
※Included in First Press

【Limited First Press】
Jacket-sized card included (1 of 6 designs will be randomly inserted)
DVD Off Shot Movie

■CD【First Press・Normal】
Price: 1,050円(tax included)
Product #: AVCK-79023

Title TBC 1
Title TBC 2
TBC (Remix)
5 versions of these 2 tracks will be included

【Limited First Press】
Jacket-sized card included (1 of 6 designs will be randomly inserted)
Gorgeous 12-page booklet included

※Contents are subject to changes. We thank you for your understanding.
※We will inform you once the details of the mu-mo Shop Limited Bigeast Original version is finalized.

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Hahaha! Chungrish! :))

Park Yoochun ranked no.1 in the poll of “best translator”

A survey was done online from 23th to 30th to find out “Which male artiste will most likely succeed with a role as an English translator?”.

Park Yoochun who migrated to the United States when he was in the 6th grade in elementary school, stayed there before his debut and also has an amazing command of English. He won the first place with a whopping 43.6% in this survey with 2715 votes out of the total 6221 .

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120210 Min Young Gi, “Xiah Junsu, he is, outstanding even as a musical actor”

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101201 JYJ Seoul Concert Contributed Huge Economic Ripple Effects with Ten Billions Value Added

Male group JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) showed off powerful tickets power on the foreign fans, and once again proved that they’re still the central point of Hallyu wave.

In commemoration of the release of their worldwide album ‘The Beginning’, JYJ announced to conduct the large scale two days concert on last 27th and 28th at Seoul Jamsil Olympic Stadium entitled ‘JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul’.

There were around 3000 international fans came visiting South Korea in order to watch the concert from Japan, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, and other Asian countries, while there were also fans coming from United States and Europe. Due to these fans’ visit, the local tourism market in November finally got the long-awaited boost.

JYJ concert was even mentioned in a tourism industry magazine prior to the D-day, “There are expected as many as 20,143 Japanese visitors will come to South Korea. JYJ’s Seoul concert that will be held on November 27th and 28th is the large factor.” Another tourism official said, “Out of 4,113 people, at least 2,500 are ‘Hallyu Tourists’ who come to watch JYJ’s concert.” The group’s immense popularity can be proven on these statements.

In fact at the day of concert, five hours before the concert started a lot of fans from all over nations already gathered at Jamsil Olympic Stadium. There were fans especially from Japan, China, Thailand, Philippines, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and many other fans from around the world were wandering around at the venue area, transforming the concert event to be an international festival instead. Inside the concert venue, there were also guidances written in China and Japan, added even more feeling of watching an international event.

A travel agency official who was spotted at the scene, commented, “People who are watching this concert has been the cause of the growing number of tourists in South Korea.” and “JYJ have always proven their power as Hallyu stars, they’ve been doing this great job from all these times.”

He also revealed, “Due to the flock of tourists in Seoul, it was really difficult to do advance reservation at downtown hotels (around the date). Probably through this concert a ripple economic effects values about ten billion won would have occured.”

In meantime, it was only a month ago these JYJ stage performances received a comment as “JYJ activities must give bad influence to Hallyu.” from Korean Federation of Pop Culture (in short, Munsan) who sent requests to local and cable broadcasters to refrain from distributing the appearance of JYJ on their programs, thus stood in negative position.

Munsan sent a memorandum to each local station on last October 11th, “(JYJ’s TV appearances, etc) would throw cold water to South Korea’s cultural Hallyu wave and the country image as a whole.” and also, “Our popular Hallyu wave culture will walk on degradation (due to JYJ)” as they pointed out.

However, looking from the result which JYJ achieved this month in Seoul, as well as other 6 Asian cities in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, China, and also 3 major cities in United States through the group’s previous showcase tour that successfully mobilized thousands number of international fans had become evidences to put the weak published claim of Munsan to the ground, also giving proof of the group’s huge ticket power.

credit: todaykorea