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JYJ’s Seoul concert had a mammoth economic impact

Through JYJ’s ‘Worldwide Concert in Seoul’, held recently on November 27th and 28th, the trio once again showcased their popularity among international fans, and proved why they are considered the central axis of the Hallyu Wave.

A total of 3000 international fans flew into Korea to watch the show, including fans from Japan, China, Taiwan, and Malaysia, as well as those in America and Europe. Due to this, flight agencies were able to see a visible bump up in sales for November 2010.

One magazine company in the tourism industry stated before JYJ’s concert, “2143 of JYJ’s Japanese tourists will fly into Korea in November, with JYJ’s Korean concerts on the 27th and 28th having a huge influence on this.” Another representative of a tourist agency expressed, “Of the 4,113 tourists our company is serving, 2,500 are tourists who came to watch JYJ’s concert.”

A horde of fans gathered at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium five hours before the concert even began. The concert venue transformed into a global festival, where fans from Japan, China, Thailand, the Philippines, America, England, and Germany were able to meet.

“The number of tourists entering Korea made a great jump upwards because of this concert. Through this, JYJ have proved their power and devotion as Hallyu stars,” explained a tourist agency representative at the concert venue.

They continued, “It got to the point where it became difficult for travelers to book rooms at hotels in Seoul. This concert would probably have raked in an economic value between $800,000 to $8 million USD.”

Meanwhile, just under two months ago, representatives of the Korean Entertainment Producers Association stated that, “JYJ’s activities will have a negative influence on the Hallyu Wave”, and sent out letters of request to various public and cable TV shows, asking them to avoid broadcasting JYJ on TV.

Despite this, JYJ have been traveling for the past month to six cities in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and China, as well as three of the biggest cities in America, in order to hold the concerts for their worldwide showcase, which attracted an enormous international fan base and thus proved wrong the flimsy allegations against their negative influence on the Hallyu effect.

Source: Today Korea
Credit: Allkpop


101130 Behind the Scenes of JYJ’s The Beginning tour: an interview with Shane Yoon

APA talks with Shane Yoon and Arden Cho about their experiences as MCs of JYJ’s US showcase tour.

by Mai Nguyen

Date Published: 11/30/2010

Shane Yoon and Arden Cho. Photos courtesy of Shane Yoon and

There was still a few hours to go before the concert would start, but at USC’s Galen Center, the LA venue for JYJ’s The Beginning Tour, there was already a seemingly never-ending line of fans, all excitedly chatting amongst themselves while waiting in the cold for the doors to open. I was immediately reminded of the intense fanaticism of every other Korean music event I’ve attended, and I thought to myself, “Ah, this is the power of K-pop.”

Before the highly anticipated showcase, Shane Yoon and Arden Cho took some time to chat about their role in the madness. As MCs of the LA show, their tasks included introducing the performers, conducting a Q&A with the musical trio onstage, and to keep the show running smoothly.

Known for his role in the comical web series KTown Cowboys, Yoon is an “actor, MC, producer, thinker of funny thoughts and mentally unique,” according to his Twitter. Model/actress Cho has recently modeled for Clinique and was recently the female lead in Ryan Higa’s medium film Agents of Secret Stuff.

Asia Pacific Arts: How did you both become MCs for JYJ?

Shane Yoon: I’m a good friend of Rich Nam, the head of Entitled Entertainment and he just called me asking if I would be interested in MC-ing for JYJ. I said, “Yeah, sure that’d be cool.”

Arden Cho: And then they found me on the street.

SY: Actually, we put an ad on Craigslist [laughs]. No, he asked me if I knew a female MC who was fluent in Korean ’cause mine isn’t 100% there, and well, [I thought] it’d be nice to have a guy and a girl on stage. For New York, they found Julie Chang. She’s a Fox News reporter, so that was taken care of, and for Las Vegas and Los Angeles, I recommended Arden…[jokes] to my regret.

APA: Were you familiar with JYJ before the tour?

SY: No, when Rich called me, I had no idea. So, I looked them up online and found out they were from a bigger group who I’d heard of before called Dong Bang Shin Ki (동방신기).

AC: Now, he’s a huge fan!

SY: I didn’t know who they were, so I started listening to some of their songs and thought, “Uhh, they’re okay.” They seemed like a flash in the pan boy band that broke off from another boy band. It wasn’t until I arrived in New York and saw 4,000 people waiting in line that I realized something was different. I was amazed by the diversity of their fan base. It wasn’t just all Asian kids like I thought it would be. There were people from 12 years old to older ladies in their 40s. [laughs] I was amazed at how much support they have from an international fan base. There were people who flew in from Canada, Japan and South America. It was nuts!

AC: I think it’s really interesting to see the diversity. I was really impressed. Actually, I think I saw less Asian people at the Vegas show. People assume that since it’s a K-pop concert, everybody would be Korean, but that’s not the case at all.

SY: Even my mom’s a JYJ fan.

APA: Was she overjoyed when you got the job?

SY: She’s been calling me nonstop, like four times a day. Nothing about me though. She’d ask, “What’s going on with JYJ?” And I’m like “Umm… I’m in the bathroom right now.” [laughs]

APA: Can you describe JYJ as performers and what they’re like in regular life?

SY: I grew up with K-pop artists, and I hear of all these crazy contracts for entertainers, where you can’t do anything you want. So, I was expecting them to be a little bit snobby and spoiled, but they have great personalities and are very humble. They work so hard, and each of them has been sick on this tour, but they still try to go sightseeing, get up early for all their interviews and put on great concerts. You can tell already they’ve had great shows. They really feed off the energy of the crowd. They’re real performers — the real deal.

AC: I think they are definitely so much more down to earth than people think. They’re all very funny and quirky in their own different ways. They’re boys and regular people who want to have fun and want others to have fun too.

SY: Did you watch Micky Christmas? That shows you what type of people they are [laughs].

APA: Do you have any stories to share about them?

AC & SY: Hmm… what can we tell you…

APA: There are that many secret stories?

SY: One thing about Junsu that I find really endearing is that he’s so curious about learning the English language.

AC: OH MY GOD SUN! [signature Junsu Engrish phrase]

SY: He’s been asking me a lot of questions about English and how to correctly use certain things, and he’s really serious about it. He really wants to speak the English language well. Maybe it’s ’cause of years and years of people laughing at him for it [laughs].

AC: It’s so cute! I’ll say things like “Oh, never mind,” and he’ll ask “What does that mean?” And I’ll be like “Oh no no, the word directly translated in Korean means something different, so it’s hard to explain.” He eventually got it and was like “Oh, so it’s like this!” and he got really excited about it.

APA: How has interacting with the JYJ fans been?

[Will from Entitled Entertainment walks in]

Will: Fan clubs are so nice. They call us and say they want to help out the staff, not just JYJ. In New York, they offered to cook for the staff. Even though we had everything taken care of, they still want to do it. Normally, fans clubs want to have stuff signed, but it was surprising to see them offering to help us, the staff.

AC: They really want to support anybody who helps JYJ. After the first show, JYJ had a few anti-fans, but the fans comforted them saying, “Don’t be sad. Don’t worry about that one crazy who hates you.” Their number one concern is JYJ’s health and well-being and them having fun in the U.S. A lot of fans are obsessed with getting photos and signatures, but these fans are very caring, intimate and loving.

SY: Lots of fans kept talking about a flying squirrel on my Twitter, and I was like “What?” In JYJ’s main picture on iTunes, Micky is wearing this big sweater thing, and it makes him look like a flying squirrel. [laughs] They’re smart and witty, not dumb fans that scream at everything. Well, they do scream a lot. [laughs] I try to read every single response I get. I think without the fans we wouldn’t have the entertainment industry at all.

APA: I’ve noticed that you’ve created a mini-internet explosion on Twitter with your tweets.

SY: Kind of shocked me too. Just started with Allkpop writing an article about how Arden and I will MC for the show, and they posted our twitter accounts. My phone updates me every time I get a follower, and although I charged it, my phone was almost dead because I got 600 followers overnight. Before, I only had 100 just to test and see what Twitter was all about. Now, I have over 5,000.

AC: I think [JYJ] got excited too when the fans were following us.

SY: We became unofficial correspondents, and we were able to take the fans behind the scenes. I don’t think many of the fans have gotten to meet them, except the select few who ran into them in the hotel lobby.

AC: We do tell JYJ what the fans say, and they love hearing it. They have so many followers that if they respond to one, then the others might want a response too. It’s not easy, but they do love hearing what the fans have to say.

APA: Will you still continue with Twitter after the tour is over?

SY: When I got so many followers overnight, I thought they were just following me because of JYJ, but if I introduce my style of comedy and who I am as a person, they might stick with me after the concert. I thought once the concert is done, maybe they’ll leave, but I’ve gotten really good reactions. I’m trying to hijack their fan base to MY fan base. [laughs] It’s been a good meshing of two worlds. I think I’m attracting a lot of fans that are primarily English speakers, since the boys tweet in Japanese and Korean and rarely in English. I think the fans appreciate that we update in English in a humorous way. I’ve tried to push the envelope and see what I can get away with, since Korea is really sensitive about certain things. For example, I tweeted “I’m gonna head out to rehearsals after I shower with JYJ.” Obviously, I’m not going to shower with JYJ, [AC interjects: Actually he did.] but fans love that, the fact that I’m saying nonsensical things.

APA: From what I gather, Elbowyeish (John) is a Twitter user who hides behind the guise of an egg and also tweets updates on JYJ. Can you tell me more about the mystery man?

AC: It’s not anybody who anybody thinks it is. He’s not a part of the production or entertainment industry at all

SY: He’s a good friend of the boys, and he wants to see their career grow. He’s also another unofficial correspondent, but he has a lot more access to the boys and stuff. We wanted to send them off with a bang, so we thought, “Let’s make the LA show crazy!” The questions were more generic in New York, but now that we know JYJ better and how playful they are, we want those questions that’ll make them stand out. We started all this Tweeting as a joke, but then it created a lot of buzz. Oh, and he’s an egg — because when fans were asking who he was, I said, “Well, he’s obviously an egg” since the Twitter default picture is an egg. Fans just loved the idea of it, and things spiraled out of control.

APA: What do you think of the hallyu wave and its impact on America today?

SY: I think it’s amazing. I used to listen to Korean music shows, and I learned a lot of my Korean from noraebang (karaoke). After I finished high school, I dropped out of the scene, and I didn’t follow anything, but going to this concert and seeing all the fans in New York surprised me, how impactful it is. Regardless of race, every fan knew how to say hello and three phrases in Korean. I pulled a few aside and asked them how they learned it, and they’d say, “Oh, we have a friend who introduced us to K-pop and JYJ’s awesome. We love them.” It gives kids something to believe in, and it goes beyond JYJ and their music — it gives them a sense of belonging. Just like guys have their sports teams, girls have their boy bands. [laughs] I think it really unifies them, and I think any form of entertainment that brings people from all races together is a great thing. That’s amazing, you know?

AC: I think it’s really cool to see the growth of Asian and Asian American entertainment. Here we have shows like the KoreAm talent show, Kollaboration, and ISA where people are trying to bring support for Asian arts. For example at ISA, they invited Jay Park to bring the Korean aspect into the American scene. I think it’s important to combine Asian American with Asian talent. We really need to support each other, and now that I’ve learned about their history and talent, I hope for the best for JYJ. It starts with one, two, three artists at a time and I hope everybody continues to support them.

For more information, check out Shane Yoon’s Facebook page and Arden Cho’s official website.

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101130 ‘Completing World Tour’ JYJ is Going for a “Nice Half Month Rest”

After completing the two days concert at Seoul Jamsil Stadium on last 27th and 28th, JYJ (Micky Yoochun, Youngwoong Jaejoong, Xiah Junsu) will take a half month (15 days) rest period.

Ever since JYJ debuted on October 12th with the first album ‘The Beginning’, the group had been busy conducting worldwide showcase in total 6 cities in Asia starting from Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei, and Shanghai. In the month of November, JYJ kicked off showcase stages in America regions namely New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. Putting both period of showcases altogether, the overall showcase lasted for around 2 months, and the group’s activities had finally been wrapped up with the two days concert on November 27th and 28th at Jamsil Stadium.

JYJ official said, “The members had worked continuously after their respective solo activities to the world tour showcase. During this half of month, there is no official activities planned and the members will take plenty of rest.”

As for the future official schedule, none of them seem to specifically published. The official, “Projects including some solo activities are still under discussions, but any of the details are not yet to be revealed.” he added.


I hope the three of them will have a very relaxing and fun vacation. They definitely deserve it! :))

101201 Yunho & Changmin’s Comments to Bigeast

Good afternoon. This is Yunho and Changmin from Tohoshinki.

For such a long time, the fans have not given up on us despite the pain in their hearts, so we have decided to send our greetings through this message first.

This is a result of discussing with the company about our concerns for a long time of more than a year, and for the sake of this place that we belong to, we have decided to continue to protect Tohoshinki.

It is because of the generous love and support we received from the fans both inside and outside the country that Tohoshinki has been able to come this far. This fame that we received was only possible because of the love you have given us and we also think it is a responsibility we should shoulder.

Please watch over Tohoshinki with love;
As long as there are fans who continue to wait for Tohoshinki’s music,
This will always be a place for Tohoshinki;
While we cannot exclude the possibility of things happening in future,
We will give our all to continue protecting Tohoshinki.

We promise that Tohoshinki will always walk with you.
On the New Year of 2011, we will show our new music to everyone, so please look forward to it.

Thank you.

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t/n: The same message was also left on their Korean website.

101201 Japanese Magazine ‘Love Photo’ Features Shim ChangMin

For the Japanese magazine ‘Love Photo’ dress-up in conjunction with the JFW (Japan Fashion Week), ChangMin is featured in 14 pages in the special volume of this issue! (From Amazon)

T/N: The ‘Love Photo’ magazine is designated for those between ages 10 and 30. It features the most fashionable female photographers who are involved in photo shoots of the popular singers and actors. Themes are defined as “Fashion Magazine” and “Photography”. This issue includes Masami Nagasawa, Erika Sawajiri, Mika Nakashima, Rinko Kikuchi, Shinoda Mariko and other stars.

P.S. ChangMin is placed first in the introduction part in Amazon. And also, this magazine is published annually.

source: BaiduChangMin
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It;s amazing that it suddenly started to snow during JYJ’s concert while they were performing on stage. I think it was a sign from the heavens that these precious boys are truly blessed. :)

101201 JYJ Welcomed the ‘First Snow’ Together with 35,000 Fans

JYJ welcomed the ‘First Snow’ together with 35,000 fans, perhaps the heaven wants to join in for the concert as well.

JYJ (JaeJoong, YooChun, JunSu) tears because of snow, smile because of snow.

At the nights of 27th and 28th November, JYJ held their first ever concert at Seoul Jamsil Sport Stadium. On the 27th of the concert, due to the strong snow rain and hail that ripped off the huge ceiling, they had no choice but to remove the ‘dome’. And because of that, the concert which was schedule to start at 7pm had to delay for an hour.

To set up such ceiling at this type of huge sports stadium was a first in Seoul, therefore it had attract many attention. However with the removal of it, not only audiences but JYJ themselves had to bare in the cold.

But a movie like scene happened at the second day of the concert just like a miracle. When the concert had reach its climax, suddenly the sky was filled with snow, the members were smiling in the snow and wipe away all the sorrow.

Before his solo stage began, YooChun said, “Is this the first snow? Having to welcome the first snow with the love ones, I will take this as the first snow”, which had led to an explosive respond from the fans.

JaeJoong also expressed, I read a tweet from a fan yesterday, she said, ‘perhaps the heaven wants to watch oppa’s performances too’, I had received so much comfort after reading it”, and was very thankful to his fans.

At the end of the concert, JYJ stated, “Seeing the snow during the concert, felt like we had created a lovely memories together with our fans. Due to the cold weather, our concert couldn’t go as planned, though we have some regrets, but after seeing 70,000 fans who were shouting and supporting us in the cold, we are really touched and thankful.”

Although this is the coldest autumn ever, but it cannot stop the enthusiasm of fans for JYJ. The lovely snow that falls during the concert had added a romantic effect to the stage, which is a ‘special stage effects’ that human can’t achieved.

After the concert, satisfied fans expressed, “We can’t felt the cold, and this is a stage of the artists and the fans.” They said, “Listen to JYJ songs had melted away all the coldness; hope to see them more often at other stages.”

This is a crisis situation like a roly-poly that stayed un-waved and strong, JYJ had overcomed all unexpected obstacles with their passion and enthusiasm to present a sparkling nights. At the end of the concert, the snow which had a short paused begins to fly again.

Source: TodayKorea + BaiduTVXQ
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Take note that the sentences in BOLD are the questions from Elle Girl while those that follow are Changmin’s answers. :)

101201 Tokyo Love Story – ELLE Girl December Issue

A gentle love, and a Tokyo love story.

In regards to an invitation to a date, he’s more okay with it! From what he had said to us, he likes to play pool. At first we were just talking about how the scene would be like, but he became more serious over time. This is the first time we’ve seen this expression ❤

If I’m asked out by a girl for a date suddenly, I would feel so rejuvenated! I wouldn’t know how to react and my heart would beat crazily. Personally, I would want to give the person I like a meaningful surprise date. But in reality, there is not enough time for me to prepare for one due to work… There will be a day♪

This time, a challenge to yourself! A never give up image that will surely move him! A girl keeps staring at him

If she’s someone who can accommodate to my interests, I would be very happy as being with this kind of person is fun. For me, I would want to bring her to my favourite baseball game. Don’t two people waving towels while shouting at the top of their lungs sound good?

After deciding on a mission for the loser in a game, it turns out that she had really lost. She, who does not like to lose, looks calm, but anxious sometimes…… She sometimes also smiles like a teenager who will knock you off your feet

No matter whether we’re competing in a game or any sports, I think that persistent girls are charming. If she can win over me, I would feel frustrated for her.

She had prepared a gift box as a present for the date. Although you would want to pay for everything that night, but you couldn’t?

If I’m going to get her a gift, I would first secretly find out what she likes to give her a surprise. If I push off the paying shamelessly to her, as a guy I’m pretty weak (laughs)

Behind the scenes of the ELLE Girl photoshoot with ChangMin!

As ELLE Girl’s regular model, ChangMin has also successfully completed this issue’s photoshoot, and he has become a topic amongst fans, as he has finally appeared on stage at the SMTOWN live concert.

I was really happy at the live. I was feeling 50% guilty for ripping my top on stage. The first time I did it was an accident, and all people around me said, “Will you do it again?” Thus I was more motivated…… although I was against it. But when I was performing, I was so excited that it became a natural thing to do… and I was teased by Yunho too. (Laughs bitterly)

Aren’t you still good friends with YunHo? When there’s a photoshoot, both of you will go to the pool room together right, and if you lose the game will you regret it?

Before reaching the room I don’t have the desire to win. How about rephrasing it in another way, as there is someone who is teaching me, therefore I would want to win.

He replied in this manly manner. For the rest of the photoshoot images, please check them out online! The making film, the surprise plan and other interesting things are uploaded for you!

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