JYJ is making news here in the Philippines, too! :)

JYJ Showcase in New York Draws 6, 400 Fans

Trio JYJ held their successful album showcase in New York City on Nov. 12 (Nov. 13 in the Philippines) despite encountering visa problems that nearly canceled the event.

New York was the K-pop boy band’s first stop in the US to promote their first English album, “The Beginning.”

JYJ performed songs in the album to a crowd of 3,400 people that filled The Hammerstein at Manhattan Center. Unfortunately, about 3,000 more fans were unable to get in as the venue was already full.

“There were 3,000 fans who failed to come inside but waited for us outside. I sincerely thank you for your great love,” JYJ member Xiah Junsu posted on his Twitter account.

Junsu, Micky Yoochun and Youngwoong Jaejoong worked the crowd as they sang “Ayyy Girl,” “Empty,” “Be the One” and “Be My Girl,” and danced to the screams of US fans who were eagerly waiting to see them in the US.

Some fans even lined up and waited for 10 to 15 hours for a chance to see JYJ perform.

On her Facebook account, JYJ fan Bari Kantor from Israel said she waited for 14 hours but that “it was totally worth it.”

“This is a once in a lifetime chance I could not let go of! Finally, my dream came true!” according to her Facebook note.

“Love the showcase! The boys were full of energy and so are the Cassies standing on the floor,” wrote a fan with the username Yeezer on Soompi.com.

The New York leg became a free concert when the trio decided to go on with the show despite failing to get their P1 visas that would have allowed them earn proceeds from the show through ticket sales.

The trio, nevertheless, thanked the fans for their overwhelming support.

“My sorrow turned to happiness today. Thank you,” JYJ member Junsu posted on his Twitter account.

Jaejoong tweeted, “To the 6,000 fans inside and outside the venue today, I’m very thankful to you all.”

MTV K also covered the JYJ showcase. After the event, the boys were whisked to another location where they taped MTV K’s “secret show” together with 50 lucky fans.

After New York, JYJ will hold their showcase in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Credits: Manila Bulletin
Shared by: DBSKnights

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