Netizens on JaeJoong: “Is he a vampire, too?”

Posted: November 12, 2010 in Kim Jaejoong
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101110 Kim Jaejoong Showed off His Fresh and Beauty Feature,
Netizens Commented “Is He a Vampire too?”

Recently on an internet comunity site a ‘fresh’ photo of DBSK and JYJ member Kim Jaejoong (Youngwoong Jaejoong) was published.

A slightly chubby and blonde Jaejoong could be seen. Soft skin just like a baby’s & piercing eyes, Jaejoong looks seems not to change over the years and he looks much the same as he was in the past, so he is compared to a vampire.

Vampire means eternal beauty and you can find other artists who sport the same character, such as 2NE1′s Sandara Park.

Netizens left comments like ‘How can his skin be good like that ’ ‘Feels like he has young and soft cheeks’ ‘How can his skin look so natural…’ ‘Authentic vampire, cool!’.

Daily TV reporter = Choi MinZi

source: TV reporter
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  1. younadesu says:

    lmao.he looks perfect but a vampire?lol i am from the country where vampire seems to come and there are no asians.

  2. younadesu says:

    hmm…he first was a god,than an angel,now a vampire.what is next?an alien?lol

  3. yukira says:

    LOL ^.^ his skin is without a flaw , that means he takes care of it , not that he is a vampire! I <3 his black eyes ! @ younadesu : then your homecountry is Romania? mine too! ahaha the world is so small !

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