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A heartfelt “Thank You!”…

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Before this day finally ends, I would just like to say thank you to everyone who remembered my special day and made it a very nice and memorable one. Though I was not able to spend my birthday with my close friends from high school and college, at least I got to spend it with my family and my new officemates. I’m happy to have spent it with new friends at work and I really enjoyed sharing a good laugh with them about anything and everything under the sun.

Another year has been added to my age and hopefully this will also equate to a “stronger” and “more mature” me. I hope the saying “with age comes wisdom” holds true to me. :)

Again, thank you to everyone who made this day an amazing one! You guys rock! :D


Here are some pics of leader-sshi from Men’s Uno magazine’s October 2010 issue.

Credit: DNBN

101005 “Yunho, Wears Scott Sternberg” And SungKyunKwan Scandal In High Cut

High Cut no.38 October 7th edition

U-Know Yunho Photoshoot (13 pages)
Korea’s representative superstar U-Know Yunho and America’s representative designer Scott Sternberg, and their witty encounter. The romantic autumn story told by these two men.

On Location with SungKyunKwan ‘Flower Scholar’ Quartet for 12 Hours (4 pages)
The ‘flower scholars’ of SungKyunKwan pull the strings of their bows with all their might. ‘Pass!’ Without a single error, the arrows pierce the hearts of women. 300km away from Seoul in Youngam, North Jeolla Province, you can meet the hot seniors ‘Garang’, ‘Yeorim’, ‘Geol Oh’ and ‘Daemul’.

TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho is on the cover for this edition. This was the second time we met since he last graced the cover around the time he was filming the drama <Heading to the Ground> last year. At the Han River Park that was drenched in autumn, U-Know Yunho participated in the photoshoot with an easygoing attitude, much unlike his superstar status. Scott Sternberg is a popular designer who represents the look of America’s Ivy League. When we asked Sternberg what he thought about U-Know Yunho, he complimented the star and his fashion sense and couldn’t stop saying “So cute!”

We traveled to the set of <SungKyunKwan Scandal> in Youngam, North Jeolla Province through the morning mist of the SeoHaeAn Highway. We forgot our weariness when we saw the ‘flower scholars’ Park Yoochun, Yu Ah In, Song Joong Gi, etc. and returned full of strength from their youthful passion.

Editor Jeon Young Ji

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101005 TVXQ Trio’s First Japanese Album Ranks 3rd On Oricon Monthly Charts

JYJ’s first Japanese album, released by TVXQ’s YoungWoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu, has ranked third on the Oricon Monthly Charts.

According to Oricon, Japan’s most prestigious album sales tabulation site, the JYJ unit’s first Japanese album ‘The…’, which was released on September 8th, ranked 3rd on the Monthly Album Charts. They sold a total of 165,611 copies.

Another reason why so much attention is being focused on this album and its ranking is because ‘The…’ could be the first and last album the unit releases in Japan for now.


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101005 “SungKyunKwan And Scandal” Brings In 10.4% Ratings

KBS 2TV’s drama “SungKyunKwan and Scandal” broke its personal best ratings again.

Statistics revealed today (5th Oct.) show that the episode of “SungKyunKwan and Scandal” that aired on the 4th once again made a higher viewership rating. Compared to the 10.2% achieved on the 28th of September, it’s risen 0.2% to 10.4%.

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I read that SungKyunKwan Scandal episode 12 got a 10.7% ratings. Gosh, it’s slowly but surely rising up. I hope this rise in ratings keeps up! :)

I want the limited edition but looks like it’s sold out already. :(
101004 JYJ’s Album Pre-Orders Delayed.. With Fans Feeling Despondent

The pre-orders for the album of JYJ, created by Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu and YoungWoong Jaejoong, were delayed.

Pre-orders for the album were set to begin at 3pm KST on the 4th on various music sites but a few hours before it was to happen, it was delayed due to circumstances faced by the agency.

Each site uploaded a notice and stated, ‘We will inform you when the pre-order sales will be when the date is set.’

Pre-order Dates Changed
Hello, this is Synnara.
Pre-orders for JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu)’s album were scheduled to be at 3pm KST today.
However, the agency has requested for the unfortunate delay of pre-orders for the album.
We sincerely apologize for the confusion.
When the date for pre-orders are set, we will notify you as soon as possible.
Thank you.

Regarding this, fans of JYJ showed their feelings of despondency as they said, “I lied to the school saying that I had a dentist appointment just so I could order the album but it’s delayed due to circumstances faced by the agency?”, “I’ve been waiting in front of the computer since 12 so that I could order the album…”

JYJ’s first album ‘The Beginning’ is garnering attention from fans for the trio’s collaboration with famous American producers Kanye West and Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins.

The 99,999 ‘Luxury Package’ limited edition CDs are fueling the fans’ interest in pre-ordering the album.

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Another article:

101005 JYJ’s First Album Regular-Limited Edition To Be Released On The 12th As Planned

JYJ, comprised of TVXQ’s YoungWoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu, will be releasing their album as planned on the 12th.

In a phone conversation with Money Today Starnews, JYJ’s spokesperson Prain stated, “JYJ will be releasing both the regular and limited edition versions of their first worldwide album ‘The Beginning’ on the 12th.”

They added, “We were planning on receiving online pre-orders for the limited edition on the 4th, but certain situations arose that delayed this. But the fact that the limited edition will be released on the 12th has not changed.”

Warner Music Korea added that, “JYJ’s first album will be released on the 12th as planned.”

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+) Possible Pre-orders On the 6th?

JYJ – The Beginning : Sales Planned For Morning Of October 6th (Time is Undecided)
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Wow, congratulations to TVXQ! :D

101006 Tohoshinki, with 5 DVDs Ranked in Top 10, Acquired the Record Created by Michael Jackson

The popular group Tohoshinki, whose activities are currently suspended, has achieved new a record for DVD ranking that the late Michael Jackson created. Their new DVDs “TOHOSHINKI History in JAPAN SPECIAL” and “Zoom In shika Shiranai Tohoshinki DVD” (both released on 9/29) sold a total of 63,000 copies and 53,000 copies respectively, ranking first & third place on the DVD chart of the week of 10/11. Besides, 3 of their old DVDs also ranked 4th-6th on the weekly chart. Not only do they have 5 items ranked on the chart, but they have also achieved the record which Michael Jackson created in the week 7/20 of 2009 of having 5 music DVDs entering the Top 10 chart at the same time.

The DVDs are their third releases after the release of “4th LIVE TOUR 2009~The Secret Code~FINAL in TOKYO DOME” on 10/12/2009 and “TOHOSHINKI VIDEO CLIP COLLECTION-THE ONE-” on 3/29/2010. Their previous work “TOHOSHINKI VIDEO CLIP~” helped them to surpass The Beatles and Led Zeppelin to acquire the record of being the foreign artist who rank first on the chart the most in history; and with the record this time, they keep updating their history of records furthermore.


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