TVXQ Trio’s Song Titles for SungKyunKwan Scandal OST

Kudos to the eagle eyes of K-netizens, now we found out the title of 3 songs TVXQ trio singing for ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ or to be more precise ‘SungKyunKwan and Scandal’ (they changed the drama title due to request from SungKyunKwan University earlier on) OST!!!


“찾았다 Chajada (Chajatta, ‘Found’)” < Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu, Youngwoong Jaejoong >

“Too Love” < Xiah Junsu >

“너에겐 이별 나에겐 기다림 No e gen i byul na e gen gi da rim (To you it’s separation, to me it’s waiting)” < Youngwoong Jaejoong >

credit: dnbn
trans + shared by:

LOL. Nothing escapes the eyes of the eagle-eyed netizens! :D

  1. aikawaii says:

    lol..the fans are so clever..& im looking forward to hearing all three well as watching the drama gradually progress..fight-o micky, junsu & jae..& Thank you for sharing ^_^

  2. lyrico jae says:

    it’s been a long time they sing a korean songs~~ so, i can’t wait

  3. Hangie says:

    i’m impressed by the title of JJ’s songs!!
    in fact, i’m so eager to hear their songs as soon as possible, especially, their English songs!!!!!!!!!
    i’m here waiting like crazy!!

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