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100828 Jaejoong’s Feeling to Appear in Ayumi Hamasaki’s PV

Released in July, Ayumi Hamasaki (31) new single ‘Crossroad’ is under production of a new PV, and on the 28th it’s published that TVXQ Jaejoong is going to make appearance in the PV. This will be Jaejoong’s first appearance in Japanese artist PV.

However Hamasaki will not appear at all in the PV. The plot is about a young painter (Jaejoong) who is chasing his dream despite being attacked by a disease, the story tells how he spends the remaining of his life eagerly. Hamasaki said, “If I star it by myself, I would be too much ‘talking’, so I think of someone who can act with compelling power, therefore I asked Jaejoong to appear on,” explaining about her choice. “With his world view of music and unique captivating atmosphere, it will become a very good video clip.” she said.

While Kim Jaejoong commented, “Ayumi Hamasaki is a big senior in my record label, thus when I received the offer to appear in her PV, I was really happy, thus even though I feel a lot of pressure, I’ll try to do it properly!”

credit: tv-asahi

The story of the PV sounds sad but beautiful. I can’t wait to see JaeJoong in it. <3

He really writes beautiful lyrics. He’s already one of my favorite writers/lyricists now because most of the songs he wrote are my favorite TVXQ songs. :)

100827 Shinjiroh Inoue’s Twitter Update – ‘W’ Lyrics

I only found out recently that you wrote the lyrics for ‘W’!
The song has a beautiful melody, but the most touching thing about it are still the lyrics… (T_T) My question is, did you write the lyrics after JaeChunSu spoke to you about their feelings?
Please tell me that their true feelings were conveyed in the lyrics. Please!

I did incorporate the trio’s thoughts and feelings when I was writing the lyrics. With regards to the song, I thought it’d be best to first listen to their heartfelt wishes… I wrote the lyrics afterwards.

Credits: TVXQBaidu + Twitter
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
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The combination of moon aura and Yunho’s energy gives birth to Evisu sensitivity mode! Evisu meets again with Yunho in powerful energy that is captured honestly in front of camera. With Yunho chosen as the signature model, unique jeans brand Evisu announced its photographing session for 2010 F/W ad collection.


A short sketch the editor sent from the advertisement photographing location of EVISU brand.

July 15, 2010

09:00 AM

This Thursday is ‘jackpot’ hot debut of Yunho and unique jeans casual Evisu. Since he’s already recognized as signature model in last season’s Evisu, to meet the master once again, it’s expected that the photographing will run smoothly. At the studio, this season concept “Eclipse Sensation” was being prepared, a large moon occupied most area of the studio set that is used as the main theme.

10:00 AM

Yunho arrived at the photographing place with his best cheerful look. After completing aloud greeting to everyone including photographer, stylist, advertising director, and editor, he’s sent to make up room. All staffs were speechless to his even more muscular body, “I did some stretching last night….” he said as blushed.

11:00 AM

The shooting had started, Yunho transformed into colorful mood. The image of him as an inactive member had escaped away since long time ago. Jung Yunho possed strong energy of a young boy and beautiful man alternately that only him has, the thing no one could ever imitates. Needless to say, there was an outstanding chemistry between him and the unique Evisu mood.

3:30 PM

During lunch break, despite already having a photographing for a long period, in between his rest, he still practiced dancing and singing for the musical. He also tried to cheer up the mood by telling funny stories that made all staffs laughing. Since we’re already familiar with him as he’s been with Evisu for more than one season, the sense of top star Jung Yunho during photographing was nowhere to be seen. He’s still humble, positive, and diligent.

5:00 PM

Being the best cut of professional model he is, even only in a difficult short amount of time, he continuously showed off various poses. Between break, he proposed to provide new atmosphere though the current scene was already pretty good. Each time the flashlight burst out, while noticing the sign that was asked by the photographer, Yunho pulled out the dynamic feeling 200%. Thus after each of the filming cut, staffs continued to clap after him.

8:00 PM

Despite the hectic schedule since early in the morning, without showing any sign of being tired, he finally finished the march photographing completely. In regard to season being represented by Evisu, he revealed his passion of riding snow board as thing he likes the most in winter. Once the photographing was finished, eventhough there were some difficulties in him whether it’s done perfectly, yet he managed to clean up the set in satisfaction.





credit: elle kr
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Wow, the shots are nice. I love Yunho’s outfits! :)

100828 JaeChunsu – Haneda Airport Fan Account

My friends and I started planning a week ago to go to the airport, but the flight was not confirmed until 5 in the morning on Friday. However, my friend had to go to work that morning so I had a hard time deciding whether or not I should go. In the end, I decided to go alone.

I arrived at the airport at around 7:30, and since it was still quite early, I stayed in the domestic section for a while. At around 8:40, I walked across to the international flight section.

I was once told that Japanese fans don’t generally go to the airport to see their idols, so I was a little worried that I’d be stopped by security. When I arrived, the place was packed with fans, it was completely insane. There were already around 200 people waiting and the security was trying to get them out. I was also stopped by a security guard, but after he let me pass through after asking a few questions…

People started to flow in as the clock struck 9, and by 9:30, it was quite simply an entire sea of people. All through this, I was texting my friend. She was excited whilst I was anxious. The fans were still pretty well behaved at 9:40, but by 9:50, we could hear screams coming from inside. I stood behind a row of seats in the hope that I’d be able to take a few photos after they walk out, but I’d underestimated Japanese fans. As soon as the three walked out, I lowered my head to grab my camera, and by the time I looked up again, I could already see Kim Jaejoong’s glorious blonde hair bobbing along and just like that, he walked out emotionlessly wearing a pair of sunglasses. Despite the security guards’ orders for us to remain seated when they walked out, all the Japanese fans who’d been sitting stood up and rushed towards them from all directions. I was completely shell-shocked and so I just stood there holding my camera as I watched Jaejoong drown amidst the sea of fans. I managed to take a few photos, but after that, I just stood there gawking. By then, Jaejoong had managed to get past the fans and was now walking in front, the security guards’ attempts to keep the fans away were to no avail. The Japanese fans kept screaming ‘JEJUNG JEJUNG’, blocking the way ahead and he had to battle to get through to the exit.

I managed to push through the fans to a different door and raced ahead to get to their car. Looking back, I saw a pack of people running towards me. Many fans had already reached the car by then and the guards had to ward off the fans standing beside the car. I took a few steps back and watched as the fans continued to pull at Jaejoong and he was escorted onto the car by the guards. After that, I moved away from the crowd and towards the front of the car so that I could wave at Jaejoong. Haha, god knows whether or not he saw~~~

By then, Yoochun and Junsu were already on the car and it drove off, leaving behind a puff of smoke…
The Japanese fans around me were completely wild and as I stood in line to wait for the bus, I saw a mom fan going through the photos she’d taken, but I was too embarrassed to ask if I could see…

This is my first time seeing Jaejoong at the airport and the first time I’ve been to Haneda Airport. I was pretty confident that I’d be able to see him, but I honestly hadn’t imagined that it’d be this chaotic, the Japanese fans had my slightly disappointed. When I called my friend at the bus stop, I could feel tears welling up in my eyes, and as I listened to the Japanese fans chattering about beside me, I felt neither the excitement nor the thrill of seeing my idol. I felt my heart aching.

My friend and I have decided that the next time we go to see them at the airport, we’ll rush to the front and try our hardest to protect Jaejoong from the crowd.

P.S. This is the photo I managed to take. I didn’t realize that it was Junsu I’d captured, please don’t brick me, I really honestly thought I’d focused my camera on Jaejoong… He walked away too quickly.

Credits: TVXQBaidu
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
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OMG! I’m so happy and proud for JaeJoong! :D

100828 Jejung to Appear in Ayumi Hamasaki’s Music Video

It was announced on the 27th that Tohoshinki’s Jejung will be participate in Ayumi Hamasaki’s single “crossroad” which is going to be on sale on 9/22. He will be making an appearance in the PV (promotional video/music video) of the song “Blossom” that was already released in July. The music video will be included in the DVD of “crossroad”.

This will be Ayumi’s 85th music video and this will also mark the first time ever that she doesn’t appear in her music video. She says, “If I appear in the music video by myself, I might be “talking” way too much,” thus making an offer to her friend Jejung who has also started his activities as an actor. “crossroad” will be challenging the record of having the most number of singles ranked first on the Oricon chart that Matsuda Seiko created 22 years ago with 24 singles; and Ayu trusts Jejung in helping her with that challenge.

-Information on the single omitted-

From Ayumi Hamasaki’s official website:

Beside the video clip and making clip of “crossroad”, the DVD will also include the video clip of “blossom”!
For the first time ever, Ayu won’t make an appearance in her on-the-spot music video*, and the super popular aritst Jejung will be making an appearance instead!
This is a must-see video clip with realistic acting that will make you cry!!
*On-the-spot music video: music video starred real people instead of animation or CG

T/N: Just before everyone gets confused, this single is called “crossroad” and “Blossom” is one of the songs in the single. The song “Blossom” was already released in July with another single, but they decided to include it again in this single, together with a video clip for the song.

Source: Yomiuri Shinbun + Ayumi Hamasaki Official Website
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100827 Hyun Joong Glad For Different Airing Times As Good Friend Yoochun

Kim Hyun Joong: “Competing against my good friend Yoochun’s acting skills– it’s a relief the airing times are different.”

At 2PM on August 26, a production press conference at Yangdo Gangnam-gu, Seoul was held for MBC drama “Playful Kiss”. When faced with the question of how he plans on confronting Park Yoochun’s acting, Kim Hyun Joong laughingly said: “Yoochun’s airs on Mondays and Tuesdays, while mine airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays, so we can avoid the competition of having a similar time slot.”

“Sungkyunkwan Scandal” with Park Yoochun acting as main character will air it’s first episode on August 30.

Kim Hyun Joong says: “After watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal’s previews, I feel that it is really good. Although we haven’t been drinking with each other recently, I feel pressured as this is Yoochun’s debut in television drama acting. Challenging a drama that releases 2 episodes each week is tough, but I can’t really provide any particular suggestions. Even though I haven’t even done anything about it, I still feel that Yoochun handles it very well.”

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Hahaha! He’s right. They’re not really directly competing because of the differences in the days of airing. =)