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100827 Movie “Kimiga Odoru, Natsu” Premiere
The theme song: “With All My Heart ~Kimiga Odoru, Natsu~”

Today, August 27, I went to the Bigeast event, the premiere for the movie “Kimiga Odoru Natsu”.
The event was taken place at Yomiuri Hall, Yurakucho, Tokyo, starting 14:00.
There should be 1000 Bigeasts, the hall was mostly full. I was sitting in the very front row of the 2nd floor.

The hall was very quiet while we were waiting. Maybe it was because most of the fans came alone. (We were to apply for the event one by one.) And, since the place is an event hall and not just a movie theater, the BGM (during waiting time) was classical music, making the atmosphere calm and relaxed.

First of all, the movie “Kimiga Odoru, Natsu” was shown on the screen. I heard that the movie time was 2 hours and 3 minutes. The movie itself was lovely, the storyline and images were wonderful, I was really impressed. Even if it had a different theme song, I should have been touched by the lovely story, it was full of youth dreams and love. I will just write down one phrase which impressed me the most. “Yosakoi (note: traditional Japanese festival dance) is a positive dance.”
The movie will be released nationwide on September 11.

But, what impressed me the most was the talk part, which followed the screen.
The total time of the talk was only for approximately 10 minutes, but we were able to hear wonderful stories.

First of all, the producer for this movie, Shun Arikawa spoke.
(contents in random order)

Four years have passed since the plan for the movie came out.
I thought that Tohoshinki is the one and only group that can sing the theme song, so I made the request.
The theme song “With All My Heart ~Kimiga Odoru, Natsu~” is used in the first part of the movie (note: piano version), during the scene in front of the shrine (note: 2nd part of the song starting “Futomini coopera shunkan”), and during the first part of the end title roll (note: full song).

I myself have all the DVDs of Tohoshinki, I watch them every night. My favorite DVD is of 2007 Budokan concert, around the place when Yoochun starts crying.
I am a fan from their debut days, and went to buy their single CD “HUG” immediately after I found them. Of course, I am a Bigeast.

I have sent the plan to avex on August 2009, and did not receive the reply for a while (since difficult problems occurred).
Suddenly, on December 2009, I received an urgent telephone call from Mr. Seki of avex. He said that he will come to meet us on that day, and brought a CD with him. In the CD was the song “With All My Heart”. Immediately after hearing the introduction of the song, I thought, “Oh, we should go with this song!”
On the same day, Mr. Seki flew to Seoul, held discussions with SM, and solved all the complicated problems. Therefore, we were able to use this great song as the theme song.

I went to Kanuma (Tochigi) on January 29, 2010. That day, the filming of the PV for “Tokiwo Tomete” took place. That should have been their last work as Tohoshinki…
I met with all the members, and told them “Your are to be worldwide artists, not only inside Asia but throughout the world, so please do your best.” All the members were delighted, they showed me their best smiles. I shook all their hands. Especially, Yunho took my hand in both of his hands, and said out loud, “Thank you very much! I will do my best!” Changmin showed his shy smile.

I cannot give out the source, but all the 5 members are still very good friends, and they want to sing together. However, the problem seems to be beyond their control…

But, if you keep on believing, your wishes will come true. The fans’ supports are the most important. Please keep on supporting all the 5 members in the future.

My dream is to see the 5 members singing the song “With All My Heart” together. Of course, I would like to see them sing “Somebody To Love”, I want to swing the towel around, lol.

I would like many people to see the movie, and to attract more people to this movie and Tohoshinki.

I was comforted by Producer Arikawa’s cheerful and hearty way of talking. Thanks to Mr. Arikawa, the great song “With All My Heart ~Kimiga Odoru, Natsu~” was born, was made the theme song for the movie, thus, we can hear the song today. I was very thankful. Moreover, Mr. Arikawa is a great fan of Tohoshinki. Since he is a Bigeast, he understands the current situation. But he is very forward thinking, I received a strong power from his positive attitude. His stories were not just lip-services, but held a true meaning. I was really impressed by his lovely talks.

The next person to speak was, Shinjiroh Inoue, the lyrics writer and composer for the song.

I am not familiar to these kinds of talks, so I am more nervous than playing the guitar at the Tokyo dome.
This is the second time I watched the movie. Sitting in the very back row of the 1st floor, I was almost in tears.
I started to write the lyrics from the very first part of the song “Kagamini~”.
My dream is to see the 5 members singing this song together.

I was in tears hearing his quiet way of speaking…

To tell the truth, I myself had almost given up. Especially after August 21, I thought many times that I should give up the hope. But that should be a mistake. If we fans do not believe in the 5 members, who will believe in them?
I recall Yoochun’s message the other day to us fans, to please enjoy the time we are waiting.
We should support their solo and unit activities, and look forward to the date when they resume their activities with smiling faces. This should be the road of the true fans. But can I, a very weak person, do so?
At that timing, I remembered Yunho’s words in a magazine a year ago. He said that Tohoshinki has grown after going through various difficulties. So, should this situation be the birth pangs before they become worldwide artists? I really hope so.

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Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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100826 JaeSuChun – East Asia Feiyang Concert

Date: 23rd October 2010 (Saturday)
Venue: HongKou Football Stadium (虹口足球场)
Ticket: 280/380/580/780(Arena)/1280(Arena)
Package: 650 (380×2)

East Asia Feiyang Concert will be held on 23rd October 2010 (Saturday) at HongKou Football Stadium, it’s one of the events for HongKong Special Administrative Region and ShangHai World Expo 2010. It’s also the final stage for the series of programs for the ShangHao World Expo.

A group of more than 30 famous singers from China, HongKong and overseas will be attending this event.

“East Asia Feiyang Concert” is going to the highlight and an unforgettable event as the ending of ShangHai World Expo 2010.

East Asia Feiyang Concert Artists Namelist
Andy Lau, Sammi Cheng, Mirian Yeung, Leon Lai, Wei Lan, Josie Ho, Richie Ren Xian Qi, Andy Hui, Shawn Yue, Daniel Wu, Han Hong, Edison Chen and many more.

Korean Group JYJ:
Kim JunSu, Park YooChun and Kim JaeJoong.

Japan Group Exile:
Hiroyuki Igarashi, Daisuke Maki, Toshio Matsumoto, Yoshihiro Usami, Ryōhei Kurosawa, Ken’ichirō Teratsuji, Keiji Kuroki, Tetsuya Tsuchida, Naoto Kataoka, Naoki Kobayashi, Atsushi Satō, Takahiro Tasaki, Nesmith Ryuta Karimu and Shokichi Yagi.

Source: BaiduTVXQ + Ticketing
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What songs are they gonna perform? If I understand it right, they are going there as a representative of Korea so that means they SHOULD sing Korean songs, right???

100826 TVXQ U-Know Yunho Appeared as Ambassador of Korea Tourism Web Drama

On August 26th, the Korea Tourism had production announcement press conference for their web drama “Haru ~ a one day story ~” held in Imperial Hotel in Hibiya, Tokyo. The goodwill ambassadors appearing in the drama to reveal the charm of Korea that attended the press conference were from popular group TVXQ, U-Know Yunho, actress Han Chae Young, actor Park Shi Hoo and Kim Bum.

The drama will be delivered by Korea Tourism Organization through “2010 Korea Tourism Organization Interactive Campaign Site”. There are six themes that are available to introduce the “exciting” and “romantic” charm of South Korea. Viewers can select content that interest them among other items that appear in the drama, then they can create their own favorite tourist guidance.

A slight summary about “Haru ~ a one day story~”, U-Know Yunho will act as an action actor in play, Lee Da Hae is a script writer, Kim Bum as a photographer, Han Chae Young and Park Shi Hoo as a couple in Da Hae’s scenario, while Big Bang’s story is to seek a local branch school that is being shut down to find children whom they promised to hold a mini-concert before.

The drama already finished its first round filming located in Gwangan bridge, Busan station, Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi, Haerang train, and Hangang. This drama will portray Korea’s beauty through it’s new convention, beautiful cinematography, and fascinating soundtrack.

Yunho who acts as a movie action star said, “I have a lot of running scenes, there was also a great scene where I was running while avoiding missile from the sky, I wonder if I had done it good.” showing satisfaction in the drama’s production. Kim Bum who acts as a photographer took the famous tourist train in Korea as his PR issue, “Let’s try to enjoy the train journey.”

The drama title “Haru” means “one day” in Korean. For the four people who are always busy each day, when they’re asked about their ideal way to spend the day, each answered, “Having meal with my family up in the morning, and have my own time during lunch, I want to live a life in such kind of comfort,” (Kim), “Eventhough I don’t have one right now, but if I have a girlfriend, I’d like to have a date with her in Seoul.” (Park), “I want to go traveling with my family and friends.” (Han), and “I want to go traveling and take pictures, then write my feeling at that time in a diary.” (Yunho).

Finally Yunho said, “This drama is produced with utmost effort from all staffs, to make people giving interest on South Korea. I have a lot of recommended spots, but amongst them, I’d choose Seoul Tower that suits the most to spend the day with your couple and family. I’ll try my best to convey the many various charm of South Korea.”

Other than the four people attended, five members of popular group BIG BANG and actress Lee Da Hae will also make appearance in the drama.

credit: + bnt news

HAHAHAHA!!! I just knew the first time I saw this picture a few days ago that it will grab the interest of many. Imagine, it was even reported in Newsen?! LOL. :D

100826 Youngwoong Jaejoong Wearing Orange Caramel Ribbon Headband, Turns into “Cute Girl”

Youngwoong Jaejoong (real name Kim Jaejoong) surprised the fans as he transformed into an Orange Caramel member.


a-nation official, “It seems that we’re going to see a great dance in this year a-nation,” as said, “Please look forward to it!” and along with the report, there was a picture attached of Youngwoong Jaejoong wearing 2010 a-nation merchandises, a t-shirt and ribbon headband in orange color.

The fans responded, “It’s really priceless,” “I thought you’re a girl”, “It looks good on you,” “Why didn’t you do the choreography of Orange Caramel’s ‘Magic Girl’”.

credit: newsen

100826 Fan Account – Changmin’s ‘Don’t Don’ Stage

No matter how many times I see it, every time scenes from this performance pop up in my head, I can’t help my eyes from welling up.
Super Junior’s ‘Don’t Don’
Changmin and Trax’s collaboration.
It’s was a scream that came from within, one that erupted from the depths of his soul. It’s as though everything he’s endured in the past year is suddenly exploding out of him.
Changmin is still the Changmin we used to know.
His screams convey his fiery passion for singing. This is Choikang Changmin!

When I was in the stadium, I really couldn’t handle the heat, but Changmin’s voice gave me goosebumps.
This person, how much talent has he got?
I think everyone that was inside that stadium, no matter how familiar or unfamiliar they might be with Changmin, everyone saw his talent.
Honestly, at that moment, the cheers were deafening.
The low notes were just as good as the high notes at the end of the performance, only Changmin could do it so effortlessly.

In Dong Bang Shin Ki, he’s usually responsible for all the high notes, and some netizens might say that he’s only capable of screaming at the top of his lungs. Hearing things like that must be extremely saddening.
What I want to convey is, I want you all to know
that the Changmin we see today isn’t just about screaeming.
He hasn’t had a proper performance for nearly a year,
and it’s been over 6 months since he’s sung on stage.
Under such circumstances, could you imagine how much preparation he put into that stage?
Training, proper, vigorous training.
I used to worry about his absence.
I’m sorry Changmin.
You really are the best, Choikang Changmin.
No matter how many times I say this, it will always hold true.
I really like you, and that’s why I’m a fan, it’s amazing.

As I wrote this blog, I couldn’t help the tears from falling.
My eyes are now completely swollen.

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A PV for one of JaeChunSu’s new songs! It’s Itsudatte Kimi Ni! Waaaahhh! This is my second favorite among their new songs (“W” being my most favorite)! :D

The guys look gorgeous wearing white suits! <3

Credit: wickedinutopia2