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100809 Announcement Regarding Alleged Shanghai Visit

This is an announcement made by the management team of XiahJunsuBaidu.

We were both surprised and startled by the sudden news release today afternoon, and with regard to the authenticity of such documents, our management staff have called the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture/Radio/Film & TV as well as Junsu’s father to clarify.

1. This performance has no relation whatsoever with SMTown, they are two separate events and they are definitely not being held on the same day. SMTown Live will take place first.

2. *The Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture/Radio/Film & TV informed us that stars from Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Japan and Korea will be attending this event. We were told that the specific dates and venues will be released later on, so please have patience.

3. Due to the suddenness of this event and the lack of previous notice, we decided to call Junsu’s father to confirm the reliability of this news. According to Junsu’s father, Junsu has no schedules in China in the upcoming month. At the moment he is in Korea for Lotte promotions as well as preparation for his next album.

4. Regardless of the outcome, we must give Kim Junsu our full support. Even if he doesn’t come, we will continue to watch over him! Even though we were told by his father that he has no plans to come to Shanghai for the time being, our team has already begun preparations for fan activities and merchandise.

5. From the day of this announcement, please do not believe or spread any rumors until further official announcements are made.


Today afternoon, after 3 hours of discussion, our management team decided that we needed properly reliable answers, and so we called Junsu’s father to inquire about Junsu’s visit to Shanghai.

Unfortunately, nothing has been mentioned to his father in terms of visits to Shanghai. Junsu’s father outlined to us briefly his son’s schedule in the upcoming month, and this will include Korean promotion preparation such as hair styling and physical training. He will also be flying to Japan on a number of occasions. As you know, there will be a fan meet event in September (Junsu’s dad hopes that Chinese fans will be able to give Junsu their support), and then he will return to Japan for promotional activities following the release of the trio’s mini album.

Finally, Junsu’s dad agreed to keep in contact with us and to inform us if and when Junsu mentions plans to come to China.

The above announcement was made by the XIAHJunsuBaidu management team. We do not want any disappointments, thus we thought it best to clarify everything before things got out of hand.

Of course, we’d like Kim Junsu to visit us here in Shanghai with his new blonde hair. After all, everybody misses him. With that said, we will begin preparation work in case of any sudden visits.

Stay tuned for any updates.

XIAHJunsuBaidu Team

*This is the event JYJ were rumored to be attending. Whilst Junsu’s dad has said that Junsu has no plans to visit China within the next month, a visit to Shanghai may still be possible since this event has been scheduled for October 23rd (TBC).

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I guess we can consider this good news? :)

100809 Changmin & Yunho went to the Japanese Embassy to extend their Visa

(Translation of the Narration)

Next is good news! On July 26, Tohoshinki’s Choikang Changmin visited the Japanese Embassy. His purpose was to extend his visa for the Japanese activities. On the next day, July 27, U-know Yunho visited the Japanese Embassy to extend his visa, too. It is anticipated that the two will have full- fledged activities in Japan. For the long-awaited fans, this is really good news! Changmin-san, Yunho-san, we are looking forward to your Japanese activities!

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100808 Changmin To Appear In W Korea’s September Issue

Have you had lunch? I feel full even though I haven’t eaten. That’s because Choikang Changmin came for a photoshoot. Are you jealous? You’ll be able to see him in the September issue of W. KSK

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Awww.. I miss maknae’s mismatched eyes! So cute! :D