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100730 SM Sues CEO Of Cosmetic Company TVXQ Trio Invested In

SM Entertainment filed a lawsuit against CEO Kang of cosmetic company We# Plus to the Seoul District Courts for libel, defamation of character and impediment of performance.

SM Entertainment revealed that, “CEO Kang of We# Plus filed a defamation of character and impediment of performance lawsuit against SM CEO Kim Young Min which was denied on May 31st,” and “We have found out that We# Plus has sued TVXQ fans so we decided to file this lawsuit to stop any more damages from occurring.”


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T/N: Please know that those ‘fans’ who were sued are people who spread false rumors about We# Plus (in order to defame the three members) and were sued for that. Afterwards, they apologized for their actions through their blogs.

Whatever, SM Entertainment. WHATEVER. You’re just wasting money in filing senseless cases.

Pictures of Yoochun and some of the cast members of SungKyunKwan Scandal from ASTA TV magazine. :)

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Here’s the interview of Yunho from Men’s Uno magazine. :)

100730 Yunho’s exclusive interview in ‘Men’s Uno”

A man with charm is ‘talk less, act more’

Jung Yunho is the interpreter of new generation, with mentality and spirit of youth, he is walking at forefront of time, to encounter the beauty of present and future.

What’s the most memorable event in your life?
My most memorable event, I believe was when I become a singer. At that moment I really felt fantastic. The first moment I stepped on stage, the first performance, those situations were vividly remembered till now. Everyone was crying out my name, I became the protagonist on stage. In fact, it was a very incredible thing to me. I believe I will never ever forget this first time in my life.

You are going to perform in musical, what do you think of it?
It seems to me a new world has arrived. Now I am preparing for musical adaptation of ‘Goong’ from drama version. Although it is also a performance on stage, but I can feel a big difference from standing on stage as a singer. Musical performances not only singing, but also need to practice dancing, and learn acting skills. It is a performance which mixes songs, dance and acting together. In order to show everyone my best appearance and attitude, I am now practicing hard, so please come and support my transformation into a musical actor, .

What kind of requirements do you think a charming man should have? Do you think you are a charming man?
The most important requirements for a charming man is talk less and more action. The men who can properly preserve and protect something which is valuable to them, this kind of men is attractive. It seems hard to assess myself! I don’t know whether I did well or not, but only know I have to work hard continuously and do well in my part.

What are your recent plans? What’s your impression of Hong Kong?
I am currently busy preparing for musical ‘Goong’ which will begin in September. Since I can perform with experienced actors, I have learned a lot from them. Besides that, I have to go to Japan to promote my drama ‘HTTG’ and DVD. Since there are a lot of promotions and public related activities, I often need to go back and forth between Japan and South Korea and become very busy. HTTG’s DVD ranked no.1 on Japan’s Oricon Chart, I totally suprised by everyone’s love and support… SMTOWN will start a world tour in August, so I am now preparing for it. I hope to meet everyone with a fresher and better look later, so please continue to love me.

About my impression of Hong Kong, I think Hong Kong is a gracious and convenient place. This time I come here for cover shoot, many fans are following me, and waiting for me at the airport, I fully feel their enthusiasm and support. I love the night view of Hong Kong, and the food is very delicious too, so every time I come to Hong Kong I can fully enjoy it before I go back.

What type of girls do you like?
I like girls who have lively and cheerful personality, as well as can take care of the others, and being confident, and can give me good advices oftenly.

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His answer to the first question is <3. :D

100730 The Scary Ticket Power of TVXQ Junsu & Yunho

Stars debuting for a stage (T/N: in term of drama/musical stage) performance is currently receiving many attention. However the hot issue is not only the challenge those stars face for drama and musical stage itself, but also the huge ticket power of these stars to invite audiences to the theatre that has been recognized ever since.

TVXQ members U-Know Yunho and Xiah Junsu, for instance, have showed off an outstanding ticket power and gave proof of the popularity of themselves.

In December last year, Xiah Junsu took part in his first musical ‘Mozart’. At the 3rd round ‘Mozart’ ticket sales, all 4 stages consisting 12,000 seats where Junsu starring in were all sold out in only 3 hours. Meanwhile during the first and second ticket sales, fans flocked the reservation site that caused the site’s server to crash.

Xiah Junsu’s popularity seems to be repeated by U-Know Yunho. It’s still two months ahead before U-Know Yunho makes his appearance in musical ‘Goong’ on September 8th to 19th. However on last July 9th all tickets were already sold out in 2 minutes.

Moreover, fans who couldn’t get the tickets from Japan, China, Taiwan, and other Asia countries keep sending inquiries to the musical production company. ‘Goong’ production company thanked U-Know Yunho for the popularity of the musical stage and currently in process of discussion to add even more performances for him to perform.

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Well, this shouldn’t come as a surprise because it’s the TVXQ members we’re talking about here. :D

100729 Japan CD Sales Drop By 7%,
Total Revenue ¥120.6 Billion For 1st Half 2010

A market research of the music industry was conducted by SIP revealed the CD sales for the first half of 2010. The total sales for singles and albums was 120.6 Billion Yen, which was a drop of 7.4% from the same period last year. Although the revenue from singles increase by 1%, album revenues decreased by 10%.

For top artist revenues:

No. 1: Tohoshinki – Approx. ¥2.3 Billion

No. 2: Arashi – ¥2.2 Billion
No. 3: FUNKY MONKEY BABYS – ¥1.8 Billion

Source: [Nikkei Economic News] + [baiduTVXQ]
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I’m sure that part of the reason why the CD sales in Japan has dropped is because of the suspension of activities of our boys. They are already that big in Japan that they can somehow affect the market. I’m not saying that they are the only reason but I firmly believe that part of it can be attributed to their absence for the past months.

But on a lighter note, I am proud that they are the top artist in terms of revenues for the first half of 2010. To be able to top Arashi, which is one of the most established and popular groups in Japan, says a lot about the success of our boys in the Japanese market. :)

100729 Tohoshinki Trio Speaks Openly About Their Complex Emotions And New Determination

In June, they held the concert “JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME” at the two major Domes, and started breaking away from Tohoshinki. Junsu, Jejung and Yuchun have started their activities as a trio. At Tokyo Dome on 13 June, when they held their final concert, many reports spoke about how the trio cried while showing their love and thanks to the fans, showing their unwavering popularity.

Before embarking on the new stage, Junsu, Jejung and Yuchun went on their own journeys in search of themselves. Their honest words from their hard, and what they feel about the new stage, a real side of themselves are shown in the DVD “3hree Voices”, which was just released.

Junsu released his solo single “XIAH,” which did favorably, went to Australia for the first time. He thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful sea, admired the vast nature and was excited all the time, a total opposite from his normal calm self. “This is a time when I can look back on everything that happened since debut,” he said, talking about his current feelings.

After the recently ended drama “Sunao Ni Narenakute (Hard to say I love you)”(Fuji TV) and showing his acting skills in Japanese, Jejung headed to Canada. He enjoyed dog sledding, and drinking with the staff. Jejung, who has been working hard from Tohoshinki to the current solo activities, showed a fresh side as he went around.

And for Yuchun, he went back to his home country, Korea. He was born in Seoul, but grew up in America and went through a hard time. Returning to Korea alone to debut with Tohoshinki, and went through a turbulent route. He now revisits Korea “because this is the country I was born in,” he expresses. You can see his love and feelings for his home country, as well as determination for the new stage.

The three spent time in various places reflecting. Yuchun is shooting a drama in Korea, and other solo activities have started. As they show their honest appearance and words, we want to discover the passion they have been hiding in their heart.

(DVD Details Omitted)

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There is a wrong info in this article. JaeJoong went to Canada even before he started filming for Sunao Ni Narenakute, not after it ended.

Here’s the behind-the-scenes report of Changmin’s photoshoot with Elle Japon. =)

100728 Elle Japon – Changmin’s Shoot – Behind the Scenes

Tohoshinki’s Changmin is on “Elle Japon” for the first time. He challenges the modeling of the edgy mod style, and we go behind the scenes for this fashion shoot! We’ll also be exposing secret photos taken from the shoot!

Changmin, who arrives 15 minutes before the shoot. (He looks unsure?) His own outfit for the day…black T-shirt and skinny pants. On his feet, a modern looking pair of buckled boots. This is undoubtedly a good style, tight and simple, and the staff’s expectations are high!

The shooting location, a gallery and event space set up in the middle of “Urahara”, called “VACANT BY NO IDEA.” Using old materials and vintage items to create a warm feel, it also accommodates a delicious vegan café, a definite stop while shopping!

Actually, before the Elle shoot, Changmin went to the Chanel Fashion show. (This photo was taken during that time.) The staff asked him about the talking point of that day, and he gestured his answer, which was the stole.

Also because this was immediately after the show, when entering the photoshoot location, the “Chanel” show was still a topic. “I’ve only watched one fashion show in China previously, but this Chanel show was definitely a highlight. The snowy mountain setting, and the use of fur on the clothing, just looking at it was enjoyable!” he said.

Changmin is wearing the best collection from the brands this season for the photoshoot. In the rack, from Prada to Bottega Veneta, Raf Simons and such top of the line clothes are on standby.

Changmin’s preparation starts immediately. Sitting at the special makeup stand, talking to the hair and makeup people, looking very relaxed. Then, he studied the “Elle Japon” magazine, paying special attention to the overseas celebrity snapshots.

For the first cut, he wore a military jacket from Burberry Blouson, to fit the chic Autumn fashion, Changmin’s expression had a gentle, mature look.

Although it seemed like the first cut was rather painful, once away from the camera his healthy, real smile appeared, and he generously posed for this camera.

The second cut challenged was Raf Simons. Changmin’s first reaction was, “A skirt!?” and was bewildered, but after he tried it, it fit nicely. The staff around too agreed that it wasn’t just anyone who could suit such clothes, and with the compliments, his look became more confident.

With the photographer Shingo Wakagi, he breezed through the second half. While looking at the polariod samples, Changmin works hard to absorb the detailed requests and advice.

Wearing the Bottega Veneta Racer Jacket, he showed a bit of a defiant look. The rocker style was arranged, and his “regent hair” a point to note. But there is a gap between this style and the usually “good youth” Changmin.

Between the shoot, Changmin kept doing tennis serving actions. 3 days before the shoot, he had an idea and started lessons, and is completely obsessed. Before that, he was also hooked on bowling, and was enjoying the chat, asking questions like “Do you have a new best score?”

From this shoot, the staff could see the change in model quality in Changmin. Of course, his style is good, and his movement and expression were also great. His look, and the way his exquisite hand movements, we were surprised that he wasn’t that different from a professional model!

For the special centerspread, a look from Prada was selected. “This is a styling i like! Knit layered on top of shirt is GOOD.” said Changmin. Being wrapped in knit, a warm expression appears in this cut. This was also the most popular in among the editorial department!

Until the last cut, Changmin still did his polaroid checks, he is truly serious about his work! Incidentally, in the hair department, the “soft-perm” styling received good response from the staff.

Also, these are the polaroids that he was checking. Before the actual shoot, these were used to check the lighting and concept. In the September issue of “Elle Japon,” we will be giving away Changmin’s autographed polaroids to 3 lucky people, please check it out!

The shoot ended successfully and the we go straight into the interview. It’s been 2 months since his last visit to Japan, “Although I’ve been waiting to come back, but I can’t speak Japanese!(anymore)” he lamented while replying. At some point, he tried to say “Hone Ni Itakunaru”(My bones are hurting) but instead said “Kotsu No Itakunaru”, using the wrong pronunciation,* causing everyone to burst into laughter.

*T/N: “Bone” = “Hone” in Japanese. Another way of pronouncing it is “Kotsu”, which actually means “Skill”

Meanwhile, on the drama that Changmin is starring in, that has been much talked about in Japan as well, he said “Because it hasn’t be aired yet, I cannot talk about it”. When asked if he could just tell us how he and his character are alike, “He is a B-type like me. Which means that we’re the type that goes all out for what we want.(Laughs)”

Then, when asked about his usual fashion policies, he replied “There is nothing flashy, its a simple style which revolves around denim. And I add hats, sunglasses or other small accessories.”

The interview details and Changmin’s intimate fashion story can be found on 8 pages in the September issue of Elle Japon!

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