Toho dancer SeungHyeon’s “Always Keep The Faith” Tattoo

Posted: June 21, 2010 in TVXQ random posts
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Below is Toho dancer’s SeungHyeon’s tattoo. Just like JaeJoong and Yoochun, he has a “Always Keep The Faith” tattoo on his left chest.

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Yes, even the Toho dancers are getting the “Always Keep The Faith” tattoo. This only means that we are not alone in keeping the faith. Even the people close to them believe that there is hope and that one day we’ll be able to see the mall together again. :)

  1. aikawaii says:

    This is so kool!..i love this..i think its great…that so many people who are close to the members..all feel so strongly about not loosing sight of hope and in the form of faith..that just warms my heart.. (:
    there not just words they hold depth and purpose..i also like the words below the tattoo as well..i love their translation of what it says
    ..Always keep the faith..& Thank you for sharing ^_^

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