Twitter Accounts Used In The Drama Sunanare

On Episode 5, we can see clearly Haru’s twitter username which was zoomed from Nakaji’s cellphone:

Well what do you know, tweetpeeps actually FOUND Haru’s actual twitter account:

Halu_moon (Haru)

Along with the other Sunanare-kai members’ twitter accounts:

Doctor_26 (Paku-san / Doctor)

Linda_ism (Rinda)

NakaG4to (Nakaji)

peach_peachy (Peach)

Proof that they’re valid acccounts? screencap of the Doctor’s GPS while searching for Haru’s location:

icons all matched ^^

T/N these are the accounts used IN the drama, i doubt these are used as the casts’ personal twitter account^^ but still, *follows* hahaha

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Wow, I didn’t know the staff really made Twitter accounts for the characters in the drama. :) But like what the translator said, I don’t think these accounts are used by the actors in real life. These are only for drama purposes.

  1. Bix says:

    Thank you!!! It was very useful because I was looking for their icons!!! This story is one of my favorites from all times 💗💗💗💗💗

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