ELLE Girl Magazine June 2010: Changmin’s ideal dream date

Posted: May 13, 2010 in Max Changmin
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Changmin talks about his dream date and his new dream. :)

100512 ELLEgirl June Issue – Changmin’s Interview

What is your ideal dream date?
A diary is only meant to be read by your other half; if someone were to let me read their diary during a date, to me, it would amount to a proposal.

What is your ideal dream date?
I really like Harajuku. Compared to the shopping, I would rather go for French pancakes, but the queue is rather…

What is your ideal dream date?
I want to plan the schedule for my date…the details have to be decided before we do anything.

DBSK’s Shim Changmin’s Hopes For Future Works

“In short, I want to improve in my acting skills. As this drama is my acting debut, so everything was quite hard for me. Initially, I was quite stiff in both my facial expressions and in my movements.”

Changmin spoke these words with an extremely bright smile. Changmin, who is only 22 years old this year, is a member of the popular vocal group DBSK, who has received countless awards in their music career. Recently, Changmin has been in Korea focusing on his debut drama, a romance comedy called “Paradise Ranch”. This time, due to ELLEgirl’s photo shoot, Changmin is finally able to return to Japan after a long period of absence. In the drama, Changmin plays the young and complex role of a guy who, after having met his ex-spouse, learns to live life together with her again.

“Because I’ve never been married before [so it was pretty hard to get into the role] (smiles). However, the feeling of having to accept someone from a different background, does have a similar resonance with my own life experience. I will firstly try to accept the differences between the both of us. To meet someone who meets our ideals perfectly from the start, is an impossible thing in life generally, not only in the area of love. Could you say then that I don’t believe in love at first sight? Of course, love at first sight do occur. However, the foremost condition is to be able to first accept each other’s differences (smiles).”

Having said all these, a mischievous smile flashed across Changmin’s face. If only we can see this same smile in Japan’s TV dramas.

“My standard in the Japan language need to be better [before I can act in Japan’s TV dramas] (smiles). I’ve been singing for everyone before, and of course, I want to continue singing. But I have not decided on the style and the type of genre to sing. I hope my fans and supporters will wait patiently for it.

Standing at a height of 186cm, to be featured in a Hollywood movie should not be a problem, and to be active in the international entertainment scene will no longer be just a dream. “When I was schooling, I wanted to further my studies overseas, so I would study really hard in my English language, and at that time, my English was pretty fluent, but I have forgotten most of my basics now. I am planning to continue my studies once the shooting for this drama ends. I really admire artistes like Takeshi Kaneshiro, who can not only speak fluently in many languages, but is also very active in other countries’ entertainment scenes. I hope to become an artiste who can both sing and act, regardless in Japan or Korea. This is my dream now. So I have to work hard to improve on my Japanese.”

Possessing both talent and star quality, Changmin, who is also very hardworking, will surely fulfill his dream very soon. In his diary, where he has been writing for the past three years, does he also write about his strong desire towards fulfilling his dreams?

“Yesterday was a rare day off, so I wrote about the details of the drama shoot in the diary. I wrote till, ‘Has the progress of the drama shoot been smooth?’ ‘It’s good, don’t worry’ (laughs). There are two purposes in keeping a diary [for me]. Firstly, you can recall all your past years’ memories when you read your diary. While looking back on your past, you might even realize that what used to hurt you and cause you pain is of no significance now. In this way, you can also gauge how much you have grown.”

The second purpose is really romantic! “One day, when I meet someone whom I want to marry, I will pass my diary for her to read. This is to show her how I was as a person before marriage, and the thoughts that I think every day. It is also to tell her that this is the Changmin who wants to marry her. I would like her to understand me as much as she can. Other than her, no one else will get to read my diary!”

What is your ideal dream date?
Where I work, like the location of the photo shoot is too small, so I would definitely go some place where there is a beach.

Love Q+A

Q:Are you the type who would plan for your date?
A:It is still better to have your own arrangements. I am the type who would plan out the details of the date beforehand. Most people would usually chose to be spontaneous in their dates, but I am not comfortable with this type of dates. Even though it may be just one matter, I would still like to decide beforehand what to do.

Q:If you were to go for a spin, where would you want to go?
A:The places where I normally work at are usually very small and cramped, so I would like to go somewhere that is spacious; the beach is not bad idea. I’m very confident in my driving skills!

Q:Are you okay with your girlfriend wearing revealing clothes?
A:I’m okay if it’s with me. Having said that, I’m someone who will generally not interfere with such issues, so if she does go out in revealing clothes I won’t get mad. I’ll probably just get a little jealous.

Q:Comparing the clothes that you’ve worn for the shoot today, are there any pieces that are similar to your own personal clothes?
A:I think it should be MARIN. I like lacework, so I’m always wearing clothes with that. When it comes to my sense of dressing, I was only enlightened when I was 20 years old (laughs). I finally understood that “I must dress up properly!” so that was when I started to put on jackets also.

Q:How do you feel about a date at Harajuku?
A:Even if we are not there to shop, a leisure walk around would make me happy too. For all you know, that place might be a pretty suitable place for a date. The last time I went to Harajuku, I really wanted to eat the French pancakes but the queue was too long so I gave up (laughs).

Source: ELLEgirl June Issue + baidutvxq (Interview Article) + baidutvxq (Dream Date Article) + SharingYoochun
Translation: kimuchi3005 @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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I think the diary thing is really romantic! I never knew that there’s such a saying that a diary is only meant to be read by your other half. Now, I learned something new! Cool!

As to his comment on his new dream of becoming an artist who can both sing and act, I hope he’ll be able to fulfill that. It’s also nice to hear that he already has his own plans after shooting Paradise Meadow. I’m sure that some people will definitely say that they’re sad that he didn’t mention any plans about DBSK in the future. I know that feeling. But I guess for now we should just be happy that these guys are trying to explore other things outside of singing. For now, I’m contented and satisfied to know that they’re trying to live their dreams and to improve themselves. =)

  1. DBSKrockstheworld says:

    Yeah Changmin is so romantic!! Aww letting his other half read his diary!! I really wish I could get to read his diary so I can understand his inner feelings and thoughts and get to know more about Changmin also Haha :D :D

    Anyway to be frank, I really was kinda sad when I didn’t see Changmin talk about any future plans of going back with DBSK. But I guess all 5 of them just need time to cool down and think carefully about their future. Also, they also need time to go pursue their true interests and do what they really like I guess. :) I believe the 5 of them will come back someday as DBSK once again, and shake the whole music industry! Even though I dunno when that would be, but I will stay here to wait for DBSK’s return forever :D

    • lovetohateme says:

      @ DBSKrockstheworld: “I believe the 5 of them will come back someday as DBSK once again, and shake the whole music industry! Even though I dunno when that would be, but I will stay here to wait for DBSK’s return forever” – Thumbs up to this! :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Changmin iz so amazing…to bad im not his type! T-T
    anyways, anyone know where to find this magazine to buy?
    the places i looked at, they were sold out…T-T
    want this magazine so badly..his pics in it were awesome
    changmin <333

    same here, i will wait forever! (i also want them to preform at my wedding if i ever get married lol)

  3. Good luck Changmin on studying English.. HWAITING!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    aww! no wonder his english pronounciation is good <3

    he's sucha romantic sweetie!! i wonder what language is his diary in :/

    cant wait to watch his drama~

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