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Another update from Tohomobile. It’s on Junsu this time around. :)

100421 Tohomobile Staff Blog


JunSu who is exploded with charisma received the eels from someone. In fact, he is already full from eating something else…
Now he’s in troubles of deciding whether or not he should eat the eels (LOL).

We’ve decided that we would give you reports on XIAH junsu’s promotion that is being highly praised!
We will be giving a lot of different faces of JunSu~ Please looking forward to it!!


Xiami* JunSu!?

During a magazine photoshoot! Somehow he’s wearing this outfit by AmiAmi! He looks sexy, doesn’t he~!

In the dressing room, JunSu keeps being noisy saying, “Xiami JunSu!!”…
(^o^; )

*Xiami = Xiah + AmiAmi


Taking Polaroid picture ♪

Here he’s taking a Polaroid picture for as a present for the readers!

I realized that his jawline has gotten sharper, hasn’t it~!


Sign sign!

Right after the photoshoot, JunSu is signing autographs!

These will become presents for the readers ♪
Everyone, please definitely check the magazines that XIAH junsu appears on!!



JunSu-sama during an interview!

He’s having an interview with a serious face~!


Reconstructing Plan!!!??

This is Teacher JunSu who is exploding my charisma and is having as many promotional magazine interviews as raging waves.

The truth is that our management and advertising departments are launching “Airport JunSu Reconstructing Plan” and that’s why he’s doing a lot of fashion magazines now (LOL).

The male editor of the male fashion magazine who has been always supporting JunSu wants to expose JunSu’s charms to everyone, thus demanding for some high level of fashion.
Teacher JunSu faces this high-level-of-fashion challenge with a much more positive attitude than we expected!!!
It would be good that he could be more interested in fashion after this…

Everyone, what kind of styling would you want to see JunSu in~?

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Well, based from his recent airport pictures, I think the plan is working. His “airport fashion” is getting better. LOL.

A rumor between JaeJoong and Juri? Hahaha. Seriously, what’s the problem of Juri teaching JaeJoong some Japanese? Can’t friends do that? I don’t see anything wrong with that. :)

10042 Shukan Post No.30 – Ueno Juri “Personal Japanese Lesson” for Tohoshinki Jaejoong

Ueno Juri “Personal Japanese Lesson” for Tohoshinki Jaejoong

It seems that there will be tweets full of envy for their closeness. The new drama started in April had many attention the drama that started on the 15th “Sunao Ni Narenakute”. It’s about a story about 5 people meeting through twitter, a love story that sounds too good but already on set there is a “rumor” about a man and women. The main character Ueno Juri (23) and Tohoshinki Jaejoong (24). “During the break time it seems that Ueno Juri is teaching Jaejoong Japanese one on one. She takes out stuff from her bag and teaches the pronunciation for those and writes the casts names in kanji and teaches him how to read it. Jaejoong takes notes and is really serious. Their closeness is to the point you can hear each others breath and it makes us who are watching nervous.”

As we wrote on page 52 Tohoshinki Jaejoong is having trouble with his entertainment company but his popularity is still up. He will continue the drama and continue to be in more Japanese television shows. It’s no doubt that his personal lesson from Ueno Juri teach means a lot. But as she acted in “Nodame Cantabile” a not very intelligent girl, will she be able to teach him proper Japanese? Is our worry. “Already on the internet people are worried that she will be bashed by the Tohoshinki fans. Also there were comments saying ‘if there is a kiss scene we won’t forgive her’ written. She has that personality so she hugs the male staffs without any hesitation. If she does that to Jaejoong the net will go crazy…” Be careful that the kindness won’t change into anything more.

Trans by: Rieko@sharingyoochun

Blog update from Heaven’s Postman and Sunao Ni Narenakute writer. =)

100421 Eriko Kitagawa’s Blog Update

2010-04-21 00:33:36

Oh, Micky-san (T/N: Micky is the HN of the follower of Kitagawa’s blog)

Oh, Micky-san, you wrote “Aigo” isn’t used by young Korean boys, but Jaejoong was using it often.

“Aigo~ Aigo aigo aigo~”
Since he was always using the (T/N: Korean) word, I asked him.
Jaejoong’s lecture, which continued for 30 minutes, started.

And the word became popular at the location site, and I wrote it in the script.

Is Jaejoong a bit off?

2010-04-21 00:39:10


Maybe…..was I fooled by Jaejoong again?
Is the word “aigo” used only by the old?
Micky-san, please teach me.
Oh, I’ve already written the word! In the script.

2010-04-21 01:04:46

A question

I just checked the internet, but does Jaejoong play the piano?
For those who know, please teach me.

T/N: Up to this time, there are more than 170 comments for this article alone. All of them are saying that Jaejoong can play the piano, and requesting Kitagawa-san to write the scene for Jaejoong playing the piano in the drama.

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New promotional pictures of Yunho from Evisu. As usual, he’s gorgeous. Love the street style. :D

Credit: baidu
Shared by: misaki_bt@soompi


Junsu will be featured again on the July issue of Smart Magazine. I hope this time it will be even more interesting than his first appearance on the magazine.

100421 Update of “smart” Magazine Editor’s blog

JUNSU is BACK!!!! Junsu, Once again in “smart”!

Hi, I’m the Jake Shields of the “smart” editorial department, Souhei Igarashi!

(few sentences omitted)

Today, I will announce very big news!

That is!
That is!!
That is!!!

Our Junsu-san, who appeared in the magazine “smart” April issue, and attracted the public attention,
will appear once more in smart!!!

To be honest, we had the photo shooting session today★

His appearance after 3 months will be in the article for the world-class maison de couture.
The contents of the plan is just for our special star!!

I could not explain in details,
but we will be able to meet Junsu-san in
smart July issue (release date: May 24),
so please look forward to the issue!!

Of course, we will do that present plan again!!
(T/N: Junsu’s polaroid photograph with his signature was given out to the lucky readers for the April issue.)

To tell you the truth, we have taken photos in order to report the photo shooting session, but please wait awhile for them!
We will introduce them to you in the near future, in this blog!

You will be able to see Junsu-san, in style~★

(few sentences omitted)

So this is Souhei Igarashi, whose emotions are still running high,
since we just finished the photo shooting session with Junsu-san!

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Yunho will be featured in a lot of magazines this coming June. Let’s all look forward to it! :)

100420 Tohomobile Staff Blog

Today too…

He’s having magazine interviews & photoshoots! Starting from photoshoot for “ELLE” ♪

The photoshoot was at Rainbow Bridge, and he was doing his best there!

He was having the photoshoot on the rooftop, when he looked down, YunHo said, “This would be dangerous if I weren’t being careful.”

… His smile looked forced (LOL).
YunHo, be careful~!!


Talking about his ideal family…

YunHo during an interview!

He was talking about his father whom he respects a lot, and about the ideal family that he wants to have someday~



From casual styled outfits to cool styled suits, no matter what the outfit was, YunHo wore them gorgeously!

He finished the interview and photoshoot for “Grazia” magazine which will be on sale on 7/1 ♪


Just a little more!!!

With only one more magazine interview left, YunHo said with high spirit, “Only a little more~! I’ll do my best!!”

There was also a video camera there to film him while he was doing promotion~ ♪


On the posters…

He was signing his autograph! He was doing that while humming a song ♪

In fact, this is the last activity of “No Limit ~Heading to the Ground~” promotion!
Although the report was short, YunHo was really doing his best while being bright and cheerful.

“No Limit ~Heading to the Ground~” is a work that YunHo put a lot of efforts in.
Everyone, please definitely check out BongGun ☆


I’m looking forward to it!

“I did my best in my many promotion activities~!!
I’m looking forward to seeing everyone during the event!!
See you~
by YunHo”

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Woah, 2 albums to be released again? Too bad there’s no new song included. T_T

But anyway, I guess the jigsaw puzzle will excite the fans. LOL.

100420 Tohoshinki to Release “COMPLETE” and “B-Side Collection” Albums

Tohoshinki is going to release 2 albums named “COMPLETE” and “B-Side Collection” on June 30th.


First Press Edition Privilege: Digipak

Contains all A-side singles of Tohoshinki up to date.
Price: 5,040 yen

●HUG -International ver.-
●Stay With Me Tonight
●Somebody To Love
●My Destiny
●Rising Sun
●Heart, Mind and Soul
●miss you
●Step by Step
●Choosey Lover
●Lovin’ you

〈DISC- 2〉
●Ride on
●Forever Love
●Purple Line
●Two hearts
●My Girlfriend (YUCHUN from 東方神起)
●Rainy Night (JUNSU from 東方神起)
●Close to you
●Crazy Life (YUNHO from 東方神起)
●Maze (JEJUNG from 東方神起)
●Summer Dream
●Song for you
●Love in the Ice

〈DISC- 3〉
●Beautiful you
●Kiss The Baby Sky
●Share The World
●Stand by U

B-Side Collection
Contains all B-side singles of Tohoshinki up to date.
Price: 2,100 yen

●Try My Love
●The way U are -Japanese ver.-
●High Time
●Day Moon 〜ハルダル〜
●Box in the ship
●Take Your Hands
●Tea for Two

COMPLETE+B-Side Collection BOX SET

First Press Edition Privilege: 1000-pieced jigsaw puzzle

Is a complication of both COMPLETE and B-Side Collection.
Price: 11,800 yen

The albums and box set are already up to pre-order on CD Japan.

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