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Just got home from the mall. I’m so tired and my legs hurt from all the walking. T_T

Anyway, another picspam from Mr. President.

100416 Max Matsuura’s Twitter Updates

Q: Do you love Tohoshinki?
A: If I didn’t love them and their fans, I wouldn’t have gone through this much troubles.

In addition, Max Matsuura also updated his Twitter with a series of pictures. Please click on thumbnails to enlarge the pictures:

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Am I the only one who LOVES the first picture? OMG, JaeSu hotness to the highest level! Of course, my Jae is especially sexy with shades he’s wearing and that pose. Gosh! I think I’m gonna faint! <333

Seems like Jae’s been hanging out with Max Matsuura so much lately. I guess I’d prefer him drinking with others rather than having himself drunk and all alone like last time.

The third picture… *sigh*

A twitter update from their new representative.

100416 Tohoshinki’s Representative Seki Yoshihiro’s Twitter

T/N: Please read from bottom to top.

Of course he’s still having troubles with Japanese, and honorific terms are the ones that are the most difficult. He himself wants to know everyone’s thoughts too, so please tell us what your opinions. The kissing between Tamayama-san and Eri-san that JeJung was interested in was terrific, wasn’t it (LOL). Everyone let’s watch the drama together next week too ♪

This is again a message from their manager. How was the drama “Sunao ni Narenakute” that JeJung’s starring in? Just 5 years ago, he was still a nobody, to be able to star in a regular drama now in Japan, he was deeply touched.

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Ok, I have to go. I’ll meet my friends and eat lunch with them. Have a nice day, guys! Be back later. :)

Something for us to celebrate. :)

100416 China Court: “TVXQ Has Nothing To Do With The Cosmetics Company Promotion”.

SM Entertainment had attributed the main reason for the “TVXQ’s Lawsuit” to be the cosmetics investment business by some of the TVXQ’s members and used this reason as justification to propose a 2.2 billion won in damages from the 3 members.

The declaration that SM Entertainment had submitted to Seoul Central District Court on 14th April claimed that “Some TVXQ members had invested in a cosmetic company which resulted to be the beginning of the conflict. They have used TVXQ’s name and portrait without the company’s consent and that have violated the exclusive contract. However, they denied the effectiveness of the exclusive contract and proposed the disposition for the effectiveness of the termination of the exclusive contract”. During November last year, China Beijing Kowloon Station Century Culture Communication Co. Ltd* (Gao Jian Wen, Representative. Also known as Beijing Kowloon Station Inc.) had used “The fraud of Crebeau which is the collaboration between TVXQ’s 3 members and Korea Cosmetics Company, Wisyaplus had caused their damages” as the reason to apply for legal action for the damages compensation at the District Court. Recently, the cosmetics company, Wisyaplus announced that “Beijing Haidian District People’s Court rejected the Beijing Kowloon Station Inc’s claims” and revealed the China Court’s arbitration decision documents.

According to the open verdict, the court had rejected all the arbitration applications from the applicant (Beijing Kowloon Station Inc.) and the applicant will bear all the costs for the arbitration (38,470 yuan = 5,635 USD). TVXQ’s 3 members has nothing to do with the cosmetics company promotion and this was ultimately confirmed by the China Court. And SM Entertainment have been using the photos of the 3 members attending the investment seminars to suspect if the 3 members had directly or indirectly carry out promotional activities.

On the other hand, the cosmetic company’s representative, President Kang Suk-won had expressed towards the accusation of SM Entertainment attributing the main cause of the TVXQ’s lawsuit with the members’ cosmetics business that “The police investigation has already shown that the reason behind the TVXQ’s lawsuit has nothing to do with the cosmetics. However, SM Entertainment once again entangled with it. Therefore, our company will propose a reputation damage lawsuit again for the third time”.

President Kang Suk-won claimed that “The reasons why TVXQ’s 3 members had filed a lawsuit towards SM Entertainment are because of the unfair contractual relationship and unjust distribution of income distribution. This fact has been ruling in the injunction application and it was confirmed. However, such behaviour seems to have become a kind of inertia for SM Entertainment in order to rescue its company reputation”.

Wisyaplus had already filed the reputation damage and impede business lawsuit towards SM Entertainment twice in August and November last year. Seoul Gangnam Police Department investigation ended in February and make the decision of without detention and transfer investigation towards SM Entertainment representative, Kim Youngmin. At that point of time, the police had already made a judgement that “The lawsuit of ending the long term exclusive contracts requested by TVXQ’s 3 members had nothing to do with the cosmetics investment”.

*(T/N: This is the rough translation of the company name as I can’t find the English name for it)

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Finally, the JaeChunSu’s name are cleared from the lawsuit filed by the company from Beijing. At least the truth has come out and one lawsuit is over. Now, the only remaining legal battle of the three members is their battle against SM. I hope it ends soon, too.

And oh, I just want to congratulate SM for earning another lawsuit filed against it. The company is really an expert in collecting lawsuits, a big thanks to their crooked reasoning. I don’t know what part of “CreBeau is not the reason for the three members filing a lawsuit but rather it is the unfair contract that the boys are in” that SM does not understand. This has been said a million times and even confirmed by the courts and yet they insist on pointing out CreBeau as the reason for all of this. I don’t know if they’re just really stubborn or stupid. Or maybe both?

*Whistles* Looks like this drama’s going to be a big one. :)

100416 ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ Dream Team Is Formed!

‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’, which is getting a lot of attention for casting Micky Yoochun for its lead role, will bring forth a new model for producing dramas.

Historical Drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’, which is based off the bestseller novel ‘The Lives of Sungkyunkwan Confucian Scholars’, will employ a hanbok designer, publicity marketing company and a company specializing in merchandise for their production line up and have formed a blueprint for everything ranging from filming to the sales of goods related to the drama.

Although most dramas wait until after it is finished to begin selling related goods, ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ will complete all marketing, merchandise and production plans before the drama ends. The expectations for the drama is high as the production team who have come together for it is as good as it can get.

Drama production will be handled by Lemon Rain, producers of great dramas such as “My Precious Child” and “That Fool”, and content commercialization will be handled by YZOO Creative, a company that has brought content MD goods to a completely new level with productions such as ‘The Host’, ‘Jumong’, and ‘Unstoppable High Kick’.

Costumes will be made by world renown hanbok designer Kim Hae Soon, who showed the world the beauty of the hanbok through the drama ‘Hwang Jini’, and publicity will be handled by YTree Media, a company that also took on ‘Hwang Jini’, ‘On Air’, ‘The Painter of the Wind’ and ‘Style’.

A representative of Lemon Rain showed confidence in the team and said, “We are planning on making ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ a OSMU (One Source Multi Use) item. Therefore, we had to consider everything from the production to the commercialization of the drama. We will work hard to open this drama to the global market.”

Micky Yoochun, the male lead and the first to be cast, is enthusiastic about his role even though filming hasn’t begun yet as he said, “I have analyzed the character carefully, I’ve had numerous readings with the writer and the director and I’ve been taking acting lessons. Although I’m nervous because this is my first attempt at acting, I will do my best.”

‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ will be wrapping up casting soon and begin filming on May 1st.

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Since this is a historical drama, I have a feeling this will be aired here in the Philippines once it’s done airing in Korea. GMA (one of the major stations here) just loves airing Korean historical dramas and I think a lot of Filipinos are enjoying it. Jumong, Hwang Jini and Jewel in the Palace were already aired here and currently, Queen Seon Dok is airing. I really have a feeling that if this becomes a big hit in Korea, I will be seeing Yoochun’s drama in the primetime line-up. :D

This sounds interesting. Can’t wait to see Chunnie wear traditional Korean clothes! =)

Posting this for the information of those who will be attending ZUNO’s showcase in Singapore and are hoping to meet Junsu in the autograph and photo-taking session.

100416 Message from JunSu to Singapore Fans


We just received an emotional message from Junsu. This is what he said to Zuno’s manager – “I am very worried when I come to Singapore for my brother’s showcase. It is my first time to the country and with so many legal issues going on I had no choice but to pull out from the fans meet in Singapore. I am afraid that my fans will hate me because of this and in turn they won’t support Zuno.”

We have assured Junsu that his fear is unfounded and have told him not to worry so much because his fans still love and support him and Zuno no matter what happens. Hwaiting!

PS: DON’T WORRY FANS, JUNSU IS STILL COMING TO SINGAPORE TO SUPPORT ZUNO. When he said that he had no choice but to pull out from the fans meet in Singapore, he was referring to the autograph and photo-taking session originally planned for those who had bought the membership package A. He will be performing one song and an interview during the showcase on 1 May. Catch him there!

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News article on JaeJoong’s Japanese drama from a Korean news source.

100416 YoungWoong Jaejoong’s Japanese Drama, He Even Has Korean Lines

The Japanese drama TVXQ’s YoungWoong Jaejoong is appearing in aired its first episode on the 15th in Japan.

As FujiTV’s drama ‘Sunao Ni Narenakute’ began airing, YoungWoong Jaejoong became the first TVXQ member to partake in individual activities since the group announced a pause in Japanese group activities this month. Many have praised YoungWoong Jaejoong, who appeared on the drama with famous stars such as Ueno Juri and Eita, for his fluent Japanese skills and natural acting.

In ‘Sunao’, which depicts the story of five youth who meet through Twitter and become friends, YoungWoong Jaejoong plays the role of a Korean salesman who sells medical equipment. He, who appears in a clean-cut suit, showed various sides of his character such a youth who falls in love and a salesman in a predicament because he can’t raise his sales.

He also garnered attention for giving viewers a peek into an innocent youth’s heart when he pretended to have taken a group picture wrong in order to get a picture of Haru (Ueno Juri), who he is attracted to.

Fans gave various reactions such as, “It’s going to be a hit!” “His beauty shines,” and “I’ll be able to study Japanese while learning the lines.” Many also said, “It’s nice to hear YoungWoong Jaejoong speak Korean since it’s been a while,” in reaction to when he says “What are you doing!” to his sister who causes trouble in the drama.

With characters played by stars such as YoungWoong Jaejoong, who pretends to be a doctor when he’s actually a medical equipment salesman, and Ueno Juri, who pretends to be a high school teacher when she’s just a teaching assistant, ‘Sunao’ is expected to truthfully illustrate the lives and problems of the Japanese youth. The show airs every Thursday at 10 pm (Japanese time).

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I failed to mention this on my previous post on Sunao Ni Narenakute’s first episode so I’m saying it now. LOL. I don’t know how to feel about Jae’s character as Park SungSoo in the drama when I was watching the first episode. I find him cute and adorable because the personality of the character he’s portraying seems a bit restless, child-like, and innocent. Among the five characters, Park SungSoo seems to be the least “mature” (in a good way) and he has that playful vibe on him. I’m actually glad they didn’t give JaeJoong the role of Nakaji (Eita), who takes pictures of almost-naked models or the role of Ichihara (Tamayama), who’s kissing his boss on the streets and sleeping around. I surely won’t dare to watch it if that happened. Hahaha.

But in a way I also pity JaeJoong – or at least his character in the drama. The way people “abuse” him, order him around and ignore him is really heartbreaking to see. Add to that, his sister has been giving him troubles, too. It feels like his character is the most pitiful out of the five – at least in the first episode. Although I know it’s just acting, I felt like giving him a hug and strangling those people who make life difficult for him. I guess my being “reactive” to the drama and sympathizing with him proves that his acting is good enough to convince me and to draw emotion from a viewer like me but still, it’s sad to see JaeJoong being treated that way.

Oh well, I just wanted to let that out. Hahaha. Just a simple take on Jae’s character. I hope he won’t get “abused” that much in the coming episodes. I mean, seriously why would you want to bang the head to the board of someone as gorgeous as him, right?! LOL.

Just posting an article to remind us of the contribution of our precious boys to the Japanese music industry. :)

100415 Tohoshinki Leaves Solid Trace In Japanese Music Industry

With the announcement of Tohoshinki’s activities as a group coming to a stop, they still leave a strong trace in the Japanese music industry.

In Korea, Tohoshinki debuted in 2003 with “Hug”, earning them various new artist awards. In 2005, they made their way into the Japanese market with “Stay With Me Tonight”. Since then, have released 30 singles and 4 albums, and have firmly secured their honorable position at the top as famous artistes.

On March 24, 2010, they released their 30th single “Toki Wo Tomete”, which both earned them #1 on the Oricon charts, as well as their 8th time in placing #1 in the weekly charts, breaking the record for overseas singers.

In addition, Tohoshinki also released their “Best Selection 2010” album in February, and sold an extraordinary 410 000 copies in just the first week. Hence, since their debut in Japan 5 years ago, they set the record for the highest number of copies sold as overseas artistes. With the music industry sinking farther in terms of the economy, Tohoshinki’s records still managed to sell over 5 million copies since their debut into the Japanese market.

Profiting from such outstanding success, on the “2009 Oricon Annual Charts”, Tohoshinki reaped in a total of 6.89 billion yen (t/n: approx 75 million USD) coming after popular groups Arashi and EXILE, and placing as #3.

With such astonishing achievements, Tohoshinki really are true stars, not just in name, but also in reality.

(T/N: FYI– Japan has the second largest entertainment industry after the United States)

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Always keep the faith! :D