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Oh yes! The number of DBSK fanboys is surely getting larger by the day and just like fangirls, they are now more open in expressing their love for the Rising Gods of the East.

I wonder if I have any DBSK fanboy in the house? Make yourself known if ever there are fanboys who visits and reads this blog! Don’t be afraid to tell the world how much you like DBSK! =)

“I Am Man & I love TVXQ!” By Bigeast

13 years old, Junior high school student: My mom loves TVXQ and since my friends tell me I look like Junsu, I started to see their DVD’s and became a fan. ^^ I have few guy friends who are also TVXQ fans at school and it is so much fun to share new stuff about them with my fan friends.

18 years old, student:
My young sister loves TVXQ. We are so close, so I watched DVD with her, and without knowing how and when it happened, I became fan of TVXQ too! ^^ They sing and dance so well and all five of them look great! I love the fact that they are such a good friends with each other. That’s how we guy friends should be! I purely love all members of TVXQ!

21 years old, student:
I am Xiah fan. I am a guy who likes women. But, TVXQ is the guys who look super cool in my eyes. I love “purple line” and I often imitate TVXQ fashion. I would love to find more male fans of TVXQ to be my friend.

25 years old, businessman: I liked backstreet boys in the past. TVXQ is from Korea which is near from Japan so it makes me feel closer to TVXQ and I easily became their fan. When I sing TVXQ song, everyone loves it. (Do I sound like bragging? hahaha.) I wish to know even more about TVXQ!

35 years old, businessman: I was interested in Korea before. And when my friend gave me TVXQ’s album “T” last year, I loved it! So I joined Bigeast and after a-nation I became even bigger fan because real TVXQ is even cooler! At my company’s Karaoke gathering, I sing “Beautiful You”. When I attended Kobe Fan meeting, Yuchun and I had an eye contact with each other and he yelled “Oh, there is a man here!” And he looked so happy! LOL

Source: Bigeast Male Fans
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Of course, our boys will NEVER disappear. Even if they decide to stop being singers when they’re already old, they will never disappear in the music industry and in the hearts of every person who has witnessed their greatness because they have achieved so much and has become legends in Asia. =)

And again, congratulations for selling 413,000 copies and re-writing Oricon history yet again.

Tohoshinki Has Yet to Disappear

Three of TVXQ’s members in Korea are still in a dispute with their company, while in Japan, they have once again proven that they are Asia’s best.

Oricon Chart news reported on the 23rd that TVXQ’s “BEST SELECTION 2010” has sold 413,000 copies, and that it took the top spot in the March Oricon Monthly Chart; this is the highest record for a foreign group. The record was previously set by Bon Jovi’s “These Days” which was released in June 1995 with 379,000 copies sold. From the 17th of February, the local sales of “BEST SELECTION 2010” came to a total of more than 200,000. From this, we can see how they took first place consecutively for days, and after a week created the record of selling more than 400,000 copies. After their debut in Japan last April 2005, this is the first time they claimed the top spot through an album, and not a single; of course, they were also the first Korean boy band to do so. Up until now, the best album chart ranking was their 4th Japanese album “The Secret Code” last March.

Oricon stated that, “Just like last year’s total album sales got the good result of ‘BEST 3’ in the charts, the TVXQ who soared high in 2009 were chosen to be models for the cover page of women’s magazine ‘JJ.’ Their popularity cannot be stopped,” and more comments like these.

This album is a collection of the members’ chosen songs; the CD+DVD version includes 11 songs’ PVs. The 2CD+DVD version is a compilation if the members’ handpicked songs, new song “Tokiwo Tomete,” public download limited song “Endlessly Sweet,” and the theme song of this year’s movie to be released in September, “With All My Heart.” “Endlessly Sweet” and a mix of currently hot song “TVXQ NONSTOP-MIX VOL. 2” will be meeting everyone shortly.

On the other hand, this time’s “BEST SELECTION 2010” will be released in Korea on the 5th of March; album stakeholders are concerned about the result because it’s difficult nowadays to sell CDs in Korea. In 2008, the official 4th Korean album “MIROTIC” exceeded 500,000 copies in Korea, being hailed as the top-selling album for that year.

Source: konews + Mr.TVXQ
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This statement “album stakeholders are concerned about the result because it’s difficult nowadays to sell CDs in Korea.” is really funny. Yes, its pretty hard to sell CDs in Korea (and other parts of the world) nowadays but if it’s DBSK, they can surely manage to sell a lot of units. I think the REAL reason why it will be hard to sell the Best Selection 2010 album in Korea is because of the fact that Korean DBSK fans are boycotting SM’s products. Even if the best album is a Japanese album, SM will be the ones publishing (or whatever you call that) the album once it is sold in Korea. Fans would rather buy the expensive Japan version than the cheaper Korean version just because of the simple fact that SM is the one releasing it. So yeah, I do agree that they should be concerned about the sales of the Korean version. LOL.

By the way, congratulations to tDBSK for rannking number one in the United World Chart. You make us proud! :D

[Credit: Sushiboat@jpopmusic + Freshair@soompi]

The jacket photos for DBSK’s next single “Toki Wo Tomete” are very colorful. I still can’t decide if I like it or not. But one thing is for sure, I LOVE JaeJoong and Changmin’s arms! LOL.

Oh, one more thing – the focus of these photos are actually JaeJoong and Yunho so YunJae shippers, you can now jump for joy! Hahaha! :D

CD version

CD+DVD version

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This isn’t an interview but just a glance at the members’ profiles.

Vivi magazine April Issue (Tohoshinki Profile)


The tough beauty who never stops
Name: Uknow/Yunho
Date Of Birth: 1986/02/06
Born: Korea; Gwangju
Height: 184cm
Weight: 66kg
Blood Type: A
Favorite food: Kimchi dumplings
Type of girls you like: Natural girls but who wears hats sometimes and can look cool.
What you like to do right now: Traveling
Your worries: It’s been for awhile but I can’t understand girls feelings
What you want to do: Volunteer


Soft yet strong, a young nobleman whose shine increases
Name: Max/Changmin
Date of Birth: 1988/02/18
Born: Korea;Seoul
Height: 186cm
Weight: 61kg
Blood type: B
Favorite Food: I like to eat
Type of girls you like: Bright and a homey girl.
What you like to do right now: New Age’s music
Your worries: I’m alittle short tempered
What you want to do: there are a lot


Sweet yet sharp beautiful guy with charisma
Name: Hero/Jejung
Date of Birth: 1986/01/26
Born: Korea;Gongju
Height: 178cm
Weight: 63kg
Blood type: O
Favorite Food: curry
Type of girls you like: girls who is a little devil-ish
What you like to do right now: working out
Your worries: I want to be calm
What you want to do: raising children


Who has the heavenly voice and pure smile that attracts Asia
Name: Micky/Yuchun
Date of Birth: 1986/06/04
Born: Korea;Seoul
Height: 180cm
Weight: 65kg
Blood type: O
Favorite Food: Edamame
Type of girls you like: Someone who is natural. Not girls who act cute/sweet
What you like to do right now: in the morning I like to clean and then shower
Your worries: even though I didn’t do anything I can’t sleep
What you want to do: lately nothing is fun, so something fun


Who is quietly passionate and speaks with a listless eye
Name: Xiah/Junsu
Date of Birth: 1987/01/01
Born: Korea;Gyeonggi-do
Height: 178cm
Weight: 60kg
Blood type: B
Favorite Food: Hitsumabushi
Type of girls you like: who can be both cute and sexy
What you like to do right now: nothing
Your worries: I want people to say Im “manly” but people tell me I’m “cute”
What you want to do: Refreshing

Source: Vivi magazine (April)
Trans by: Rieko@sharingyoochun

LOL @ Changmin’s “Favorite Food: I like to eat”. Our maknae doesn’t make it too obvious that he’s a food monster, huh? :D

JaeJoong wants girls who are a little devilish? Well then, seems like I won’t pass that criteria. LOL. *gets bricked for being in total denial* And does he really want to have kids NOW? I’m not yet ready, Jae! :D *hides from Jae fans*

LOL @ Junsu’s “What you like to do right now: nothing”. That’s honesty for you. *high-fives Junsu*

I have one last question: Are those their official heights? I’m sure JaeJoong is A BIT taller than Junsu. I actually think he’s 180cm. Anyone can confirm their heights?

For DBSK fans, don’t jump for joy and for NEWS fans, don’t throw a fit just yet because NEWS didn’t actually say that they are afraid of DBSK. It’s only the analysis and interpretation of a representative from the Japanese Record Association of JE’s decision to move NEWS’ single release to a later date instead of going up against DBSK who were to release “Toki Wo Tomete” on the same day, March 24, 2010.

Japanese Idol NEWS “Scared Of TVXQ”

Johnny’s Entertainment idol group NEWS has decided to postpone the release of their new single ‘さくらガール(Sakura Girl)’, which was scheduled to be out on March 24th, by one week.

A representative of the Japanese Records Association analyzed the situation and said in an interview with ‘Saijo Woman’ that “Korea’s top idol group TVXQ is releasing a new single ‘時ヲ止メテ(Please Stop Time)’ on the same day,” and “It can be analyzed that NEWS moved their release date because they are afraid to meet TVXQ on the charts.”

He also said, “NEWS holds the record of 11 consecutive albums ranking first on the Oricon Charts ever since their debut. It can be seen that they fear this record might be broken if they release their single the same day TVXQ does,” and “If it had been Arashi, who ranks first in overall annual sales, or KAT-TUN, who sold 350,000 copies of their single ‘Love yourself〜君が嫌いな君が好き〜’ that was used as the main theme song of drama “Sassy girl Snako”, they would have gone up against TVXQ but this decision was a wise one.”


But despite their soaring popularity, they seem to be showing a weak side in front of ‘TVXQ’ and fans felt upset at this saying things such as, “This makes me feel complicated.” and “Why are they pushing back their release date?”

On the other hand, NEWS’ ‘恋のABO’ that was released last year has sold an accumulative 234,000 copies. ‘Saijo Woman’ says “These sales may reflect the best of NEWS’ capabilities.”

Source: [NewDaily+Yuaerubi]
Translation credits:
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This news actually reminds me of the time when Avex always pushes the release date  of DBSK’s single or album to a later date because Arashi or KAT-TUN are releasing on the same day. But they finally let go of that “fear” and DBSK finally released a single on the same date as the release of Arashi’s single – and that single is “Stand by U”. True enough, DBSK didn’t get the top spot on the Oricon Daily on it’s release day as well as the top spot for the Oricon Weekly but they actually managed to grab number one from Arashi on one certain day of the week. At least they even managed to do it even for just a day, right? =)

Okay just a reminder to all the regular readers and visitors, please..




If I see unpleasant comments by anyone, I will delete them once I see them. I really hate it when fans throw nasty comments at each other every time a news about DBSK and a JE groups comes out. Unfamiliar people start commenting and just ruins everything. Praise your favorite artist all you want BUT NEVER EVER PUT DOWN OTHER ARTISTS. And if you do not have anything good to say, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE.

Everyone understand that? I hope so.

Shinjiroh Inoue loves blogging about the boys! LOL. But I find it so sweet of him to do so. I hope he blogs about them more in the future. =)

100225 Shinjiroh Inoue Blog Update

2010-02-25 00:24:13
Celebrating Oricon Weekly Album Number 1!

Tohoshinki’s “BEST SELECTION 2010” has been honorably ranked number 1 in the Oricon weekly chart!

And, they have made a new record for foreign artists, updating the past record of Bon Jovi’s initial sales, great accomplishments!

I am really honored that as Lambsey (T/N: street live group of two members, Inoue and Yuki Yamamini coopera) we have provided 2 songs, and 4 songs as Shinjiroh Inoue!

These kinds of wonderful groups will not appear again in a long time.
At any rate, I want them to continue their activities.
It’ is my sincere wish that they will continue.

Today, we made the set list for Lambsey’s Club CITTA live. (T/N: scheduled to be held on March 26, in Club CITTA KAWASAKI)

In this happy day, I want to do something special for Tohoshinki and their fans, who have purchased the tickets for our live performance.

Receiving an official approval from Avex (T/N: Lambsey also belongs to Avex), we have decided to have a self-cover corner of Tohoshinki’s songs!

Since this is Lambsey’s concert, we cannot sing all the songs we’ve provided to Tohoshinki….
Lambsey and Shinjiroh Inoue has provided these songs……..

* Doumini coopere kimiwo sukini natte shimattandarou?
* Bolero
* Stand by U
* Tokiwo Tomete
* With All My Heart ~Kimiga odoru, natsu~

We have already covered by ourselves “Doumini coopere~”, so we will sing the song. If we are to sing two more, what songs will you like?
Please give us your requests!
(few sentences omitted)

Source: Shinjiroh Inoue Official Blog
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Woah, a lot of DBSK’s great ballads were written by him/his group. Awesome!

Here’s the most talked about news of today:

SM Korea, “Possible Improvement of Artists’ Situation”

Daily News Korea
ⓒ 매일경제 &
2010.02.25 11:24:37 입력

Founder of SM Entertainment resigned from SM Korea’s management position.

An SM Entertainment spokesman explained that, “From now on, Lee Soo Man will focus only on future foreign production activities.”

Lee Soo Man will withdraw from his duties at SM (Korea) which he founded in 1995. He will formally resign from the public management director’s position on the 25th, and stay only as the main shareholder of SM Entertainment in Korea.

However, it is expected that no particular change will be made at SM after his resignation from the director’s position since SM (in Korea) has been administered by the representative Kim Youngmin.

However it could bring the case that SM artists’ situation/내실 could be strengthened/improved/강화될 due to this change at SM Etertainment (Korea).
(*No specific word written here about what kind of artists’ “situation/내실” and how it could be strengthened/improved and why.)

Recently, Avex sold their stocks to Lee Soo Man and Neowizbugs. Even if Lee Soo Man has resigned from SM’s director position, he remains strong as the main shareholder of the SM, owning a total of 28.3% in share.

*T/N: There is much news in Korea about this today, but none of them mention anything specific about TVXQ. So, let us not have any unnecessary worries and Always Keep The Faith together!^^

Always Keep The Faith!

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When I first read the title of the news, I was actually happy because I thought there’s a chance for SM to change their ways since LSM is not part of the company anymore. But I was happy for nothing because I got disappointed when I read the article. It turns out that nothing much will change because he’s only resigning from the director’s position that he’s holding but he’s still very much into the company. =\ Although they are saying that he’s not going to be involved in the business activities of the company, I actually don’t think that’s possible. Why? Simply because he is still the MAJOR stockholder of the company and it is IMPOSSIBLE for him not to meddle with the company’s activities. So I really think nothing will change in SM.

As for Avex selling all its shares of SM Entertainment to LSM and another party, thus cutting its ties with the Korean company, I guess I understand why they did this. IN MY OPINION, Avex decided to do this PROBABLY because of the following reasons:

1. SM’s stocks are falling. Ever since the lawsuit started, SM’s stocks has fallen incredibly in the stocks market. As a stockholder, that is certainly not a good news because if that continues, it will mean serious trouble for the company. With the lawsuit taking so much time, DBSK being inactive in Korea for months and fans boycotting the company’s products, SM’s stocks are expected to still be at a low. Even though other SM artists like SNSD, SuJu, Shinee and f(x) are active, it is not enough to fill the void of the absence of DBSK. Whether people will admit it or not, it is a FACT that DBSK and BoA are SM’s main “money makers” (can’t think of a proper term to use) and the two being almost non-existent in Korea for the past months is not doing the company any good. Having said that, I would say that this is a very smart move by Avex, business-wise. Why still invest on something that gives you so little return, right?

2. Avex and SM are completely different from each other. Their ideals and the things that they deem important are extremely different. Although profit is also important to the company, Avex knows how to take care of its artists because the company believes that these artists are what gives it its success. SM, on the other hand, only cares about profit and nothing more. Two companies with completely different ideals working together are bound to separate one day. And finally, Avex decided to end it now.

3. Unresolved DBSK issue. I THINK (this is only my opinion) that Avex realized that SM isn’t doing anything to resolve this issue between the company and JaeChunSu. The company is not trying to settle things amicably and as soon as possible. While Avex is trying to help the boys in Japan by continuously giving them activities, SM is actually making the situation worse by trying to damage JaeChunSu’s name and by trying to separate the boys. No matter how hard Avex tries to keep the boys together, if SM will keep on separating them, nothing will happen.

Now, what will be the effect of this move by Avex to DBSK? Well, I can’t exactly answer that but the worst thing that can happen is that this will be the end of the Japanese activities of the boys – at least for now. BUT seeing how successful DBSK is in Japan now, I don’t think Avex will let them go just like that. I’m sure Avex would want to keep the boys. The only question is, will SM let them work with Avex again now that the company is no longer a stockholder of SM?

Another possible scenario presented by some people is that JaeChunSu can sign a contract with Avex again once their contract expires in June while HoMin’s contract renewal will still be decided by SM. Thus, it can happen that only JaeChunSu will continue their Japanese activities. But my question is, are JaeJoong, Yoochun and Junsu allowed to enter into contracts with another company like Avex? Yes, the court has given them the freedom to do individual activities but is signing a contract with Avex still within that “freedom”?

These are only possible reasons, scenarios, and the many questions that arise because of this move by Avex. We really can’t tell if this will bring bad or good news to DBSK and to us, their fans. Let’s just stay optimistic and pray for the best for our boys. Remember to believe in them and always keep the faith.